Repurposing Content

There are software tools for just about anything these days.  One class of tools lets users like you and me convert a CHM into other formats including, not surprisingly, PDF. Sure, you could grab a copy of most of the BizTalk Server 2006 documentation from the Developer Center (a zip that contains a PDF for each…

The 80’s Called…

And they want their music back.  You do too?  Check out Club 977 The 80’s Channel and plug in. Come on Eileen!

BizTalk Server SDK Sample Uber Collection

The uber collection of all SDK samples published to the BizTalk Server developer center has gone live here. Make sure you have some megs available on yer hard drive — about 50 or so — or you will be unhappy when you unpack ’em. I caught a couple of episodes of “new” Scooby Doo and…



Still here, just not full of compelling content for the ol’ blog.