MIX 07 Sessions Online

This week we launched Silverlight at MIX07 and now all the sessions are online at sessions.visitmix.com.  I am watching a great session on LINQ and Silverlight presented by Anders Hejlsberg. LINQ is only one part of the announcements we made this week at MIX.  We also announced that we have support for .NET with Silverlight. I have been waiting for this announcement for some time as I am much more of a .NET programmer then JavaScript.  Over the next few months I will transform my blog to concentrate on Silverlight with .NET.   At the end of the May I will be presenting in Italy and Sweden on Silverlight and .NET, but more about that later.

It is important to understand the different versions of Silverlight currently available:

Silverlight 1.0 Beta: At MIX the Silverlight Beta 1.0 was released.  It contains support for JavaScript based programming.  While I will not be spending a lot of time writing about that here I will be covering a lot of the same APIs.

Silverlight 1.1 Alpha: At MIX we also released the Silverlight Alpha 1.1.  This version supports both JavaScript based programming and .NET.  Additionally it supports the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime).  Being a language geek I will be spending some time talking about Iron Ruby and Iron Python. In order to follow the samples on my blog for Silverlight you will need the 1.1 Alpha plugin.

 All the bits, samples, video tutorials, and more can be found on Silverlight.net

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