Charran eHome for 2012 and Beyond

Hi all. It’s been some time since I’ve thought about documenting what has changed in my eHome implementation. Technologies have changed, brought new capabilities and I’ve changed some techniques since having written my original article about the Charran eHome. The basis of my strategy for accessing media, storing documents and photos as well as being…

Windows Live Messenger Error 81000490

Here is a great post on how to resolve an error in Windows Live Messenger when it suddenly stops signing in. Delete the C:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts\<Windows Live ID> folder and then try signing in again.

HOWTO: Windows 7 SP1 Error during installation: “Service Pack Installation failed with error code 0x800f081f”

                When I attempt to install Windows 7 SP1 on multiple machines, I began the installation process as shown below. with the standalone and windows update version of the SP. It soon returns with this error: The troubleshooting page walks users through updating their anti-virus programs to update the mpfilter file.  This wasn’t my issue….


HOWTO: Resolve “Cannot find the physical computer that runs the virtual machine.”

I recently ran into this problem when I had to set up Direct Access with a Hyper-V machine.  See here for the cause and resolution (Thanks thompal)! From Thomas: The solution: -go into the Registry and delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient\DnsPolicyConfig" -in an elevated command prompt, enter: sc control dnscache paramchange After that the “Virtual Machine…

INFO: SharePoint 2010 Editions and Features

Here is a quick page that details the different editions and features for SharePoint 2010.

INFO: SharePoint Databases and Availability Models

Here is some great information via MitchP on the number and characteristics of SharePoint including their availability supported models (mirroring, etc.) Example of content for the config db: Configuration The configuration database contains data about SharePoint databases, Internet Information Services (IIS) Web sites, Web applications, trusted solutions, Web Part packages, site templates, and Web…

SharePoint Solution Designer Class: WCM Notes

Here are some “Show Notes” for the SharePoint Solution Designer course for WCM that Mark Arend and I taught on 4/26/2010. Also note that I’ll update this post with information on when you can get access to the Visio diagrams we discussed today as well as obtain information on future deliveries of the course(s). Here…

INFO: Great Article on IE6 to IE 7/8 with SharePoint 2010

Here is a great post from Maxime on the behavior differences between IE6 and IE 7/8 when browsing or interacting with SharePoint 2010.  The great thing about this post is that it has a visual comparison of several use cases.

HOWTO: Building SharePoint Projects with TFS Team Build 2010

Here is a great resource on how to build team projects for SharePoint in TFS 2010 (also lists steps for TFS 2008). Quick reference excerpt from the article below: Steps TFS2010 TFS2008 1 Install Team Build software Same as TFS2010 2 Skip this step – TFS2010 already installs .NET Framework 4. Install .NET Framework…