Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 Beta and CTP Uninstall Tool

Of course, by now everyone is running Visual Studio 2005, riiight? [8-|] For those folks that are just beginning to install, check out this tool that will clean your machine of previous versions of pre-released Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0.  


SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Parameter Gotcha

Here is a situation I recently ran across.  We created a report which executed a stored procedure.  The parameters being passed had default values, so that when they were not qualified, they would default to pre-assigned values.  Thus, when these “optional” parameters showed in the Data Set tab, and we executed the procedure after setting…


Clear Cache Tool

How many times have you reported a problem with  website or web applicaiton and the level 1 support person on the other end says “eehh… clear your browser cache…”.  As you groan and go through all the nooks and crannies of IE to try to erase your tracks, you undoubtedly forget one and it plauges…


SQL Server 2005 System Table Map

The official SQL Server 2005 table map can be found below in .pdf format.


Installing Team Foundation Serer Beta 3 Part 3

 I’ve now officially got my Team Foundation Server six guns strapped on.  I’ve been attempting to establish a fresh install of Team Foundation Server Beta 3 on a fresh Virtual Machine running Windows 2003, SQL Server 2005 and Team Foundation Server.  Here are my latest challenges, findings and triumphs:   TF30144 Error This error results…


Installing Team Foundation Serer Beta 3 Part 2

Still attempting the install on a fresh Virtual PC.  The last time I tried the install, I attempted to be slick and copy an existing SQL Server 2005 Virtual Machine I had and rename it.  That led to a host of problems, including the fact that while SQL Server 2005 undergoes the rename of a…


Installing Team Foundation Serer Beta 3

Don’t forget to grant rights to the Team Foundation Server account and the Team Foundation Server Reporting Account.  I’m lazy, so I added it to my local admin group on my Virtual Machine.  I’ll dig into what the rights actually are later.  If these accounts don’t have rights, you recieve the error: Error 28100.Error loading…


Best Practices for CLR Assemblies vs. TSQL

A very good article on MSDN will help developers determine when to use the CLR stored procedures, functions and triggers versus traditional TSQL ones.  The guidance is as follows directly from the article: Use declarative T-SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements whenever possible. Procedural and row-based processing should be used only when the logic…


Upgrading from VS 2005 Professional to VS 2005 Team System

For all you folks who managed to talk your managers into letting you get the Team Suite MSDN Subscription, you’ll be happy to know that the straight install from the DVD does “upgrade” or change the existing VS 2005 Professional installation you might have on your machine, so there is no hanky panky required to…


Standard Numeric Format Strings Output

Since I’m doing a bit of SQL Server Reporting Services development and architecture, I found this URL on MSDN that leads to standard .NET format syntax for data types.  This is specifically relevant when doing financial reporting and formatting numbers for reports.  Be sure to sync this content with the TOC as it will reveal…