Silverlight Fire Starter Videos

Adam Kinney posted all of the Fire Starter videos and the site has a cool Silverlight UI.


Speaking @ Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter

  I will be speaking at the Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter event on November 29th along with a bunch of my colleagues. My two sessions are “Media, Markers and More” and “What will Silverlight look like in future versions? WPF”.  The first session goes into the gory details of working with Media in Silverlight 1.0….


Silverlight 1.0 Book!

My officemate and friend Laurence Moroney’s Silverlight 1.0 book is now available.  Check out his detailed post here:


Silverlight Reflector Add-in Now a community Project

Jamie Cansdale of Test Driven.Net has improved the Reflector Silverlight Add-in and started a community project here.  If you have improvements, bugs, or features request please posted them to the community site. Jamie changed it so that the C# or VB doesn’t get displayed in tabs by defaut as this doesn’t scale well for larger projects. You can still digg through…


View Source Reflector tool for .NET Silverlight Sites

One of the nice advantages to Silverlight is that you can view the source of a site to see how things work, but with Silverlight 1.1 Alpha that process became more complex.  While you can still fish through the JavaScript and Xaml to find the .NET assembly(dll) that is doing all the logic it takes a…


Silverlight C# 3.0 Features

The .NET framework version Silverlight targets is the same that C# 3.0 targets and so we are able to take advantage of the new language features in C# 3.0. The LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) features of C# 3.0 has gotten the most attention of any of the new features, but some of the other features are…


Silverlight .NET introduction for JavaScript Developers (Updated)

To begin our .NET Silverlight learning we will start off with an overview of .NET. For those are used to developing Silverlight applications with JavaScript, we will be concentrating on the differences between using JavaScript and .NET.  If you haven’t written a Silverlight application before this will also be a good introduction to using .NET.  If…


MIX 07 Sessions Online

This week we launched Silverlight at MIX07 and now all the sessions are online at  I am watching a great session on LINQ and Silverlight presented by Anders Hejlsberg. LINQ is only one part of the announcements we made this week at MIX.  We also announced that we have support for .NET with Silverlight….


XNA On Channel9

A few weeks ago I headed over to Gamefest when XNA Express was announced to shoot a Channel9 video with the team.  Check it out. For those of you not familiar with XNA Express it allows developers to write games using C# and play them on Xbox 360 and Windows.  XNA is built on top of DirectX…


Peer To Peer in Windows Vista – Part 2 – PNRP

Today we are going to look at a few different methods.  The first set of methods allows us to register a PNRP name and the next set of methods allows us to resolve a PNRP name.  A few important things to keep in mind are that the Windows Firewall Client will block traffic so this…