A few more changes from Beta to RC…

Hey folks, just wanted to provide another update (building on the recent post on some changes since Beta) on some of the changes you will see in the Release Candidate.  Again, there are many and this is not an exhaustive list.  Of course we continue to gather telemetry from the large number of people running the Beta full time.  Just a reminder, the Beta is the only official build from Microsoft.  Chaitanya compiled this list from a broad set of feature teams focused on visible changes based on feedback that go beyond “bug fixes”, though we included some of the more widely reported bugs on this list as well. –Steven

Desktop Experience

1. Improved taskbar thumbnail overflow

Our customers are enjoying how windows are grouped and revealed on the enhanced taskbar. Some enthusiasts who have a significant number of open windows for a program encounter our scaling mechanism; the thumbnail view turns into a list view. Although this UI is virtually identical to experience in XP and Vista, customers still want to enjoy new functionality of the thumbnail view. Bentronic wrote, “It's nice that there's a little close button on the thumbnail previews--why not have a similar button for when it's showing as a list?  Being able to run down the list clicking the close button instead of right-clicking would be great.” For RC we’ve made the list view architecturally the same as the thumbnail view, just sans thumbnails. Customers will now enjoy close buttons and the menus open on hover (in Beta one had to click to open them).

Fig 1.

List View of running windows appears on hover and supports close

List View of running windows appears on hover and supports close

2. Control Panel Jump List

Right-clicking on the Control Panel icon on the taskbar in Beta revealed a noticeably sparse Jump List. A few people such as Britney told us “Should most recently used items be displayed in the Jump List of the CPL when pinned to the taskbar? Something should be shown and nothing is there right now”. In RC the Control Panel Jump List offers quick access to recently used items.

Fig 2.

The Control Panel Jump List now surfaces recently used items

The Control Panel Jump List now surfaces recently used items

2. PowerShell Jump List

By default PowerShell in Beta launched a streamlined console. Customers could load optional modules via distinct shortcuts in the Start Menu. We heard from you that this was a confusing experience. Additionally, PowerShell did not surface a way to launch related tasks such as the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) from within their console experience. PowerShell now has a robust Jump List that affords a method to load modules, launch the ISE and open documentation.

3. Remote Desktop Jump List

Rajeev made us smile with his comment, “Being able to add my Remote Desktop shortcut to the taskbar—good. Saving settings and showing them in the Recent items section—awesome. Being able to pin the connections in the Jump List, so they always appear—priceless!” Well, Rajeev and others who shared this request, you will be enjoy this functionality in RC.

4. Applying taskbar settings

Have you ever customized the taskbar, only to find your changes were not saved across sessions? Has the taskbar ever inexplicably moved on you after you log in? For a variety of reasons, previous versions of Windows saved taskbar settings only after Explorer exited at the end of a session. However, if the OS is not shutdown properly these settings did not persist. Based on the bugs we saw from Beta, we decided to change our architecture and write these settings within 30 seconds (providing enough time to batch a group of changes) during the session. This means settings will now be more reliable.


5. Multi-touch zoom

One of the pieces of feedback we heard from the Beta was that customers enjoy the new multi-touch zoom feature, but wish it was supported in Windows Explorer.  In response to this feedback we have added support for the zoom gesture in Windows Explorer.  Using the zoom gesture you can switch between view modes in Explorer such as zooming from Small Icons to Extra Large icons.

Windows Explorer and Libraries

6. Invert Selection

In an effort to make improvements to performance, network bandwidth and memory footprint for various scenarios (e.g. libraries, search and search federation), we rearchitected the implementation of the view code in Windows Explorer. As part of this we did not to port “Invert Selection” since this rarely used feature is pretty complex to implement in the context of virtualized lists.  Despite the small percentage of usage we’ve recorded, those who missed it have been pretty vocal 🙂  On one of the blog posts, GGreig summarized what we heard from several of you—“Invert Selection; that's a useful - sometimes absolutely invaluable - little piece of functionality, and I definitely don't want to see it go…Please reinstate Invert Selection.” Given the feedback from enthusiasts, we added back the functionality for RC.

7. Going up?

We’ve heard feedback, especially from those on this blog,  that in Windows 7 moving up in the folder hierarchy often requires multiple clicks since longer folder names in the address bar often bump the parent folder into the overflow dropdown.

For RC, we’ve improved the overflow algorithm so that the parent folder’s button will appear in the address bar at all times and therefore going ‘up’ will always be a single click away in a predictable location.  When there isn’t enough room to display the parent folder’s full name, it will appear truncated instead of going into the overflow.  If space is especially tight, then the current folder’s name may appear truncated too, but in all cases the parent folder’s button will remain as a click target in the address bar. 

In addition to making the address bar an even better tool for navigating ‘up’ in Explorer, this change also makes it easier to tell where your are as you navigate around since you can now see at least part of the parent folder’s name.  It also avoids introducing any more redundant buttons to the Explorer frame and hence taking away any more screen space from being able to see your address. Also, it goes without saying that if you navigate into a folder, you can still use the back button to go back up.  And the keyboard shortcut is also available.

Fig 3.

In Beta, a parent folder would collapse into an overflow dropdown

beta parent folder

Fig 4.

In RC, parent folders always remain within single click access

RC parent folder

8. Finding music by artist

We covered several of the improvements to arrangement views in the last post, but one we did not mention is that the “Artist” view in the Music Library now accounts for album artists and compilation albums.  ShadowChaser summarized some feedback we heard from a number of customers in a comment: “The only concern I still have is with the ‘Artist’ view… it groups by ‘Contributing Artist’, not ‘Album Artist.’”  Grouping only by contributing artist results in too many artists showing up and tracks from the same album getting split up in cases where customers didn’t expect.  In RC, the “Artist” view in the Music Library groups together multiple tracks from an album by the common “Album Artist” property when it is available, groups tracks from compilation albums together into a “Various Artists” group and finally resorts to grouping by “Contributing Artist”.  This reduces clutter when browsing music collection by artist, in addition to improving consistency with artist views in other applications and devices.

9. New folder is always available

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback during Beta about adding a top level “New folder” button in Explorer, freeing customers from digging into submenus.  A common complaint we received, however, was that the button only appeared when nothing is selected.  For RC, we’ve changed this so the “New folder” button will always appear, regardless of selection.

10. Right-click in Windows Explorer

For RC we’ve changed the behavior when right-clicking items in the view to address concerns customers were reporting with the Beta.  We heard feedback that it was too hard to find space and get to the view’s background context menu for items such as New and Paste.  Previously if one right-clicked over any portion of an item she would get the item’s context menu.  We now show the view’s context menu when one clicks on any large white space, including the space between a files name and its properties.

11. Content view for search results

For RC we’ve adjusted the behavior when right-clicking items in the view to address concerns customers were reporting with the Beta.  We heard feedback that it was too hard to find space

Content view is the new view mode we’ve added to Windows Explorer for Windows 7.  It’s especially useful for search results where it surfaces the most relevant properties for each kind of file (e.g. documents, email, pictures and music) as well as a contextual “snippets” of the file content where the search term match occurred.   There are a few changes here in the RC build.  One thing we heard feedback on is that customers want to know exactly which properties were being shown for each item, so all properties now appear with labels.  The text layout and colors have been updated in response to feedback to make each item even easier to parse and to avoid confusion with the colors used for encrypted or compressed files.  We heard loud and clear that many found snippets very useful and wanted to see more of them, so in the RC we’ve allowed longer snippets and we’re using them in more places.  In response to feedback we heard from customers when resizing their Explorer window or toggling the preview pane, we’ve made the transitions smoother as additional columns of information about each item are revealed when you make the view larger.

12. Intelligent re-indexing after application installation

In RC the Windows Search service now keeps the index up-to-date whenever support for new file types are introduced to the system.  We know that in the past customers have sometimes had difficulties searching for files on their computer after new file handlers are installed. (File handlers govern how content and metadata is made searchable and are typically installed with applications such as Microsoft Office or updates such as the Microsoft Filter Pack).

In Win7 Beta (and previous versions of Windows), customers were required to rebuild their index whenever a new file handler was installed to ensure that any existing files were indexed with the newest functionality.  Few customers knew to do this and it was an unnecessarily time consuming operation.  Windows Search is more efficient in RC by automatically re-indexing the specific files affected by new file handlers. Rest assured that when one installs support for a certain kind of file, she can search for those files without doing any additional work.


13. Trimming sound schemes to help performance

We know our customers care about performance. We discovered that by just trimming the shutdown and logoff WAV files, we could save up to 400 ms. Every little bit counts.

Device Stage

14. Baseline Device Stage experience

Device Stage continues to enjoy positive reviews. For example, we saw this post on on a blog: “I have to be honest this works very well, it worked with my MP3 player in showing how much charge it had and other details as well is able to display the manual and offer me everything I needed to do with it effortlessly, including having the correct icon and image of the product.” However, we occasionally hear “too bad , my N70 aint supported either 🙁 …hopefully they are gonna support a ton more device by the time windows 7 get released”.

We took feedback like this to the devices makers and they too would like more integration given the interest from our customers. Several manufacturers are implementing custom experiences, but a large number have also opted to support their older devices in what we call the “baseline” Device Stage experience.

This UX works exactly like full Device Stage; the device image appears on the taskbar whenever it is connected and tasks are exposed in the Jump List. On first connect, the shell Window containing all of the built-in tasks appears automatically and is always just one click away from the desktop icon or device image in the Devices and Printers folder. When the device maker implements a custom Device Stage experience for a device, it gets posted on the Web and the baseline experience gets upgraded when the device is later reconnected. The core functionality is the same, but all of the branding, imaging and vendor-specific tasks are now available automatically in the same convenient UI.

Fig 5.

Baseline Device Stage experience for a mobile phone

Baseline device stage experience

15. Devices and Printers enhancement

PC and laptop makers such as Lenovo, were very interested in doing more than just showing the machine’s icon in Devices and Printers. They told us they wanted to leverage Device Stage to help them better customize the experience for our mutual customers. In RC double-clicking on the PC icon now offers a Device Stage UX. Like the other Device Stage devices, Device Stage for PC will be enabled when the PC maker has chosen to participate with their system.

Fig 6.

Device Stage experience for a PC

Device Stage experience for a PC

Devices and Printers

16. Unified experience for removing devices

One of the tasks customers perform in Devices & Printers is removing devices that are no longer in use. We received feedback that the remove action varied across different device classes. For example, removing a printer only removed the print queue and for Bluetooth devices it only removed the pairing of the device to the PC. We have changed this action to always completely uninstall the device across all device classes – which is the action that most customers expect.

17. Hardware properties

We know enthusiasts use the Device Manager’s property page to check the status of a device. We heard feedback that this wasn’t convenient and so we now also surface the property page directly from the Devices and Printers experience. Simply right-click on the device and one has one less reason to visit Device Manager.

18. Improved eject experience

The Safely Remove hardware functionality enables customers to make sure that their device is ready for removal. During the Windows 7 Beta, customers still had the Safely Remove Hardware functionality available on the taskbar as well as an Eject option on the context menus of applicable devices in Devices and Printers. Based on feedback, we have integrated these two separate pieces of functionality in RC and have changed its name from “Safely Remove” to “Eject”. The tool Notification Area icon still appears, but its context menu now has the option to open Devices and Printers.  Also, we have simplified the options by eliminating the drop-down submenu and made the semantics for eject functionality more consistent across the different kinds of media. For example, ejecting an optical drive now ejects the media instead of the drive and ejecting a USB flash drive ejects the entire device instead of an individual volume.

19. USB device reliability on resume

We got feedback from a number of customers that their USB devices (e.g. keyboards, mice and drives) stopped working after a suspend/resume cycle. We worked with a number of customers to get traces and isolated the causes to address them post-beta builds. The work around in Beta was to unplug and replug the device to get it functional again—easy for external devices but not possible for internal devices. This workaround will not be needed on RC builds.

20. FireWire camera support

Some customers informed us they were unable to connected their 1394 HDV camera and stream its contents to their Beta machine. With the help of customers, we were able to identify a fault with our core 1394 stack and we’ve validated the scenario works in RC.  This is another good example of the combination of telemetry and more “manual” follow up on the part of our test team.

Device Installation

21. Add Legacy Hardware functionality restored

The Add Legacy Hardware action was provided in Device Manager on past Windows releases to install non-Plug and Play devices. We removed this functionality for Windows 7 with the belief that this was rarely used. Aaron blogged, “You might have noticed that the old 'Add Legacy Hardware' option seems to be missing. I tend to use this quite a bit whenever I need to add in a Loopback adapter or some piece of hardware that is not quite installing correctly.” As a result, this functionality has been restored to Device Manager for RC to help add non-Plug and Play devices.

22. Increased responsiveness of Add Printer Wizard

There are some situations with legacy network printers in which Plug and Play cannot automatically identify the appropriate driver even when it’s available on Windows Update. For these situations, the Add Printer wizard allows customers to download a list of all the printer drivers available on Windows Update so they can manually select the driver for the specific printer being installed. The process of retrieving the list can take a few minutes and we received beta feedback that many people felt their machine was hung since there was nothing in the UI to let them know that it could take a few minutes.  We have made some UI changes to indicate that process of retrieval can take some time. Additionally, we have also improved the overall performance of retrieving the list from Windows Update.


23. Partition size reduction

In Windows Vista, configuring features such as Windows Recovery Environment and Bit Locker required significant customer interaction.  Also, a significant amount of drive space was reserved. The Windows 7 System partition enables features to be configured to work “out of the box” so very little customer interaction is needed to configure and utilize them.  Based on feedback and telemetry data received through the beta, it became clear that we could cut the drive size in half (from 200M to 100M). 

24. Reserved System Partition naming

The system partition is created automatically by Setup when installing on a machine with no existing partitions.  During the Beta the existence of this partition on default installs confused many people and feedback indicated that a label telling them that this is space reserved for the system would be helpful when browsing disk configurations, and further help prevent it’s accidental deletion by enthusiasts. We will now label is “System Reserved”.

25. Dual Boot partition drive letter assignment

For a dual boot configuration for the Beta, the other Windows OS wouldn’t get a drive letter and therefore wouldn’t show up in explorer.  We heard overwhelmingly from Beta customers that the lack of a drive letter was confusing and even caused some to believe that their secondary OS was lost. Assigning the drive letter makes it visible in explorer and aids in navigation across OS installations.

26. Pagefile reduction

Through extensive use of Beta telemetry data, we have determined we can slim down the Windows disk footprint further by reducing the default page file size to be 100% of the available main memory.  It used to be “Memory + 300MB” so on a 1GB RAM system there was an extra third allocated that is no longer required.  The pagefile on some occasions will increase in size if required, but we just pre-allocate less.


27. Improved driver support

Based on telemetry data received from the beta, we identified networking drivers that were not available inbox.  We worked with ecosystem partners to achieve increased inbox driver coverage across wireless and wired with significant coverage for some of the new ATOM-based laptops.

We hope you enjoyed yet another sneak peek into what’s coming in RC.

Comments (237)
  1. domenico says:

    Awesome TEAM!!!!

    Pls Go to RC GO GO GO!!!! 😀

    We’re Ready !

  2. lyesmith says:

    Invert Selection – I did not know that this existed on Vista. Why? Because it does not have shortcut. It’s been at least 5 years since I last opened the Edit menu in Windows. Please shortcuts (And display next to the menu item) for everything.

    Wonder what happened with the Window clock. Does W7 have support displaying UTC date-time as addition to other date times.

  3. chriscardinal says:

    You guys are doing an absolute fantastic job.

    I’ve been using 7 since Beta and I’m on 7057 now and love it.

    One big element of concern to me, that I haven’t heard discussed:

    The details columns were always visible, no matter what view you were in–this is INCREDIBLY useful for me when I’m browsing photos, say, in medium icons view, because now I’m two clicks away from sorting by date modified ascending and descending, back and forth again.

    Now, as soon as I click out of Details view, it’s a six click process to alternate between the two, as I have to right click, choose sort by, and then date modified. This is *incredibly* annoying.

    A secondary element, that’s vexed me since Vista:

    Date modified should always and forever be a default detail, no matter the folder type. If you refuse to make that available, say, in Photos folders, at least make it available in the primary context menu when you go to add new details. Making me dig through some of the crap details available INTO the "More…" dialog is absolutely nuts. Date Modified is wildly useful; Date Taken (which takes its place in Photos folders) is unreliable at best and does NOT provide the same utility.

    Finally, can you better clarify the changes with Explorer context menus and whitespace? The behavior appears to be the same in 7057 as you describe above; whitespace even between details and names generates the "background" context menu… unless the item itself is selected… this behavior is the same as it is in Vista, so I’m a bit confused.

    Again, keep up the great work. And PLEASE allow us to show the Details Columns on ALL views. Please, please, please, please.

  4. anonymuos says:

    How about a Minimize ( – ) button as well next to Close ( X ). This is necessary because when button combining is enabled, one can’t minimize any window just by clicking on the taskbar icon, it’s either the minimize caption button in the title bar or right clicking a thumbnail preview and then clicking Minimize.

    Also, showing size either on the status bar OR details pane when nothing is selected and a simple option to disable/enable autosort/autorefresh and all issues with Vista/Windows 7’s Explorer will be gone! If I am currently in a folder with say, 100 files and I paste 100 more into them, since they’re automatically arranged/sorted, the newer 100 get mixed with the earlier 100 and if I have to another operation of them again, it gets really cumbersome. Same logic applies to showing size on the status bar OR details pane. Currently, I’ve to select all files or go to the Folder properties to see the total size, in XP, it was intuitive since it showed the total size regardless of selection.

    Lastly, how about bringing back the network activity animation and quick access to "Network Connections" from that icon? This is another feature highly requested by many users.

  5. anotherjohnboy says:

    Great news. 🙂

    I use the Beta from the beginning full time and can’t wait to see the RC.

  6. consumer4beta@hotmail.com says:

    Currently List View in Windows Explorer truncates even a slightly longer file name. Can you make the List View show the full file name?

  7. boen_robot says:

    I second anonymuos’ request for network activity animation and quick access to "Network Connections".

    The minimized button in (opened items from the) thumbnails/lists would be nice indeed, though I can personally live without it. An off-by-default option somewhere would suffice for me.

    #10 is especially annoying for Vista users. In 9/10 times, when people tell me "Vista annoys me" and I have the cahnce to watch them, THIS is the moment when they’re annoyed. If you could backport this to Vista – JUST THAT, you’ll make old XP folks digg it quite much more. They may not admit it directly (heck, I’ve tried to explain that to them, at which they say "oh, I don’t care", yet when it happens, they do), but it’s one of those "minor" things that build up the "first" and "often".

  8. pinko76 says:







    ANSWER , PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    ANSWER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bricedupuy says:

    great set of changes, windows7 is shaping up to become a great new OS release.

    here’s a few changes I’d like to see.

    – drag & drop to the breadcrumb bar to the selected folder

    – in Alt-Tab the ability to close applications by adding a [x] similar to the taskbar previews, and with the middle click.

  10. wulf says:

    Still no DFS Support for Libraries? (== Ability to incluse DFS Shares to Libraries)

    Would be of upmost importance for Enterprise Customers!

  11. dmach says:

    Please, in Library create grouping by composer – for classic music.

  12. hitman721 says:

    Chaitanya Or Steven,

    I have a very simple question. Will be notified on the Engineering Windows 7 blog, when Windows 7 is officially forked away to the Release Candidate Escrow builds?

    I know many of us would love to know, as some people are suspecting that leaked build 7057 has been forked off as a potential release candidate escrow build. I think it hasn’t yet.

    Thanks for all the reponses.


  13. Ryster says:

    Re: #13

    I’ve always wondered why Windows seems to do nothing else while the start and shutdown sounds play. Why do the sounds have to delay startup and shutdown at all, no matter how long they are? 14 years since Windows 95, can’t you make Windows do two things at once?

  14. consumer4beta@hotmail.com says:

    In Control Panels that use Property Sheets instead of dialog boxes, backspace key should consistently take users back. It doesn’t work in most of them, works in some of them. Also, I second anonymuos’ request to bring back network icon lights which were of some use instead of the useless wireless signal icon or static wired icon.

  15. kuvik says:

    I have a problem with Windows Explorer (still exists in 7057) – try to expand Libraries, User’s folders, Computer,… in Navigation Pane and leave it expanded. Close Explorer and open – for example – Computer shortcut on Desktop. That folders which I expanded before are still expanded in Navigation Pane!

    I hope this isn’t "by design".

    (I have "Show all folders" and "Expand current to current folder" turned on)

  16. BroMarduk says:

    I actually jump through hoops to make sure my music collection is sorted by "Contributing Artist" so I hope that there will at least be the option (or a the worst a registry hack) to prioritize as the user sees fit.  Even my Zune allows me to list EVERY artist on my device. Organizing music is a personal choice and hopefully Win7 will allow users to do it how they wish (by default).

    And +1 to bringing back (or at least making it an option) the animated network icon.

  17. dotnet@sivill.com says:

    Some really useful improvements again. Like others here I am really excited about the RC.

    One question, will we be able to update to the RC or will it be a clean install?

    Another: I am not sure if this is a bug or by design, I use the Links bar a lot in IE, I have all my favourites in subfolders of the Links bar so that in the browser interface I have a row of folders that if I click, then I get a drop down of the favourites that are in that folder.

    This allows me to have instantly accessible favourites grouped into common topics.  I also have the Links folder as a Toolbar on my taskbar, I scrunch it up so it just says "Links" and I get a vertical menu showing each of the topic folders and then I have a nice little menu I can call up from the task bar.

    I can use this to take me directly to a page rather than going to my home page first and then going to the page I want. This saves me time and a bit of internet bandwidth is saved.

    I have noticed that after I have visited a page these links show the site’s FavIcon, but if I visit it again sometime later the favicon has gone??

    Other than that I think you have a great OS on your hands!

  18. Mike Williams says:

    "8. Finding music by artist"

    Part of the problem is that in v11 of WMP, new behaviour was introduced to give the appearance of an Album Artist by pretending the first Contributing Artist listed on the first album track is that Album Artist. The UI would _show_ an Album Artist but the corresponding metadata field would still be empty.

    The trouble is that there are lots of side effects of that behaviour such as albums are not being grouped by a true Album Artist, or that typing in an Album Artist will overwrite ALL the Contributing Artist fields in every track – even if they are all different like in a compilation album. (NB Album Artist may be set to Various Artists, or Original Soundtrack etc to handle different compilation types – that already worked prior to v11).

    Up until v12, the Advanced Tag Editor built into WMP gave you a way to inspect and correct that data. In v11 some of its functionality was deprecated and in v12 it was removed completely. Using Windows Explorer as an alternative does not work as you can’t do any inline editing of most of the metadata, and in some cases WE shows different values of the metadata than WMP (eg track length).

    A secondary problem is that there is so much junk metadata that comes down from Windowsmedia’s databases where either the artist information is missing or simply wrong. Users have no way to signal this back to Microsoft, and certainly no way of specifying an alternate source for the metadata (e.g. one that is more rigorously checked).

  19. d_e says:

    Wow, this is great news. Improvements like 7 and 10 ("Going up?" and "Right-click in Windows Explorer") are very valuable to me.

    I’m looking forward to the next build.

    There isn’t much going on on MS Connect right now. No status changes on my bugreports, no answers… Does anyone know why?

  20. CullenD says:

    I think the best way to describe this is, AWESOME! I’m really glad to see that the beta feedback is really making impactful changes. I can’t wait for RC!

  21. ggreig says:

    Thank you for all your responsiveness – but especially for reinstating "Invert Selection" and giving me a name-check! 😉

  22. psycros says:

    Many of the design decisions in the beta still mystify me, buy I am overjoyed to see that the devs are finally listening to the masses (and hardware designers).  The addition of the fixed "parent folder" breadcrumb and re-enabling file inversion are the kind of common sense revisions we [b]desperately[/b] want more of (and I still dream of the Up One Level button returning! Disabled by default, even, but available).  I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of "date modified" being a default detail column.  I also have to say that I don’t understand how these basic, common-sense UI elements represent horribly complex coding tasks: tiny freeware file managers routinely have more functionality than Explorer.  But..this is still a good move in the right direction.  Kudos!

    P.S.: still dying for fully expandable file system from start menu.

  23. WindowsFanboy says:

    Wow. Some of these are MAJOR usability improvements. Especially making the parent directory always visible in the breadcrumb bar. This is something that has bugged me for a long time. THANK YOU Microsoft!

    Any word yet on whether we’ll be able to pin the Recycle Bin to the taskbar? Many people want this.

  24. jrronimo says:

    Yet another great update. I relayed some feedback on the "Get Printer Drivers from Windows Update makes my computer feel hung" bug, so I’m glad to see that one, specifically. 🙂

    Everything here looks like a great improvement; I eagerly await the RC.

  25. keff says:

    Wow, thanks for listening to users – almost all new features are ‘I wouldn’t have thought of it, but now that I see it, I like it very much’!

  26. graham.lv says:

    Before you get to build 7077 RTM 🙂 could you see if anyone can program in — Windows Task Manager -> Networking – Show Cumulative Data — to save the data to a log file or something.  This is the only accurate net data up/down ref. mobile users have, but is lost on cut-off or shut down.  ISP’s are charging HUGE $$$ amounts for exceeding your net data quota, but not providing accurate measurement software.  (Your Network & Sharing Center solves the problem Vista had with connections – now if there was just some way to measure the data.)


    Vodafone Mobile Connect

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does the Usage view not match my bill?

    Various factors, including other programs running on your computer (e.g. automatic updates or compression software) may cause differences between the amount of data shown as transferred in the Usage view, and the transfer actually recorded by mobile networks. These differences may sometimes be large.

    You are strongly advised that your monthly bill is the only final, accurate record of usage.


    –>> Just keep getting pop-up warnings – think I got a drive-by virus – poss from FF block top bar click to allow.

    avast! Warning

    A Virus Was Found!


    Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}


    VPS ver. 090312-0, 12/03/2009

    processing – abort connection

  27. DCMonkey says:

    10. Right-click in Windows Explorer

    Too bad. I preferred the Beta behavior. On Vista I find myself constantly getting the wrong context menu becuase I right click on the mouseover highlight thinking I’ll get a menu for that item. With XP and earlier I didn’t have this problem because the highlight only extends across the filename.

    Frankly I’d be happiest if I could turn off the full row higlighting (and the mouseover effect).

  28. Eghost says:

    parent folder? aka "The up arrow."  That’s cool.  Whats next icons for the power bar?  Sorry I’ve always been a sarcastic little (edited for content) Now if you would only add the option of adding "Programs" to the right hand pane of the start orb, why for the same reason you placed the parent folder, you have to use numerous clicks to go to the program file as appose to a fly out menu you just move the mouse. This is possible now by just pointing towards the program file under C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu

    and adding it as an option to say the video folder. I just don’t understand why you just will not make the option official.  It would appease a lot of the classic menu people out there,   It might be deemed a little redundant because you have two ways to show the program menu, but I think the benefits and good will it would create would far outweigh the detriment’s Actually I can not even think of one detriment, I’m being honest I can’t see how it would hurt Windows in any way, except for some egos, but that’s not a real good reason for a denial.   Come on Steve, would that option really Hurt?    

  29. Whitebrow says:

    With the new Windows 7 taskbar layout, especially the new application icons, it is far more prudent to move the taskbar to the left or right side of the screen. Many users with widescreen displays would prefer this for, when a user browses the internet, more height is preferred over width on these screens.

    Yet, when the taskbar is on the left or right side of the screen and when the Windows Orb is clicked, the start menu pops up over the taskbar under the Orb. I do not know the design semantics of the Orb and start menu.

    But I think the only logical design of the Orb and start menu would be for the start menu to dock onto the rim of the taskbar and to the edge of the screen where the Orb is located, just as it would when the taskbar is at it’s default position.

    Is the way it works in the Beta right now a conscious decision? Would you not agree that it breaks with what users have come to expect esthetically? Is this going to change in the RC or the RTM?

    If this is not going to be changed by default  I stronlgy suggest to make an easily changeable setting out of this or an optional update.


  30. Yannick says:

    Maybe I’m wrong,

    but despite my years of user experience under Windows, I never found a keyboard shortcut to create a folder via the keyboard.

    Scenario :

    Windows+E to open Explorer, select the HDD with arrow keys, press enter

    Under c: hit a shortcut to create a folder without having to use the mouse !

    I never found a way to achieve this 100% keyboard from w95 to Vista…

    Maybe seven will fill this gap 🙂

  31. aaronparker says:

    "13. Trimming sound schemes to help performance

    Another sound event that would be great to see (or is that hear?) trimmed is the Start Navigation sound. Something that fires everytime you navigate to a new folder must require some CPU time.

  32. MJMatthew says:


    "but despite my years of user experience under Windows, I never found a keyboard shortcut to create a folder via the keyboard"

    Use the context key on your keyboard. It has a picture of a menu on it. This displays the right-click menu where you can select New Folder.

  33. Yannick says:

    > MJMatthew

    Yeah of course you can always achieve this with the context menu, but I think (and I am not the one around me) that always need to create some directories and it is really slower to use contexte menu than to press 4/5 times a shortcut and then F2 to rename them.

    Am i the only windows user to wonder if it would be possible to achieve this ?

  34. hdw says:

    I don’t think Microsoft should make it a habit to remove features just because many people don’t use it.

    But I do appreciate bringing back the invert selection feature.

  35. From what I know, safely remove hardware would check a USB flash drive to see if any data still needs to be written or if there are open files.

    What if this was known ahead of time? If all my files are up-to-date on my flash drive, it would be VERY useful if the icon mentioned it somehow so I could just pull the drive. If there was more than 1 drive, when you hover your mouse over the icon, i could show you all of your devices and their status.

  36. Chaitanya_Sareen says:

    @ dotnet@sivill.com thanks for the feedback.  Out of curiosity, is there a reason you use the collapsed Links toolbar on the taskbar and not IE’s Jump List?  

  37. mdtauk says:

    This is looking set to become the most polished version of Windows ever, and as we should expect, I have a couple of immediate ideas which come to mind.

    All Icons need to be brought inline with the new Icon style which seems to be abandoning the Angled perspective, for a front on view, which makes sense with the taskbar, and it seems there is a clearer and crisper style for the 16×16 versions.

    On an aethetic level again, there seems to be a disconnect from the UI style of the the Scenic Ribbon, which is pale blue and yellow/orange, which doesn’t degrade into classic view like the rest of Aero, and the blue and grey colours of Aero, which has limited use of the yellow accent.

    Also one final point, all legacy dialogs and message boxes etc, shold be brought into line with the Task dialog boxes, and the new Aero text and layout designs.

    Anyway enough of my pedanticism and more of the praise, RC is looking great, and it seems a shame to think that once 7 is out, 8 will be following on behind, because 7 has the ability to go on as long as XP did…

  38. zoid9969 says:

    I bet you still haven’t fixed the schizophrenic font situation, have you?  MS Sans Serif, Tahoma, Segoe UI: all over the place, without consistency, rhyme or reason.

  39. mattvogt says:

    Great changes! Fantastic job so far, team. One enhancement to the taskbar thumbnail overflow. Would it be possible to add the regular Aero Peek to the overflow when you hold the cursor over an item in the list? Just have it pop out to the right (or left if you have enough taskbar items).

    Again, great job, looking forward to RC and RTM!

  40. Chaitanya_Sareen says:

    @mattvogt the list view already supports Aero Peek.  Simply hover over an item, just like you do when a thumbnail is present, and you’ll see the corresponding window on the desktop.

  41. xpclient@live.in says:

    @mdtauk, your post really made me register and say what I feel. No OS can get as long as XP. Windows XP was the best ever of a decade, an era, XP was the pinnacle of computing, sure it’s fallen behind in lots of areas but still triumphs over Vista and 7’s usability and UI, if not features. Computer users of today who say 7 is the best ever don’t really understand the classic desktop computing paradigm, UI designs of the 90s. Just my two cents. The awesome Windows 2000 really laid the foundation for the exceptional XP. Microsoft has fallen behind and will succeed to a limited extent with Windows 7 because it changed the UI and features of XP too much, they simply did’nt add features to make it feel like Windows, they changed everything around to make it as good as an entirely different OS with Windows compatibility. 7 has been overwhelmingly well received because users the world over love Windows and the media has played its part in showering praise on Windows 7 in the aftermath of Vista. The people who themselves created OSes like Windows 2000 and XP have forgotten some things. 7 isn’t much different from Vista, and Vista is totally different from the eXPerience. Microsoft is once again successful in winning over the ones who were all lost and really followed the media in bashing Vista. It’ll all show when XP remains dominant even years after 7’s launch. Longtime Windows people refuse to support their apps on Vista or anything later than it. Windows 7 is not a bad OS, it’ll be successful, but not overwhelming and unanimously as the success previous Windows versions saw.

  42. Tanveer Badar says:

    @ URGENT

    Although what you request should solve this accounting problem in particular cases. But it is not a complete solution.

    Two simple counter examples I can think of are when your modem or w/e device is not synced. You still get outbound traffic. Secondly, if you are running virtual machines which share the network connection, their traffic does not show in task manager at all.

    What you need is an even lower level solution for book keeping, something which can plug in networking stack like Windows Firewall.

  43. bananaman says:

    Good post, good comments so far.

    I agree with hdw – removing features is hardly a good move to make things easier.  I understand the need to not confuse first-time users, but for instance, removing an entry from a drop-down menu (that by default you must push "Alt" to get to in the first place) is really pushing it.  Some of the "obscure" features are often the favorites of long-time Windows users.  As for it not appearing on your metrics; do keep in mind the potential for correlation between people keeping the "Experience Improvement Program" turned off, and those who use these off-the-beaten-path features.

    #10 – Mixed feelings.  It is very hard to drag-and-drop, say, a file to a folder full of other folders, if the view is "details" and the detail fills the window.  While still performing the drag operation, I sometimes need to find a 2 pixel tall region at the bottom before letting go of the mouse button.  More whitespace for "dropping" is needed.  However I’m not sure if opening up all the whitespace between columns is the right approach (if I am to understand this correctly) since it then becomes necessary to be more precise in clicking/highlighting items.  Enforcing a mandatory "header/footer" (a footer of 10-20px of white in every folder even) or "far-right margin" might be a better solution.  Your improvement is definitely a good step though.

  44. csmikle says:

    I completely agree with Mike Williams: WMP12’s behavior is currently broken. When you edit the Album Artist Field, the Contributing Artist field gets automatically overwritten. We can’t do it properly with Advanced Tag editor, because that’s now gone. We could do it in Windows Explorer, but I don’t want to back and forth between WMP and Windows Explorer because my music details get out of sync (if WMP is using the Library, why not save edits directly to the file?)


    Please please please, let us index network shares. My photos and documents and such are on a NAS, and even if I do some hackery to get those folders to show up in Library, they’re slow. Please, even just for home users!


    The keyboard shortcuts added for switching on the taskbar are very good, but sometimes we’re only using a mouse. We can switch to an app window with a single click, so please allow us to do the same if that app has a group of windows (currently a click just brings up the preview thumbnails, which is already a hover action). Focus can be given to the last used window, but bring all windows of that app forward when I click the taskbar icon. That, or cycle through the app’s windows with repeated clicks.

  45. indeed356 says:

    @MJMatthew: Yes I agree, creating new folders with a keyboard shortcut would be great.

    And PLEASE I’d like to see one tiny little feature. Make the environment variable dialog resizable!

    That dialog has annoyed me so many times…

  46. Phyltre says:

    Please, please give us more options with multiple monitors.  We should be able to set different wallpapers for each monitor, and extend the taskbar to other monitors without third-party applications that may or may not work properly.    

    Also, when restarting a machine after disconnecting a monitor, anything you moved around between windows will be forgotten the next time you reconnect.  Which is fine, except Windows will think a monitor has been disconnected when it is only turned off–so if a monitor goes to sleep, all your different monitors’ content will get squished into one window.  That’s a big hassle to come back to in the morning or after lunch.

    One last thing–shouldn’t it also be possible to allow a program to maximize across all monitors, assuming you have the same resolution across them?  I’m not saying it should be the default behavior, but it seems like this would make a multi-monitor setup more usable.  

    Right now it feels like Windows only marginally acknowledges that multiple-monitor setups exist, and I’m not sure why that’s the case.

  47. Warel says:

    Nice to see some improvement, but there is still things to be worked.

    As I already said in the official forums, I miss the old behavior of the status bar in windows xp, where I can easiy see the size of the files in the folder I´m currently in.

    For me, Windows Explorer in vista, and now, in Windows 7, is a step back from what we had in XP, where the bar was customizable, and I had easy acess to the file sizes and partition free space in just one single line, the statusbar.

    Now, we have a huge Details Pane, with 2 lines default, and it only show: "x items". Why do I have to select all the files, click in "more information" just to se the sizes? Why can´t we have a option to put it in the Pane, or in the status bar, and have it always visible?

    I agree if I select one single file the botton panel info is amazing, but I really miss the total file size info in the bar. There is no way to work with large amount of data if I always need to select all files just to check if they will, lets say, fit in a removable midia, or in another partition, or so on. The file size is so basic information, takes so little space and is so useful, that I can´t even imagine WHY it was left out of the bar! Its not asking much, to, at least, put a selection, avaible by right click, like "Show file sizes".

    Besides, the info in the Details Pane is still inconsistent, let me explain:

    Lets say I select one image. Windows explorer collect lots of info, and display it to me in Details Pane. INCLUDING file size. The file size FOR IMAGES is displayed as the last info in the upper right of the Details Pane. Ok.

    Now, I select one movie file. Again, Explorer collects the info, and shows it to me. But.. wait. Movies have different attributes than images, so, now, the file size is displayed in the second column, in the botton line.

    Then, I select one document file. It, again, have different info, ant this time, its file size is displayed in a column right in the middle of my screen.


    In windows 7, I can´t even work with explorer in list mode. There is a fixed column size, and if I want to work with a large named file, I cant neither see its full name, neither its size, nor the free space I have in the partition. Is this improvement?

    Another thing that need to be worked is the image importer.

    In windows xp, I plug my digi cam, a window comes asking me to import my pictures, and I start the process. There is a really nice and useful little importer. I can select all I the pictures I want, name it and save it.

    NOW? What to I have? A nothing useful importer, who just ask a tag, and imports ALL pictures. Is it that hard to just don´t broke what is perfect? Why can´t I select what I WANT and DON´t WANT to import, anymore?

    Try leaving home by morning, taking pictures of ONE event… going to another one in the afternoon, and a third one in the night. Now, I go back home, with 2 gb of pictures, and I want to organize it… I CANT! windows just mix all the pictures. Sure I can organize it by time taken, and arrange it… but.. if I just want 10 pictures of that day? Do I REALLY need to download the entire collection of pictures in the cam, just to work with a few ones I could easily select in windows xp?

    Other than that, putting this apart, Windows 7 is amazing, I loved various concepts, like the progress bar showing the actual progress in the superbar (but I really wanted to have a option to change its color, I dont like that green, dont fit with the blue visual of seven).

  48. stricneen says:

    Keyboard shortcut for ‘New Folder’ would be great


  49. GrayShade says:

    Good job, I’m sure Windows 7 will be a nice release.

    But there are a few things I find very annoying:

    1. Middle (wheel) click and drag doesn’t work anymore in some programs (Notepad, Total Commander). The strange thing is that it seems I’m the only one complaining.

    2. Sometimes Windows 7 likes to start from hibernation just to run some scheduled tasks (at 4 AM? great!). This might not be a bug, but it’s a change of behavior from Windows XP that I didn’t see anyone talking about.

    3. #10 might not be such a good idea. Also, it reminds me of a bug that appeared in Vista: sometimes dragging a file (or icon) draws a selection rectangle, even if the click point was over the file name (or the icon).

    4. Double-clicking the vertical border of a window should expand it horizontally.

  50. niteshade says:

    I’ve been using Windows 7 for quite a while now, before I was stuck with Vista (not out of choice – my laptop didn’t have XP drivers). I had a problem with Vista which I’m not sure is in 7, but I can’t have a FireWire network connection. I used to use it loads in XP, but I was gutted when Microsoft didn’t identify a "need" for it in Vista. Please reimplement this.

  51. Myownfriend says:

    "13. Trimming sound schemes to help performance

    We know our customers care about performance. We discovered that by just trimming the shutdown and logoff WAV files, we could save up to 400 ms. Every little bit counts."

    Speaking of every little bit counting. How needed are the 16 color and 256 color versions of the icons? If they aren’t needed then why not get rid of these versions and compress the 32px and 48px versions of the 32-bit png icons? That should cut down the amount of hardrive space that icons take up by about half shouldn’t it?

  52. Myownfriend says:

    Sorry to post again but I forgot to mention this in my last post.

    I’m really enjoying WMP12’s Now Playing mode but I really dislike that if I’m in the Library view and I try to play a video it goes into Now Playing mode. I sort of consider the Library view to be the Advanced View and the Now Playing View to be the Basic view so it’s sort of wierd that the Now Playing view as functionality that the Library view doesn’t. Please allow Pictures and Video to be viewed in the Library view as well. I know my brother, another Beta tester, wants this, too.

  53. alderb0b says:

    I think you guys are doing an amazing job.

    I just have one humble suggestion concerning the folder icon. I believe the current look is outdated and boring compared to the rest of the UI. Maybe change that terrible yellow, make it glassy or just some improvement in general. thanks for listening and I can’t wait for the release

  54. mesan says:

    Speaking of important things to add to jump lists – you forgot to mention:

    1) recent solution files and projects for visual studio (along with the option to open a solution as administrator)

    2) notebooks / recent sections within OneNote

    3) new emails, tasks, appointments, etc. for Outlook.

    There’s no need to make us wait for VS2010/Office14 – you can add them.  Pleeeeeeeeeease

  55. hollamon says:

    Thanks for posting these sorts of updates, they are very useful.

    Has the issue been address in W7, where in Vista’s Windows Explorer, it will randomly and arbitrarily change your view?

    For example, my C: drive is always getting reset to a media view, so it tries to show artists, and stars and such, which is ridiculous.

    No matter how much I reset it to detail, normal view, it resets itself constantly.

    This happens everywhere throughout the file system while using Windows Explorer, and appears random and arbitrary.  

    For example, in a folder with nothing but java source code files, it will periodically (but not all the time) change it to a media view, or change it to Large Icons view.

    The changes appear to be random and arbitrary, and the system does _not_ remember your settings.

    This was one of the worst mis-features in Vista, and hopefully it was looked at for W7.



  56. I’m really happy to see all these active changes.

    I really hope something is done to the start button so that it stands out a bit more, it really looks out of place, I’m speaking more in respect to it’s normal state, the hover/active state is stunning, keep it that way, something needs to be done to the actual normal state to make it stand out rather than looking like a pinned program, if you pin Media Center to the taskbar, it will look a bit like having two start buttons but only different colours.

    Keep up the good work!

  57. yngdiego says:

    I fully support the multi-monitor comment above, as I use dual monitors at work and at home.

    Today I had dozens and dozens of IE tabs open, in several different IE windows. When I clicked on the jump list I just saw a huge listing of all the tabs. They did not appear to be grouped by their parent IE windows. So I was unable to quickly find the right IE window. I then had to start minimizing all my windows one by one to reveal the IE window that I wanted.

    Please group the IE jump lists, when they exceed the thumbnail limit, by their parent IE windows and make it pretty obvious. Be it a different background color, or something.

    And PLEASE, give us quick launch back. I absolutely hate the pinned program concept when those icons can float around on the tool bar. I used the ‘quick launch’ hack to bring that functionality back, but I shouldn’t have to perform a ‘hack’ to bring back a feature windows has had for what, 10 years?

  58. kurt.thomas says:


    is there finally an easy way to display the USB versions a device supports? I.e., USB 1, 2, 3?



  59. Wolf-Tech says:

    I know you took out the classic start menu but heres an idea for a twist. Personaly I miss it but there might be a way to bring it back but still have something new to it. When you click the start menu you have a white box with the programs in it and on the right side you have transparent icons.

    Why don’t ya just use a classic menu but have the whole menu transparrent to the desktop. Get rid of the stupid white box all together.

    The only reason why I miss the classic menu is I could customize it to the way I want. I don’y use programs and accessories. I delete all that crap and make folders like "Office", "Tools" Games etc. I use the KISS method of start menus.

  60. illegaloperation says:

    Today, most computer is ship with a DVD burner. Of cause the most popular out there is Nero, but over the years, Nero has became a boasted entertainment package. In fact, I’ve never even use Nero for anything else other than burning. Particularly, Nero 9 takes a long time to load. Windows includes a drag-and-drop burning process, but what users really need is a light-weight burning application that works the way they expect it to, like CDBurnerXP. It should include functions such as: create and copy data disc, ISO images, audio disc, video DVD, bootable disc, and other features that CDBurnerXP offers. Windows 7 has already taken the first step and is able to burn ISO images, but the first step is not nearly enough.

  61. illegaloperation says:

    Also, many testers including me believe that Windows 7 is feature complete only to weed out bugs, I hope you prove us wrong!

  62. Powderhorn says:

    I agree with many of the thoughts provided in the comments above, notably the return of a Network icon that shows activity. However, my largest concern is another already mentioned, namely Explorer making assumptions about how I want a folder to be viewed. I prefer Details for every directory on my computer and this alone was the reason I used Windows 2000 SP4 Rollup until Vista was released and hardware support for Win2K became problematic. Many of the improvements in Win7 are welcome, and I find it to be an extremely stable beta, given that I’ve been testing since Chicago (also NT5, so I used 2K in some form for about a decade). I understand that many users want a photo directory to display as thumbnails, but the only option available (apply to all folders OF THIS TYPE) takes control of what a "type" of folder is away from the user and makes assumptions that aren’t welcome. Despite the numerous advances Win7 provides, I’d still be running Win2K for this reason and this reason only, if it were feasible in the current software and hardware ecosystem.

    Thanks for your time,


  63. Aeon-Slayer says:

    Great news so far Win7 Team! Loving Win7 so far!

    However, I’m still quite disappointed that NONE of my ideas have been implemented…

    1. Taskbar Thumbnails:

    When hovering over a thumbnail (when Aero Peek enables itself) there should be the three main operator buttons as in the normal Window GUI: Close (closes that window), Maximize (bring that window to the foreground if it is minimized, or else actually maximize it if it is in the foreground) and Minimize (minimize that window). Now, I know you’re all thinking "why would you want the maximize command, that’s what happens when you just click the thumbnail!" WRONG. When you click the thumbnail, it maximizes that window and then CLOSES the thumbnail display. This means that if you wanted to open, say, three explorer windows, you would need to re-open the thumbnail preview display three times! This is simply a time waster when you need to reopen these explorer windows multiple times each session (as is the case with my work). As for the minimize command, I agree with previous comments that this would simply save users time. This could even be disabled by default (so as to not confuse casual users) but at least have it as an option for power users!

    Also, I still support my original idea of having a small bar (full vertical length, about 1/4 horizontal length) to the left of your thumbnail previews. On this there would be four options: Plus (opens a new instance of that program – useful on a laptop where you don’t have a middle click button, etc), Minimize (this would minimize ALL of this type of window), Maximize (this would bring to the front ALL of this type of window – often something I wish I could do to save time), Close (Which would close ALL of this type of window). You could argue that you can already close all through the right click menu, but it would be nice to be able to do it via the preview thumbnail display as well. Again, you could simply have this as an option for power users.

    2. Taskbar Itself:

    Users should be able to pin the Recycling Bin to the Taskbar! If you drag the recycling bin down onto the Taskbar, it shouldn’t pin itself to the explorer’s Jump list, it should simply stick to the Taskbar, which would allow for immediate access to that folder at a click, and its Jump list could have functions such as Empty Recycling Bin. Maybe that doesn’t make much sense, as it is simply an extension of the Explorer process, but it would just be nice to see this work!

    Furthermore, having a "quick launch" icon on the Taskbar, which the User could pin any app to, would simply save time going through the Start Menu, and save space on the Taskbar. You could pin semi-frequent apps (that don’t warrant a constant place on the Taskbar) to this icon, and access them via a Jump list. If you clicked the icon, it would just open the most recent app. The icon itself could be the most recently used non-pinned app in the list, with a simple overlay (like the shortcut overlay) to show the user that it is the quick launch icon.

    3. Window Functionality:

    Quite a simple fix I think: being able to right click the title bar of a window and select "pin to top" would be extremely useful to me, and it seems a logical extension to Aero Snap.

    4. Start Menu:

    My only real complaint with the start menu is the spacers on the right side: It has my User folders /spacer/ Games, Computer /spacer/ Networks, Control Panel. I personally think that Computer and Networks should be next to each other, and that Control Panel and Games should be by themselves. Being able to change the order of the links, and the spacers, simply by dragging them, seems like a good step in the "more customization" direction! As well as this, you should allow Uses to place their own shortcuts – I would personally like a Program Files link.

    Also, having read that you are changed the USER link back to the USER home folder (a VERY good thing!) I would like to see a Libraries link now, as I do sometimes still wish to go to the libraries folder.

    Further, you currently have the right side links as either static links (display as a link) or forced menus (display as a menu). I would like to be able to click the Text to open the folder directly, or click the arrow (which is displayed when display as a menu is selected) to open the menu. So, having BOTH options available to me, depending on which is more convenient.

    Lastly, you have made everything in the Start Menu look elegant, except for the Shut Down extension menu (the menu with Restart, Log-Off, etc). This menu simply looks out of place, and it would be nice if it had a glass effect or such to keep it looking nice and consistent.

    5. Explorer:

    I expect you have received a lot of requests for this, so I am unsure why it has not yet been implemented, but one of my single greatest wants from Win7 is Tabbed Explorer Window functionality! It would work exactly the same as in IE7/IE8 (including with the thumbnail functionality to switch between tabs), and it would just make my life far more productive! At the very least, this should be an option for power users.

    5 down, maybe more later…

    Thanks all for putting up with this rant!

    Seriously though, I’m sure many other uses second many of these requests, so it would be nice if at least some of them are implemented in RC1 and beyond!

    – AeonSlayer / Simon

  64. scott@aceblue.com says:


    Am really tired of the driver for "NETGEAR WG311v3 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter" still being missing. It was available in the WINHEC build but not after that. Have to install an older driver, then once it connects, Windows Update wants to "upgrade" the driver. Hopefully it can be included in the build again!

  65. divinglog says:

    Awesome, great job, especially "7. Going up?". This is terribble in small "Open" or "Save File" dialogs on Vista – now with the new parent folder button everything is fine. As an alternate you could add the old up button to the end of the breadcumb bar beside the refresh icon.

  66. Velo Steve says:

    I suppose all of these "experience" issues are easier to talk about, but I’d feel better if you would address the hard questions.  Questions like:

    Which applications are going to work correctly in the RC that don’t work now?

    When will the system stop changing screen resolutions spontaneously and moving all my icons around?

    Will we be able to get networking after every reboot without having to disable/enable the network card every time?

    Yes, I care about Windows explorer options, but only as a distant second to reliability and compatibility.

  67. ababst says:

    Thank you so much for taking the Beta users’ input and making Windows 7 better!  This makes me trust and like Microsoft more when you listen to your users and let them be a part of the development process. I like Microsoft more now!

  68. Bydia says:

    Please, please, please add folders to the favorite shortcut area of the file explorer… then it would be great like XP.  See this video: http://tinyurl.com/MyWin7Wish

  69. pablomedok says:

    When I click in taskbar on IE task with several tabs it pops up to choose which tab to open. But why? IE8 has 1 window and it has it’s own tab selector. So clicking on task should open IE with current tab. I would agree if it would do that on hovering, but not on clicking!!! It’s not logical

  70. cfxm says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job with Windows 7 and user feedback.

    But what’s left for Windows 8 if Windows 7 is so awesome?

    That makes me scared… 😉

  71. fuchueh says:

    Suggestion 1


    Add toggle option: Direct TreeView in folder icon

    in MacOSX / LinuxDesktop,

    you can direct TreeView in folder icon. (of course, also can disable this function.)

    this function can help some people.

    so, support for Windows.

    Add toggle option: Direct TreeView in folder icon



  72. fuchueh says:

    Suggestion 2


    automatic remeber last EDIT/READ state for every documents.

    in LinuxDesktop.

    Editor can automatic remeber last EDIT/READ documents state.

    When you mouse cursor stay in Ln 32, Col 7 with some documents, Colse this documents.

    Next time open this documents. It will automatic go to Ln 32, Col 7…

    It can automatic remeber state for every documents.



  73. fuchueh says:

    Suggestion 3


    "Toggle Document icon show content preview thumbnail"

    in linux gnome desktop environment,

    every text document icon can show its own content preview thumbnail.

    On desktop, you unneeded one by one the open view (Preview pane not on desktop)

    add custom option by user to toggle show text document preview thumbnail

    look screenshot:


  74. fuchueh says:

    Suggestion 4


    "audio-preview function" (unneeded open wmp)

    in LinuxDesktop/MacOSX environment.

    When you move the mouse pointer stay at music file icon.

    It will auto playback audio-preview (icon show a symbol as the tip).

    When you move the mouse pointer without icon,it will stop playback.

    on Desktop, you will unneeded one by one the open view.

    "unneeded open Windows Media Player".

    Many people don’t like Windows Media Player. and European Union Edition no WMP.

    ps. Desktop can’t use Preview pane, and Preview pane is a stupid function.

    look screenshot:


  75. fuchueh says:

    Suggestion 5


    Improve Start Menu and Appliaction Menu color layout (suggestion consistency)

    to improve Appliaction Menu color layout. (discriminated Appliaction Menu color very difficult)

    There is no consistency between the Start Menu and the Appliaction Menu.

    To keep Start Menu and Appliaction Menu color layout consistency, like Windows XP.

    All use white color for background, light blue color for selected item.



  76. Bydia says:

    I usually have a folder of shared greenware (programs that do not need to be installed and can be run from dual boot OSes on all my computers) in a folder on C:).  Win7 behaved weirdly when I tried to install on what I thought was D: (drive 1 or partition D). It changed it to C: and my original C: disappeared. I do not like the new way.

  77. ryancapp says:


    DFS locations will work with libraries, as I’m currently doing so, and is configurable through folder redirection group policies.


    Your links are malware-ridden; find another image provider with better advertisement screening. (Trojan:JS/Agent.FA)

  78. aaron@aarondm.com says:

    I read this on the Windows 7 forum and really want to see this change be made.

    Currently when deleting several files (1000s at once lets say) and the 385th file is "currently in used", the entire delete process halts and in fact stops. This is a really big issue when you go away from the computer and come back only to find out that the delete process stopped and the task is not completed.

    Can you make it so that it does not halt the process, but just "skip" that file and give an error (in a text-box or something). If not by default, at least as a "check-box" option.

  79. aaron@aarondm.com says:

    As well, I agree with Velo Steve.

    I have had my screen resolution randomly drop to 800×600 out of no where on Windows 7 – and I have yet to get any feedback as to what has been causing this issue. If its the driver, I get no error of it crashing (isn’t there suppose to be a tool-tip pop-up?)

  80. xazac says:

    "One big element of concern to me, that I haven’t heard discussed:

    The details columns were always visible, no matter what view you were in–this is INCREDIBLY useful for me when I’m browsing photos, say, in medium icons view, because now I’m two clicks away from sorting by date modified ascending and descending, back and forth again.

    Now, as soon as I click out of Details view, it’s a six click process to alternate between the two, as I have to right click, choose sort by, and then date modified. This is *incredibly* annoying."

    I miss it too, I really want it back. Thanks!

  81. PatriotB says:

    Device Stage for PC seems cool — I wonder how if you’ve considered combining it with My Computer?  (Well, Computer, formerly My Computer…)

  82. fuchueh says:

    [Intense Suggestion]

    keep theme style consistency for Windows 7!

    keep theme style consistency for Menu bar, Tool bar. like Windows XP theme style’s consistency.




    [Intense Suggestion]

  83. JDonner says:

    The most annoying Vista issue is still not fixed. What issue? Let me try to explain Microsoft.

    a) click a file inside a folder

    b) now click on the name of that folder (the originally selected file name will now have a gray background)

    c) now move the cursor over the file but don’t click; selected file name will now have a light blue background

    I want to delete to file, I see the blue background, so I think the file is selected, press delete and quickly quick on  "yes" and voila, the whole folder is gone!

    Now imagine doing this with shift+delete…

    In previous Windows versions the file name background would just keep its color, even if you would move your cursor over it.

    I’ve been using Windows for 22 years now since Windows 2.03 and deleting a file has never been an issue, but has cost me in Vista files on 3 occasions. Coincident? I don’t think so.

    I tried solutions like check boxes in front of file names or a registry change that makes only the background color of the filename turn gray and not the whole row, but I still had one situation in which I again lost some files.

    If you think I’m the only one, do some research, I’ve seen more people mentioning this issue. Many who have lost files this way often don’t even know that this caused it!

  84. Urvabara says:


    There features are still missing:

    1. Week numbers

    2. Windows is using words kilobyte, megabyte, etc. incorrectly

    3. Seconds and Swatch Internet Time are missing

    4. Custom install is missing

    5. 16-bit applications do not work in 64-bit Windows 7


  85. jcompagner says:

    First i agree with the comments above about the last modified column in details view (of any view type video,music doesnt matter). If you dont want to add that as default thats ok, but if i change the columns of a particular view (lets say music) then i mean to do it for all folders of that view automatically, I know that you can save this state by going through the menu Tools->folder options and then in the view tab click on apply to folders. But this is not really user friendly and most people dont know about this.

    (for example there is no menubar by default anymore so you will not find it)

    about "1. Improved taskbar thumbnail overflow"

    is that configurable per item in the taskbar? Because i have 10 windows open for example for msn or skype. And that is now quite annoying to scroll to. Because i have a large screen and msn is the 3th (so really to the left) item in my task bar if i then click on it because i get a new message from somebody that is the last in the list i have to go to that item with my mouse or cycle but that requires then 10 keystrokes. This is not ease of use. But if i can say for those, show it as a list instead of thumbnails that would be nice.

    I already thought also about something else and that was that you should stack the thumbnails, 1 or 2 open items are the same as now But the 3th isnt appended to the right, but is appended above the first and the second so you get:


    1 2

    and further:

    3 4

    1 2

    4 5

    1 2 3

    and so on.

    then the mouse travel is very short.

    1 other thing with this travel or usage of the taskbar would be something like:

    windowskey-3 and then 9

    Problems is that currenty if you release the windows key it will go to the selected item, and if you keep the windows key pressed and i press 9 it sees it like i wanted item 9 of the taskbar. So i dont know what the best ui/usability solution would be but something quick like that would be nice. And if you could do it by number like win-3,9 then if i press win-3 and i shows me the options do show also the number that i need to press so that i dont have to count myself..

    1 other thing that bugs me from vista on and still not fixed for windows 7 is WebDav support. I use 64 bit vista or 7 and that is quite a problem. under vista i even just used virtual pc with a Windows XP install to be able to use my company’s webdav. this is because the standard webdav component in vista/7 does an options request to the parent folder, but i dont have access to that parent folder.. And in XP and i also believe in Vista32 you can install WebFolders but that doesnt work for 64bit. Now i am testing under 7 WebDrive but that one isnt really stable yet. It crashes a lot in my current setup.

    So please fix the webdav issue, just reintroduce webfolders also for 64 bit or fix the current webdav implementation that it just works for all webdav folders.

    What i really mis in the notification area bluetooth and wifi items, is being able to quickly disable or enable radio for both. this was always a nice feature in XP but from vista on this isnt that easy anymore. For Wifi it is 3 clicks away so it is not that bad but for bluetooth it is more of a hassle.

    1 feature that i really dont get why windows, as i think is the only operating system on this planet that cant do by itself, cant mount iso’s why is that?

  86. gauravkale@vista.aero says:

    I "third", "four" or "x" the demand for the size/status bar/details pane problem and making auto arrange optional. If anyone else agrees with these suggestions, tell Microsoft to do these changes otherwise they’re done with RC/RTM. These are critical Windows Explorer issues ever since the release of Longhorn.

  87. Urvabara says:


    Let me give some further tips:

    1. Week numbers are missing from the Windows Calendar – the Calendar which shows up when you click the Taskbar’s clock. We use week numbers here in Europe very much. Please, it only takes a couple of hours to code that feature. It’s really simple.

    2. Windows is using words kilobyte, megabyte, etc. incorrectly. Yes, it is. A 500 GB hard disk drive is not a 500 GB drive according to Windows. Why is this? Because Windows is speaking about gibibytes (GiB), not gigabytes (GB), although Windows lies that it is speaking about gigabytes (GB). This is very very frustrating and misleading. Please, fix this immediately! See my blog for further info…well, you won’t publish my links anyway, so here is the info:

    "Windows Explorer should speak about kibibytes, mebibytes, gibibytes, and tebibytes instead of kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes or it still could speak about kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes, if it shows the numbers correctly. Make this a user-changeable setting. There could be four different modes:

    A. legacy mode: This mode uses the words kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte INCORRECTLY like today.

    B. binary mode: This mode uses the words kibibyte, mebibyte, gibibyte, and tebibyte CORRECTLY.

    C. decimal mode: This mode uses the words kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte CORRECTLY.

    D. binary&decimal mode: This mode shows (CORRECTLY) both presentations at once. For example: "3 objects selected, size: 2.23 kibibytes, 2.28352 kilobytes".

    The default mode should be B, C or D, not A."

    3. Seconds and Swatch Internet Time are missing from the taskbar’s clock. Why cannot a user customize taskbar so that one can see seconds and maybe also Swatch Internet Time (@-time) from it? It only takes a hour or two to code and implement this simple feature.

    4. Custom install is missing. Why do I have to install all those printer drivers (800 MB) and games (100 MB), if I do not want to use them?

    5. 16-bit applications do not work in 64-bit Windows 7. Why not to include virtualization for 16-bit software? Why must a user bother to find a 32-bit/64-bit alternative of the program or install VMware or Virtual PC. It’s annoying. Why not to just double-click the 16-bit binary and use it like in the good-old days? There are MANY 16-bit games and software that have never been converted to 32-bit/64-bit.


  88. Raptor1 says:

    "the Beta is the only official build from Microsoft" – does this mean that feedback wont be accepted  on higher versions of windows 7 i.e. 7048

    1. i would like to see more vista x64 apps / software compatible with windows 7 e.g. iomega rev software when trying to install on windows 7 x64, it fails with the message saying that windows 7 is an invalid operating system

    2. Bring back support for musicmatch 10 to be compatible with windows 7

    3 change the way services interact with desktop – mdaemon email server when started as a service its message icon does not appear in the system tray this also happens in vista

    4. bring back the option for the classic start menu and let each user decide whether they want to use it or not

    5. shortcut on the start menu like windows xp for a list of network connections instad of control panel>network and sharing center>change adaptor settings on windows 7 also a network monitor icon like xp for the system tray

    6. on the final release the option to upgrade the beta to the final version without having to lose all your settings and tweaks  

    7. longer time for beta before it expires in august – as each new build is released the expiry deadline should increase as well

    these are my issues at present and apart from that i absolutely love windows 7 and cant wait until the final release


  89. testbug says:

    i recently encounter this in beta build:

    1 UAC is ON, logon is administator

    2 a folder f1 in d: and more subdir and files inclued in

    3 want to and some permission to f1, in "advaced security settins" (button has uac icon) , check off "Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent" and click remove, then check on to re-establish


    4 some of child files under this fold return "Access denied" Message.

    5 "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object" checkbox has same "Access denied" message .

    6 i can seperate change those objects permission but cant do that in f1’s security settins.

    7 At last turn UAC off, reboot, and redo step   3 or 4, everything is work as expected

    please make uac mode better and more useful

  90. cosmin.tataru says:

    If Windows 7 will contain (finally) a keyboard shortcut for creating a new folder after all these Windows years I can say I’m totally satisfied with the engineering’s team efforts. Finally. Great job, but at least if you don’t add this shortcut please explain why. Does anyone have copyright for this and you don’t get a deal ? or what ?

  91. ups says:

    About change 7, I cannot stress enough my wish to add the ability to use the address bar with drag and drop as suggested in http://www.windows7taskforce.com/view/220

  92. alderb0b says:

    I hope this was already the original plan; I think after all the important things are fixed someone should review the entire OS and make sure all xp-era icons and dialog boxes are updated to the new stlye. No icons should be pixelated etc, just QC kinda stuff.

    Consistency throughout is very important, at least to me anyways. Also, colors should be consistent. Would be nice if right click menus were white again and light blue when highlighted, just a suggestion.

    Great job though, just thought I would throw in the little things that bug me.

  93. sroussey@network54.com says:

    What really gets me is that I CAN’T SEND FEEDBACK. It keeps saying that I don’t have permission to submit bugs for the Connect feedback form, blah, blah, blah…. even if I uncheck the setting for Connect.


  94. joaomiguelcorreia@gmail.com says:

    I actually registered just to suggest this. I love the way windows snap to use half screen when dragged left or right edges of the screen, and has already saved me hours of adjustments. How about if, by using a modifier like CTRL, you could get the window to snap to use one half of left side so you could snap to top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right?

    For example, CTRL-drag to top half of left border would make window use half height and half width of available space. Same for CTRL+drag to bottom half of left side and, of course, applying to right side as well.

    Hope i could make it clear, if not, i can elaborate if needed.

    Very nice OS you’ve got here.

  95. Warel says:

    I totaly agree with "sevenflavor"

    "I "third", "four" or "x" the demand for the size/status bar/details pane problem and making auto arrange optional. If anyone else agrees with these suggestions, tell Microsoft to do these changes otherwise they’re done with RC/RTM. These are critical Windows Explorer issues ever since the release of Longhorn."

    IT really, really annoy me!

    We need file sizes and the option to turn off the autoarrange in explorer.

    Besides, I ask for more consistency in Start Menu.

    When you hover the mouse in a application, like Notepad, it expands the last used itens, and this behavior is very nice.

    BUT, when you want to acess the "All Programs" area, we are stuck with the horrendous need to scroll in a limited space. I would like to see a option to "All Programs" expand itself, consistentily, like ALL other options in the start menu, and let me acess ALL PROGRAMS in a much easier to acess floating menu who expands from "All Programs" to the space in the right of Start Menu.

  96. Warel says:

    I totaly agree with "sevenflavor"

    "I "third", "four" or "x" the demand for the size/status bar/details pane problem and making auto arrange optional. If anyone else agrees with these suggestions, tell Microsoft to do these changes otherwise they’re done with RC/RTM. These are critical Windows Explorer issues ever since the release of Longhorn."

    IT really, really annoy me!

    We need file sizes and the option to turn off the autoarrange in explorer.

    Besides, I ask for more consistency in Start Menu.

    When you hover the mouse in a application, like Notepad, it expands the last used itens, and this behavior is very nice.

    BUT, when you want to acess the "All Programs" area, we are stuck with the horrendous need to scroll in a limited space. I would like to see a option to "All Programs" expand itself, consistentily, like ALL other options in the start menu, and let me acess ALL PROGRAMS in a much easier to acess floating menu who expands from "All Programs" to the space in the right of Start Menu.

  97. locolorenzo says:

    All I can say is WOW…

    This OS is just steaming hot and responsive.

    Just Beautiful Work!

  98. Konstantinos says:

    Can you please not forget to view a few of my suggestions here (???):



  99. javamdk says:

    Excellent work to the Windows team! Keep up the great work and looking forward to the RC build 🙂

  100. illegaloperation says:

    RAR is a very common format and WinRAR is the only programs able to pack RAR file because it is Proprietary format. Many free programs are able to unpack RAR and it became so common that Windows 7 should also be able to unpack it. All to often, I sent a RAR file to one of my friends and they are annoyed and insist that I use a zip file instead. I however still prefer RAR because it provide much better compression.

  101. domenico says:

    Excuse me team

    Accelerators for Windows toolbar is removede from Windows 7 ?


  102. ScorpioKing1990 says:

    Internet Explorer 8 is the only thing realy lagging behind in Windows 7 in terms of quality. I get random anomilies in it all the time, crashes, performance issues, etc. I realy hope the development work for IE8 gets some higher priority soon.

  103. ScorpioKing1990 says:

    Internet Explorer 8 has a lot of potential, but as of the Beta build of Windows 7, I realy don’t feel like it reaches it. I experience all kinds of random, unexplainable anomilies in it all the time. For example, NBC.com thinks my laptop is a "mobile" device. Or in other words, that it can’t display full web pages. This was not the case with Vista. When I try to visit it, it just redirects me. Even worse, there isn’t even an option on the NBC Mobile site to go to the full version….so it’s extremely frustrating. I have tried resetting all IE settings to factory defaults, etc. but it didn’t help at all. But even more peculiar is that I have a desktop running the exact same Beta build of Windows 7 (even used the same install disc) and it handles NBC.com perfectly fine, no mobile version redirect or anything. The hardware in that desktop is years behind what is in my laptop (which shipped with Vista). So, if anything, shouldn’t it think my desktop is the lesser of the computers? The whole thing is just very strange, and I’ve yet to find a solution. So, for now, I just use Google Chrome. Sorry guys….love the new OS, but when it comes to browsers, you just lost some market share.

  104. gauravkale@vista.aero says:

    On a clean install, why is my event log for any build always flooded with messages like Possible memory leak-Svchost, Dotnet Runtime Optimization Service failed to compile xyz, WMI errors and "Windows detected your registry is in use, apps or services that hold your registry may not function properly after unloading"? I tend to follow the event log to keep the system healthy and it appears broken on a fresh install itself.

  105. krish4u@hotmail.com says:

    I’ve become a (left) side docker since installing Win7 on my machine.

    But old habits die hard and I find myself moving the mouse to the bottom left of the screen before realizing that it should be the top left.

    Maybe there is some hidden feature I’ve missed that lets you rotate the bar 180 degrees? At least then the start pearl button/icon would appear on the bottom left (where it should be 😉


  106. anonymuos says:

    My Belkin N1 802.11n Wi-Fi NIC doesn’t have built-in drivers, so it’s impossible for me to go online to download other drivers. Also, the Microsoft USB optical mouse can’t wake my laptop from sleep (No Power Management tab) but my internal trackpad which also shows up as attached by USB can!).

  107. JPYoshi says:

    First a suggestion:

    Now, when you do a CTRL click on a icon in the taskbar, you cycle trough the open windows of a given program. You can also do a WIN + # cycle for the first 9 icons in the taskbar.

    Could you please add a relative way of cycling trough open windows of the current program?

    Based on CTRL being used with the mouse, I suggest CTRL + ALT + TAB for changing only between windows of the current program.

    There is also a problem with closing windows with ALT+F4, because if you previously clicked on a desktop gadget it gets focused after all windows are closed and the next press closes the gadget without a warning and you lose all of the gadgets settings. The problem also lies within the fact, that you don’t even know the gadget has focus.

  108. Mahmoud.Salman says:

    whay not have a live thumbnails preview for windows showing in list?? just like vista and also to keep the close button which was added to RC.

  109. hitman721 says:

    A couple of comments from what I’ve read.

    I believe that Microsoft should consider taking the Zune Player and adding what the Zune Player is lacking to become a full-fledged media player. Instead of having WMP in Windows, the new Zune Player should become apart of the Windows Live Essentials Suite. The Zune player has the potential to completely replace Windows Media Player. Instead of trying to overhaul WMP again, you can start from scratch with Zune.

    I think that virtualization will eventually be apart of Windows 7. However, virtualizing 16 Bit applications is pointless. There are so many security issues with 16 bit and many poorly 32 bit apps/software. It is really time to either re-write them as 32 bit with security in mind or 64 bit ones with security. Holding on to these legacy software and 16 bit is more of a threat to Windows security than moving foward in my opinion. I believe it is time to re-develop 32 and 64 bit to better tackle security issues.

    I do agree that Windows needs to be distinguish between kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes correctly.

    Any issues with IE 8 might be that many websites have not properly coded and tested their website with IE 8. Unfortunately, many do not participate in Beta testing, RC testing, and wait until after the browser is out to make changes. Those who have are rendering properly. A lot of websites have not been updated. Please keep that in mind.

    I’m using a much more updated version of IE 8 and Windows 7 Build 7057. It works a lot better than the beta build 7000. IE is 3 times better than the beta and RC builds. I have some friend who has access to the updated builds. You guys are really going to love the RC.

  110. danwat1234@aol.com says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity and lean functionality of the Windows 98 start menu on XP and Vista for many years.

    However, withe ‘7’ Beta 1, the Classic Start Menu is not an option when right clicking on the taskbar. This is one of the few reasons why I am hesitant to upgrade when this product comes out. I want to be able to use the windows 98 style start menu on Windows 7.

    One more thing, under Power Options in Control Panel, with ‘7’, it is no longer possible when pressing the power button on one’s laptop or desktop, to have it bring up a menu of what the user wants to do (Sleep/Hibernate/Restart/Shutdown/LogOff). The "Ask me what to do" option is not available for the list of possible responses Windows 7 gives when one presses the power button of the computer, from the list under "Power Option" in Control panel when configuring the button reaction the OS gives.

    I would like both of these features re-implemented and then I will as happy as a duck!


  111. TailS_tff says:

    As writen, it could be extremly useful to have a new folder shortcut!!!

    Is it possible to desactivate in an common explorer the Ctrl+Z shurtcut (undo).

    I use to work in multi display environment with several applications opened, and sometimes I do Ctrl+Z into the wrong windows, I know it’s a mistake, but this command into explorer is useless for me.

    Great work on RC!

  112. Ah-noid says:

    Couple points.

    Show desktop…why in the world is it glued to the left. Please put it back where it belongs.

    Search. Please fire whoever created the new search. Then, zip over to Google, learn what search otta be…return and redo, properly. As it stands, you’ve taken a poor system, and made it horrendously worse.

  113. Keris says:

    I must applaud, as 7048 has been an overall big improvement.  The annoying Start Menu "File is in use" bug that plagued me in 7000 is gone (every time I tried to MOVE a folder from my User’s Start Menu to the ProgramData one, I would get denied due to the files being "in use").  A few other little quirks in gadget rendering have been fixed (I can now finally use the Weather Channel gadget again).  And I’ve noticed that I’ve had less Sleep->Crash accidents than before (down to one from one a day).

    The downsides?  Well, a nice feature of Explorer got yanked: persistent browser windows.  Like Invert Selection, it’s just gone.  I hope it comes back, but since nobody else is clamoring for it, I assume the community cannot change the Windows team’s mind on this.

    Also, the taskbar STILL looks atrocious when put on the side of the screen.  The icon tiles are over-wide in large icon mode.  And in small icon mode?  The bar doesn’t shrink at all, the icons just get smaller with a TON of wasted space on their sides.  I still think that 24 pixel icons would be more aesthetically pleasing for the small icon mode, but do understand that most programs don’t contain the size since Windows never really used it before.

  114. fuchueh says:

    [Intense Suggestion]

    all View Mode can adjust icon size (for Touchscreen)

    if you need view ‘Details’ mode, when you use Touchscreen, these icons very small in ‘Details’ mode…

    Mac v10.6 will support all View Mode can adjust icon size.

    Linux’s desktop system already supported.

    Why not support for Windows ?

    View Mode: Icon, List, Details, Tiles, Content

    icon size: Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small





  115. Xenan says:

    Quote from

    "Date modified should always and forever be a default detail, no matter the folder type. If you refuse to make that available, say, in Photos folders, at least make it available in the primary context menu when you go to add new details. Making me dig through some of the crap details available INTO the "More…" dialog is absolutely nuts. Date Modified is wildly useful; Date Taken (which takes its place in Photos folders) is unreliable at best and does NOT provide the same utility."

    I agree strongly with chriscardinal.

    Please set "date modified" back in every view.

    The omission of this in inexplicable regarding the fact that you do do many usability tests.

  116. fuchueh says:

    Intense Suggestion


    keep Details Columns style consistency…

    Details Columns has two styles in Windows 7.

    Please keep style consistency for Details Columns.




  117. eshield says:

    Guys, what about a problem with DirectSound3D hardware mixing in Vista? Does this annoying developer’s mistake is fixed?

    I’ve Creative X-Fi Platinum, so why i have use dozens of wrappers (trash like ALchemy) to get hardware mixing (btw, ALchemy works properly in very rare cases) under Vista!?!? (XP hasn’t such problem)

    Please, fix problem. Software-mixing only is the past century and must not be a part of upcoming OS.

  118. cgirardy@hotmail.fr says:


    I would like you to make this path window re sizable and please, implement the same functionalities for file copy as the one made by SuperCopier.

    Your file copy options have always been insufficient.

    Thanks in advance

  119. ScorpioKing1990 says:

    Windows 7 is telling me "Your battery is bad and may cause your computer to shut down quickly." I absolutely love that Windows has the ability to know such things. This is a wonderful advancement and I realy think more things like that should be put into development. For example, Windows knows my battery is bad, but what if it could do something about it? Windows could have a utility to help put the battery through a full discharge and re-charge cycle. I know some high-end IBM laptops have had this feature. I don’t think a lot of consumers know about the benefits of doing this. Windows could realy help stretch the lifespan of batteries just by adding a simple feature like this.

  120. mludwig says:

    I too had problems with my mouse and keyboard in windows 7. I hope the bug you fixed is the same I encountered. I am using a ThinkPad R61 and the mouse, when connected to the dock, intermittently stops working for a second or two, but only when other devices are also connected to the usb ports of the dock. I think it was my printer which when connected messed up the mouse. Also, yesterday the keyboard stopped working after leaving windows 7 idle for an hour (it didn’t go to sleep). A sleep/resume cycle made it work again.

  121. ScorpioKing1990 says:

    The icon for the Start Menu should be much more prominent like it was in Vista. It’s not just another program.

  122. domenico says:

    @All user 7057




  123. abhinavk says:

    Are not you going to add the Advanced Tag Editor back to WMP.

    This a clearly visible loss of functionality in the player. This will lead many users to migrate to iTunes (which has already majority of music enthusiasts).

    Details pane is not enough. I can’t edit the language. I can’t add manual lyrics too. All of the above, editing Album artist in details pane overwrites the contributing artist content. which didn’t happened in Advanced Tag Editor.

  124. yleib says:

    Hey guys. Nice job!

    But, please

    1: Make the ability to change thickness of that ugly wide window borders – I can’t find out how to change it. According me it is too wide. Via Advanced appearance – it is not possible.

    2: Add maximize button/ability to resize to the msconfig window because services and startup settings are very uncomfortable in such small window.


  125. Vertigo says:

    9. New folder is always available

    This is nice to see, thanks!  

    How about also creating a keyboard shortcut?

  126. bill531 says:

    I too think the changes are very useful.  However, I still use Windows XP on my main machine.  Windows 7 is on my spare laptop and I like most of it.  One reason I like XP is because I can make small, but to me, incredibly convenient changes in how Windows looks and behaves.  I hope you can eventually make a took like Tweak UI.  

    Among Windows greatest attributes is the ability for uses to fine tune it.  Make changes to the look and "feel" we find comfortable.  I don’t believe Apple can say that.  So please give us the ability, as much as possible, to let users define how our systems look and operate.  Thanks for allowing us to provide this feedback!    

  127. Mantvydas says:

    I’m reading about internal USB device reliability on resume, that it’s now possible to take devices off and on without restarting.

    Not only USB devices need that hot restart. I have a Dell XPS laptop, which has a built-in 3G Modem "Dell Wireless 5520 3G/HSDPA mini-card for Vodafone" as a mini-card inside behind the panel with screws.

    And it just fails sometimes. In order to wake it up again, a user needs to cycle power to it, that is, a user has to restart the whole computer, which is not very convenient.

    If only there was some interface in Windows for cycling power to mini-cards…

  128. LuxZg says:

    @ #26. Pagefile reduction

    OK, to be fair – your logic and telemetry is worthless on this point, and has always been. Sorry, I’m not that mean usually 🙂 Here is the reasoning…

    If I get new X58 MBO and i7, and plug in 12GB of RAM I’ll have swap (page file) of 12GB?

    I never figured out who made those decisions.. but it’s dumb. RAM is cheap these days, it’s not Win95 era, so when I need more page-file, I go and buy some RAM.

    Here is a proposition: Windows should be monitoring user expirience all the time since the first boot, and set page file to the peak value of that Windows install (ever). So if I have 4GB RAM, and I never used more than 3GB it should stay zero (and force RAM-only). Or if I constantly use 3GB, and once upon a time I’ve peaked to 5GB, swap should be 1GB.. ok, maybe +100MB to make things safer. And for those trying to run Win7 on 512MB RAM machine, make a minimum swap of 1GB. Even this is overly generous IMHO, but much better than having office computer with 2GB RAM that never gets over 1GB, and yet still having 2GB swap for nothing. Not to forget that somehow Windows uses swap even when there is still free RAM, instead never using swap untill RAM is filled completely. Dooh!

    You want a scheme? OK, here:

    <1GB RAM – swap has to be 1GB minimum

    >1GB RAM #1 – Windows monitors peak memory usage and does calculation "peak_memory_used – available_RAM + 100MB = page_file_size"

    >1GB RAM #2 – when peak memory is never over RAM available – use RAM only and make page file ZERO

    OK, now this solves the problem, doesn’t it? Much nicer than having the "one rule to fit them all", specialy since those people with 512MB RAM will have no use of having just 512MB page file anyway. And I trully believe that people with 4GB RAM rarely need 8GB total for runing their applications.


  129. JaviAl says:

    The only things my customers and me need is:

    The possibility of expand "All Programs" in Start Menú like in XP. Searching programs without expanding it, its very frustrating, and using the keyboard is so slow for experience users or users who have the Start Menu ordered by own.

    The possibility to customize the Windows Explorer toolbar, like in XP. Why Vista and Windows 7 have less options and customizations than Windows XP?

    A media library with at least the options and versatility of Windows Media Player 10. Its imposible to catalog music and other media in Windows Media Player 11 or 12. Or the posibility to install Windows Media Player 10 in Windows 7.

    Why PowerToys Powercalc not run on Vista or Windows Seven?

    Why remove the tabs controls in overall Windows? Remember the versatility and ‘quickly’ "Appearance" option with tabs in Windows XP.


  130. Warel says:

    I could not agree more with JaviAl:

    "The possibility of expand "All Programs" in Start Menú like in XP. Searching programs without expanding it, its very frustrating, and using the keyboard is so slow for experience users or users who have the Start Menu ordered by own.

    The possibility to customize the Windows Explorer toolbar, like in XP. Why Vista and Windows 7 have less options and customizations than Windows XP?"

    And, more, the possibilty to customize Windows Explorer statusbar AND/OR Details Pane. There is lots of unused space there, and I want to see file sizes and drive free space. Other users can have other needs, and the option to customize is what we need.

    Its funny to see Windows Explorer, a core windows utility doing much less in Windows 7 than it did back almost a decade ago, in XP.

  131. shakerrida@hotmail.com says:


    But really if I add folder to the music library, Why files like pdf and zip appear??

    There must be a way to filter out only the files types that i want in this library.

    Hope you can do it!! 🙂

  132. shakerrida@hotmail.com says:

    Also please note that search won’t show any files that is blocked because it’s download from the internet.

    this is frustrating and make me download things twice!!!!!

    Please fix it.

  133. mattvogt says:


    Sorry, what I meant was a thumbnail preview for items in an overflow task icon list, like when you hover over an icon that’s not ‘full’. I know in essence it’s a thumbnail preview of a thumbnail preview, but it would make it a little richer of an experience.

  134. hklm says:

    To your credit, on newer core duo notebooks or desktops all hardware drivers seem to be installed flawlessly upon install of the OS.

    There are still a number of components that have not been "fixed" as builds more recent than 7057 circulate toward RC1.

    On older PCs where peripheral drivers do not show up automatically on installation,when drivers are configured manually via devmgmt.msc at "update drivers" or properties on the Rt. click context menu>browse to the folder where the driver files have been unzipped.  Device Manager in Win 7 will say the driver has not been installed correctly, putting a "bang" or triangle with exclamation point on the driver, even when it has been installed correctly and works perfectly.

    I also got a bubble at the notification area saying the driver didn’t install, but the sound iconette rid itself of the red X so I knew it would work and it does.   The bubble referenced Code 18.  Device Code 18 would mean little to any end user, but it means reinstall the driver according to Technet’s error code list.  This is a false positive.

    In order for Printers to show as a menu listing in Device Manager, just as in Vista, and XP, one must noninutuitively go (in Device Manager) to View>Show Hidden Devices.

    Device Manager still follows the tradition of stating that a "device is working properly" when you right click the entry in Device Manager>Properties, even when the driver has been corrupted and is not working at all.  This has not been fixed in XP, and the teams associated with it said it would not be fixed in Vista–crisply and curtly sans explanation as to why not, and it looks as if this will not be fixed in Windows 7.  Why?  This makes Device Manager less than reliable as an index of driver health.   Windows 1.0 was released on November 20th 1985. So if we’re sitting at 2009 then we are in the 24th year of Windows. Device Manager has had many years to become reliable.  I believe it was introduced in Windows 95 and described in MSKB 15197.

    Although there are public newsgroups for Windows 7 via Technet, (I haven’t found other MSFT communities but maybe they are poorly advertised) and possibly at other non-intuitive locations, since the newsreader for Windows 7 from MSFT would be accessed by installing Windows Live Mail, currently the only newsgroup accessible via Win Live Mail is an Italian Windows newsgroup.  Many of us in the US don’t speak  fluent Italian.  What’s up with that?

    Event Viewer accessed by typing eventvwr.msc into the run box and clicking Windows Logs>Application or System in the left "task pane" is not helpful for users, although you are able to choose to send the events to Redmond.

    The problem with that is that nearly all the errors are written with numbers and words that are probably similar to the coded new plays that Hasselbach gets in the Seahawk playbook, only they are several characters longer.

    Here are two typical examples:

    Possible Memory Leak.  Application ("C:Windowsexplorer.exe" ) (PID: 3796) has passed a non-NULL pointer to RPC for an [out] parameter marked [allocate(all_nodes)].  [allocate(all_nodes)] parameters are always reallocated; if the original pointer contained the address of valid memory, that memory will be leaked.  The call originated on the interface with UUID ({12345778-1234-abcd-ef00-0123456789ac}), Method number (40).  User Action: Contact your application vendor for an updated version of the application.

    Beginning a Windows Installer transaction: C:Users7048DE~1AppDataLocalTempNERO1002529unit_app_30unit.msi. Client Process Id: 5704.

    If these errors were fed back to the appropriate developer or whomever at Redmond, I can see how they can help if they accumulate statistically and are being kept and analyzed with the help of some SQL data base.

    How are they of any help though to even an advanced Windows user?

    Almost every one of Event Viewer’s links lead to a message that MSFT has no solution at this time as they have for years spanning several OS’s including Windows 7.

    In the area of Personalization, changes made their don’t stick.

    The Changes made at the non-intuitive location Rt. Click Desktop>Personalize>Window Color>Advanced Appearance Settings>Caption Buttons are never applied.

    Other settings at that dialogue box are lost on random restarts, and they are lost if you log off to change Display>Adjust text size (which requires a log off) you immediately lose every setting that you tweaked and applied at the Advanced Appearances dialogue box menu.  That’s annoying and time wasting.

    It does not appear in my hands that it is possible to either change caption button settings or text size settings dispite their listing as "smaller, medium, larger" in Windows 7 because the changes to them simply will not apply.  Caption settings influence the size of the iconettes in the notification area.  They remain microscopically small, which for some reason must be the taste of the Redmond team who owns this area.  I have no idea who that team is–possibly it’s related to a shell team.  I could try to figure it out from your original skeletal list of teams.

    I hope you will fix these  prior to RTM.  You should have plenty of time to do so, and if they are locked in, as it has been rumored and speculated on Mary Jo and Ed Bott’s blogs, many features were locked prior to any feedback many builds ago, they should be "unlocked" and fixed.

    I don’t believe Mr. Sinofsky’s recent blog addressing feedback directly answered the question as to how far prior in advance of potential feedback many Win 7 features were locked down.   It also didn’t address precisely how what has been fixed bugwise is being related either to Tech Beta testers who have access to all the Beta builds,  or public Beta testers who have access to one current old build, and perhpas one future build prior to RTM.

  135. ardmore says:

    In Meida Center when using a mouse, to navigate albums/etc, I liked how in Vista you could just move it to the side and it would move without having to click. I also liked how you could push the mouse off to the side and it would move on its own to browse. The new "double letter" way you cycle through it always shows the same albums over and over it should at least show the next one each full cycle. All my friends who have used both Vista, and 7 MC in my house, prefer the Vista browsing better. One even asked me to please but Vista ack. Also sometimes you need to click "Back" and sometimes you need to "Click Behind" It would be better if it was more consistent. Prehaps either way should work.

    Album Artist and Artist should switch places. Album Artist should be the default.

    After closing WMP/MC it should default back to Shuffle off. It is annoying when you had a shuffle going. You close the program, then go to play something later and it is shuffled automatically.

    I use remote desktop a lot throughout my house. When signing in to remote desktop MC closes and the WMP starts the same song from.  the beginning. If you minimize MC, it does not close, but it still starts from the begining. Also the remote should still work even if the computer is locked from RDP session.

    Volume in MCE does not work on Digital out only analog.

    I liked the play all/Shuffle all better in Vista. Now it appears you have to turn on shuffle fisrt before, playing all versions and "shuffle all" button

    A way to edit or repair the Windows Media Database. Also I liked the recently added in WMP 11.

    I have a very large library, and use it a lot and would love to see these changes.

  136. ScorpioKing1990 says:

    The Command Prompt can’t go full screen. DOS programs don’t work on 64-bit Windows. Come on guys, there’s a lot of good stuff for DOS that people still use. Remember, while gamers love the latest in graphics technology, a lot of people also like legacy games. Who doesn’t love playing Pac-Man or Tetris, etc.? I for one like a game called Descent, it’s an awesome game. But it does not work well on Vista or 7. Please bring back support for legacy stuff. Stuff like this is where real innovation can come from, finding ways to make everything compatible without making small adjustments to code just so that a few specific applications can work. I know you guys can find a way to support legacy stuff, whether it be through a "safe-mode" type of thing, virtual machine/emulation, etc.

  137. Mike Williams says:

    @Ardmore "WMP/ Media Center Improvements – Album Artist and Artist should switch places. Album Artist should be the default."

    I brought this up early in the comments stream and several other people have commented on this. The proposed changes in WMP do not fix the underlying problem with Artists, they simply build on top of the flaw.

    Since WM say it is by design to write over the top of multiple independent data fields (Contributing Artist) when you correct another (Album Artist), one must ask where the oversight is Microsoft management. WMP doesn’t even offer one level of undo to fix this when it happens. It’s zap and your data is gone.

    Add this to WMP’s "by design" efforts to overwrite user’s album art with low resolution, frequently mismatched album art, and you can reasonably build an argument that Microsoft (through this product) is wilfully mismanaging user data.

    Perhaps it is time for it to be brought to account through an external regulatory authority.

  138. pjjdp says:


    Tabbed Explorer Bowser – Brilliant idea!!!!

  139. thoeg says:

    I see very little on the blog from the Team about keyboard shortcuts. I assume that the shortdcuts we are used to are still in 7, but are there new shortcuts in 7 and will there be documentation for shortcuts?

  140. mark_ms says:

    Here are what I’d like to see in Windows 7:

    The 64-bit driver for the wifi adapter (Intel 4965AGN) of my Dell Inspiron 1520 does not work upon resume from hibernation

    Ability to load .ISO files

    Switching between 32 and 64-bit versions of Win7 clears the Readyboost cache. Can we have each OS leave the cache alone unless specifically tied to it?

    When copying files to a usb stick, I might drag files that already exist in the destination and would be happy to select either replace/skip when appropriate. However, if the total size of the selection exceeds the free space on the destination, I can’t even start the copy/move operation.

    Some assurance that there is an easy migration from the Beta to RC and to the full release versions so I can install the Beta on my parent’s computer without another laborious install and customization when the newer versions come out.

    I second the suggestion to have the option to flip the start bar vertically when it is docked on the left side of the screen.

    Also, as has been suggested, have an option to allow new files in an Explorer window to stay at the bottom of the file list (or add a stack view that uses LIFO (last in, first out)).

    Also, occassionally I need to safely remove a usb stick/HDD but Windows still says I have a file open when I have already closed everything. Can windows specify what is being held open and allow a force close?

    I’ve tried to send feedback using 3 Passport accounts (including a Technet and Live.com logins) and none worked.

    Thanks and very happy with the beta so far.

  141. linker says:

    Hello. I am using beta 1 of windows 7 and I was wondering if the problem with the unreadable text in superbar is fixed in the new builds. I am talking about when not using the group option and showing the window caption in the taskbar. The superbar task buttons always use white font for the caption and when I set brighter desktop background I can’t see the text itself. You can see the the problem here:


    I suggest that when using brigher background superbar should use black font for the title text. Still I don’t know if that’s already fixed.

  142. vinipl87@gmail.com says:

    Great news for "7. Going up?"

    It would be awesome if key combination "Alt + Up Arrow" simulate the click on Up button to navigate up directories.

  143. aullus says:

    You re doing great about everything, I just still miss the WMP mini player. It would even look great in the new taskbar.

    Please bring it back.

  144. Bydia says:

    There is a bug here. The folder is added to the right but not to the left. Would be nice to have it add to the left. See image:


    Also, it is confusing to navigate to the favorites folder to discover it is not the favorites folder but the web favorites folder. To get to the favorites folder one has to go to the links folder.


  145. Imaulle says:

    please please please make listview show the full filenames in explorer. when dealing with tens of thousands of files in a single folder it really makes a huge difference. thanks

  146. Mike Williams says:

    Imaulle: Why don’t you just turn on display of file extensions in Folder Options?

  147. lerhart says:

    a suggestion for explorer.. Since explorer by default does not expand the directory tree when, for instance, reaching a directory via a favorite-link, it would be great if it was possible to drag&drop files/directories to items on the breadcrumb bar, like the parent folder in order to duplicate a folder!

    best regards & keep up the great work,


  148. Warel says:

    Mike Williams, I agree with Imaulle.

    He is talking about the list view now having fixed size of the column and thus, cannot show entire name of files if they have long file names.

    This really need to be corrected. Is impossible to use list view now.

    AND, it have NOTHING TO DO with file extensions.

  149. schwarz says:

    What is really missing is the ability to install windows 7 on dynamic disks.

    You can install on a basic disk, and convert it to a dynamic disk without any problem. You can even mirror the boot / system partition.

    However for some unknown reason you do not allow me to install on an dynamic disk.

    Without this possibillity i have no way to upgrade to windows 7.

    It’s you’re own design for crying out loud….

  150. Windows 7 still works like Windows Vista with Sandisk’s U3 USB Flash Drives. When you ask to safelly eject them, the flash drive’s light (a  small led) continues turned on, even after Windows says that it has been succesfully ejected.


  151. Warel says:

    I really want to understand why I can customize Start Menu, and in the options, I can select Computer, Control Panel, Documents, Games, Pictures, Music, Video, almost EVERYTHING and put them to be "SHOW AS MENU" and I CAN´T do it with the All Programs!

    A option to show All Programs as a MENU is a MUST, so we have all the space in the screen to go to our programs, instead of scroll scroll scroll scroll scrool eternaly!

    We need more consistency. About everything in the new start menu can be show as a MENU, but the MOST IMPORTANT, can´t!

  152. Mike Williams says:

    Warel: It’s hard to read Imaulle’s intent from what is written. S/he did say the ENTIRE name of files, so that would include the extension.

    Why not just use the Details view? What is the "huge difference" made by using List view with resizeable columns and Details view?

  153. Yannick says:

    Regarding the idea of new folder shortcuts, i’m glad to see that some others users are pointing out the same idea I wrote a week ago.

    I’m thinking about this for one week and maybe we could use :

    Win+Insert -> Create New Directory in current location

    Win+Shift+Insert -> Create a new file

    Both shortcuts should create the directory/file and automatically set the focus on filename in order to let the user rename it (if he wants to create multiple directory in one shoot, he can still press again the shortcuts)

    Drawback of insert key >> Laptop users will have to locate the key first. it is not placed all the time to the same location.

    Else we could use :

    Win+Shift+D -> Directory

    Win+Shift+F -> File

    Drawback : if user forget to press shift, it will triger desktop shortcut or open a search window.

    Please team, listen to your fellow users and add one of the solution to 7. As you said, the smallest things are sometimes making the differences  !!!

    Anyway i’m looking for the RC next month ! Keep us the good work 🙂

  154. Warel says:

    Mike Williams: For me it was not hard to read, because I was suffering with the same issue in the list view, and I already sent feedback about it a while ago.

    Plus, even said "entire" file name, including extension, s/he just complained about the listview, so, was easy to figure it was not the file extension, but the listview, the problem.

    Well, for me, there is a very huge difference using list and details. I have a widescreen monitor, so, plenty of horizontal space, then, in list, I can see more than 100 files in one single screen. And a LOT of vertical scrolling is needed to see even half of this.

  155. Mike Williams says:

    Warel: OK so List view resizes columns automatically up to about 44 characters (which is possibly governed by a reg key). How often do you need to manually discriminate between files in a single folder over that length?

    What’s the scenario? Scrolling through a long list of files without reason isn’t very compelling.

  156. JJohnson1701 says:

    I have just a few comments regarding the interface and some features I feel are going to be useful to people:

    In using Media Player, if I’m in library mode, and I hover over the taskbar thumbnail while Media Player is minimized, I don’t get the album artwork or the video I’m playing – just a snapshot of the app itself.  That is frankly completely useless to me if I’m listening to a song and just want to see which album it’s from.  I can’t because it’s showing me the app.  That just means more clicks for me.  

    If possible, I would enjoy seeing this changed so that when Media Player is minimized in either mode, the taskbar thumbnail always shows album art and video when playing a file?  If not playing, still show the app window.

    Within Media Player itself, I would like to see in addition to Music, Radio Stations, and Video the additional categories: Podcasts, TV Shows, Movies, and Music Videos.  

    My reasoning is that if I’m throwing a party and do ‘random play all’ on my music library, I do not expect, nor do I want the podcasts in my library to play during a party.  They should be separated out at the very least into their own category that has nothing to do with the music library in any fashion.

    At best, I would be able to put TV Shows, Movies, and Music Videos I purchase from Zune or elsewhere, or those I rip myself, to be placed in their own categories in Media Player, separate from self-shot ‘Videos’.

    Media player would also benefit in the Now Playing mode from an ‘edge-to-edge’ view of album art or a video.  It would certainly look nice.

    Mirroring the new categories in media player, I would like to see Media Player have a Movie Library that can read my XML and artwork for a file and count it as a movie, and allow me to pivot search based on that user-generated XML data.  Also, a huge improvement in functionality would be to arrange my TV Shows as TV Shows, not files; arranged by Series, Season, and Episode, it would be a vast improvement over viewing a series of files that I consider to be TV Shows.  Pivot searching of these files would make my navigation even easier, and if Media Center or perhaps Media Player knew how to ‘find information’ on the file like it already does for mp3s, it could adopt the same functionality and experience from mp3s to ‘tagging’ the video files (not actual tagging, since many video formats do not support an equivalent of ID3 tags – perhaps hiding an xml file of the same name as the file would be a solution to this).

    My mind works by sorting shows, seasons, and episodes, not file, file, file.  Placing my TV Shows in a ‘TV Library’ would be a massive improvement to Media Center.  If possible a Music Video and Podcast library (separate from music, so as to avoid party snafus) would be of use to me, if not a number of other people (especially a Podcast library for audio and video podcasts).

    Please make Windows Contacts more useful; I would enjoy adding a picture to a group of contacts, and when looking at a contact, the ability to press a button on the summary page to either e-mail, get directions, call, or set up a meeting with that contact.  Also, if I were to enter spouse and children info, I’d like links to their profiles with mini-thumbnails to show in the host candidate’s contact profile; say I add my wife and two kids to my profile.  I can see their pictures at the bottom of my contact summary, and click on my wife to be taken to her contact info.  Very useful.

    If I add a birthday or anniversary to a contact, it should automatically add that to my calendar so I don’t forget it.

    Windows Photo Gallery from Vista should be put back in to the OS; I use it every day, and photo viewer is a huge step backward in almost every way.  I tag pictures through Explorer in Vista, and I have yet to find a way to do this in Win7 Explorer.

    Desktop Backgrounds: if I import pictures to use as backgrounds, I would like the option to add it to an existing background category or to create a new background category.  I like organizing things like that.  Currently, the new backgrounds I’ve imported are all ‘unspecified’ instead of Architecture, Landscapes, etc.  An easy way to add would be a little plus icon at the rightmost of the category name for ‘add to this category’ which could open a browser window to put pictures directly into a category.

    I personally use Outlook, but I would like My Windows contacts to feed to and from Outlook so changes in one appear in another, and online.  It’s easier to interact directly with a contact than opening Outlook, navigating to contacts, then searching and finding the contact I want.

    In the Music Library, if I’m in album view, a little hover-over play icon would be useful for previewing the album; either that, or in the preview pane, have the album artwork and list all the tracks in an album, playing through the entire album from the preview pane itself.

    While looking straight at the desktop and with a touch-capable monitor, it would be nice if a swipe left would switch the background to the previous background, and a swipe right to the next background.  Very intuitive.

    I look forward to the RC, and I hope you’ll at least consider, or even implement one or two of these (TV Shows in Media Center!).

  157. kudraw says:

    Please add the possibility to search into Microsoft Management Console plugins (like Group Policy Editor) :D.

  158. locolorenzo says:

    With the mod to the Desktop experience I am getting image overflow from desktop gadgets, like desktop volume gadget, indexer gadget.

    Quit odd black box is displayed below the gadget

  159. hilde says:

    Let’s refresh the "All Programs" list – make the icons bigger (or let us choose that option), or use bullets or make it zoom in when hovering.  Something to make that list easier to read/sort/scan when a given PC has lots of apps installed.  Control Panel has been refreshed and ‘opened up’ with more ‘whitespace’ around the icons, etc.  The Network Center and the Action Center – all good changes.  Let’s get a little updating for the All Programs UI to make it better.  Win7 ROCKS.

  160. JJohnson1701 says:

    I would really like to see a change in how codecs are supported in Windows 7.  If I have trouble playing back a file, it would be nice to have the Media Player or Media Center send an error report to detail the audio and video codecs with which the file was encoded, so that the next time I use Windows Update, a codec will be downloaded that will enable me to play the file.

    This would be a great help to users who are a little less codec-savvy, and simply want a file to play without worrying how it was encoded.

  161. JJohnson1701 says:

    Please restore the Advanced Tag Editor in Windows Media Player 12; that is the one feature of WMP12 that I use frequently to add missing information to my mp3s.   Aside from setting a separate podcast section on the navigation pane, that is my top request for WMP12.

  162. alderb0b says:

    I too would like to know why the Advanced Tag Editor is gone from WMP12. It is such a handy little tool; it never caused harm to anyone. Please rectify this situation. Please

  163. unifex says:

    Please, Please, PLEASE give a possibility to have a classic Windows Explorer, as it was possible with XP! Sure, for some people, maybe for most it is not relevant, but as far as the usability of the Explorer as a file manager, the classic explorer – or that in XP was the best! There still are people who use the computer for computations, not as a media storage/player! For me it is clearly irrelevant, whether one can sort songs by composer and so on – I DON’T PLAY MUSIC ON PC (I have a stereo system)! But I need to deal with files, lots of them, and having Windows sense the content of each folder is VERY IRRITATING! I want to be able to set each folder as I want it. In Win7, at least in the beta – and I use the official beta, not the leaked ones – this does not work very well. Even after I choose all the folders to look the same, new folders always pop up with different settings. God forbid to have a picture or a video clip – all folder settings get lost and Win7 is proud to show me the thumbnails. Maybe it’s useful for some, maybe I may choose to use them sometimes, but I don’t want Windows to choose the way folders are presented automatically!

  164. Warel says:

    I totally agree with unifex. I really, really NEED the windows explorer of windows xp.

    The windows 7 explorer have lots of flaws, for me, that it becomes inusable.

    I hate needing to sort my folder views every time. I need some kind of button: "Use listview for every folder, no matter what you (explorer) think! I don´t want thumbnails, I don´t want details, I want the folder the way I put it, and NEVER change it without MY perssion!" Something simple.

    Other, as I already said many times, I NEED, for good sake to see file sizes in status bar.

    In xp, I open a folder, there are 5000 files on it. I just put my eyes in the right corner, and I know exactly how much space they took. I know if I can copy all of them to a removable device, or to a dvd, or to another computer in the network. I have the info right in my front. But in 7, NO! If I want to know the file sizes, I need to select them all, and them click "More detail" it´s absolutey non productive. Even worse, if I hit ctrl+A to select all, and there is a single folder in middle of it, I cant see the sizes of all the other files! So, I need to manualy select them, or manualy remove the folders from the selection just to be able to see the sizes. Something I never imagined having to do in xp.

    And, even if I use this (in my opinion stepback) method, I need to use explorer in a large size in my screen, because the Details Pane only show the file sizes, lets say, of pictures files, if the explorer window have a minimum size in the screen. If it does not, the size is not displayed, EVEN if there is more than enough space to show. Even if only one pixel is lefting from the minimum size it needs, the size is not displayed at all.

  165. Warel says:

    Oh, sorry, I forgot to say about the "auto arrange" Please, I need some option to turn this thing off, to. Its really annoying for me, and a option to turn it off is a MUST, and should be really easy to acomplish.

  166. AjayV says:


    I loved the way Calc is revamped. But I dont understand why Sqrt, percent buttons are provided in ‘Programmer’ mode, when they can’t be activated? I know the reason that in Programmer mode, fraction part is not considered, and that’s why 10/4 = 2 (not 2.5). NO this is not bug. Bug is why sqrt, percent, 1/x are visible when they cant be activated?


    Improved Taskbar is appreciating! Specially the way we can now move/shuffle the running apps on taskbar. But combining the running-apps and shortcuts (the ‘pinning’), is not great. It’s not user friendly. For insnace I open IE from pinned shortcut, and then I need open one more instance, but cliking shows previously running (1 or more) instances. To open new one, we need to right click and open! Hope the MS engineers understand what I mean by this para.

  167. AjayV says:


    Initially I was confused to see different colors of windows (in taskbar), some were blue, some were red, maroon, green, white… I was lost. Thought depends on CPU/diskIO/memory usage, UAC, security, kind of app and what not. Then I realized its nothing but the highest intensity color taken from Application icon. What does it make sense?

    For those who didnt undertand: Open notepad, it would be light-blue (notepad icon), open resource monitor it would be maroon/dark-red, open spider it would be purple!

    It’s good! But what does it make sense??

  168. AjayV says:


    Very much liked Paint improvement – excellent!

    Liked the improvement in WordPad, but how can I launch ‘Font’ dialog? No option, but only through toolbar!


    Common dialog boxes improved – Font, File -fantabulous. Print dialog is not much of importance.

    But why Color dialog disregarded for ages (no improvement since ’95/’98) ??

    When you can put office-derived ‘Ribbons’ in few apps, why not Color dialog??

  169. JaviAl says:

    The first Microsoft thing that Microsoft have to do with Windows is to offer al least the same functionality like Windows XP.

    I think that Aero Peak, Aero Snap and Aero etc is very usefull and nice things to an operating system but this things are not importan if the operating system not offer at least the same functionality that Windows XP do and this is the first thing that Microsoft have to do after developings new features as Aero Gadgets.

    In my company and our customers dont like Windows Vista and stick with Windows XP because only few and little things that Microsoft can correct it very easily:

    1. Expand "All Programs" in Start Menu. Windows XP can do it. Vista and Seven can’t.

    2. The possibility to customize Windows Explorer toolbar. Windows 95 can do it. Vista and Seven can’t.

    3. The ability to catalog music in Windows Media Player Library AT LEAST like WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10. Windows Media Player 11 and 12 cant because is only album centric and remove the advanced tag editor.

    4. If a antispyware program tells me to delete a file called "spy.dll" stored in C:WindowsSystem32, can someone tells me how to search this file in Windows Vista or Seven?

    Or if i’m a developer or a technical and i want to find a file in the system or windows folder is very complex to me to find it. For example i want to search the host file to modify it, or to find the winipcfg application. Windows Search is not valid to a very lot of users.

    5. Removing tabs controls in some Control Panel options and in more places in all Windows, makes all things more complicated and make doings actions more slowly and with more clicks than in Windows XP. For example, in Windows XP, in the "Appearance" option i cant change the background wallpaper, the screensaver and more things only with one click to change between options. In Windows Vista the same thing is going back and double clicking in other option making changing any option very frustrating.

    If some work with Internet Information Server 7 in Windows Server 2008 this same topic of removing tabs is more frustrating making to "Go back" continuously to change between options. Why Microsoft is removing the tab control and making all things more complicate, more complex, more slower, and less practical.

    Microsoft need to think that all Windows users are acomodate to a user interface for more that 10 years since Windows 95. Microsoft cant change this from one day to another. Microsoft must offer at least the same functionality and compatibility like Windows XP does. Microsoft cant remove features and cant remove behaviors because all users are acomodate with this.

    A user does become to first use Windows Vista is frustrating because its imposible to use it in the same manner like Windows XP do. Its impsible to "Go up folder" because the icon not exist, imposible to search because indexing is not complete, imposible to find things in the caotic "Control Panel", imposible to do the same things that do with Windows XP, and this is the REASON of why this user and all of mayority of users return to Windows XP and discard Windows Vista.

    The first reason of the Windows Vista fiasco is not perfomance, compatibility or features. The first REASON is that users are acomodate for more than 10 years with a user interface and changing it at all is frustrating users.

    I have a computers company and the mayority of users come back and asked to downgrade to Windows XP because its imposible to work with Vista. Only a few users have complained about the performance or compatibily of Windows Vista.

    Microsoft needs to offer the same Windows XP functionality, the same Windows Explorer, the same customizations.

    And when all of this is complete, then add new feature like Aero Snaps, Aero Peaks, Aero Tips, Aero Chips, Aero Tricks and so on.

    Today Windows Vista or Seven is not for me. Why? Because I cant expand "All Programs" in "Star Menu", cant customize my Windows Explorer toolbar (the options included are not valid for me) and its imposible to me to find the files i want to find and imposible to me to catalog music with Windows Media Player 11 or 12. I’m stick in Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10 as the vast majority of users.

    When i see Windows Vista or Seven and think that is an operating system for domestic users only or for multimedia users only. Windows Explorer in Vista and Seven is focusly on media files. But what about companies, technicals, developers and so on. When I open a developer folder project in Vista or Seven i see it like media files. This is incongruent for an operating system. And operating system must cover all kind of users. Not the mayority of users. This is the cause of the fiasco of Vista. Companies, technicals and developers dont want and operating system do only for media or domestic users (the mayority of users).

    All technical, developers and so on need the ability of customize the operating system like Windows 95 to Windows XP do. Don’t like a closed operating system. If i want it i buy a Mac.

    Microsoft needs to think seriously and slowly two things:

    1. Cant change a behaviour and a user interface that users are acomodate for more than 10 years. Changing it makes rejection of users.

    2. Think not only in the mayority of users. Think of all users, especially technicals, devolopers and more.

    When Microsoft develop the Windows 95 user interface used psychologists and sociologists and studied the behavior of people: builders, housewives, children, engineers, developers, governments and others to develop the user interface and get the best performance and ease of use to them.

    What happened with Windows Vista?

    Microsoft think, please think.

    "If I want a Mac, I buy a Mac, not Windows Vista or Seven."

  170. pinko76 says:

    Dear windows 7 team !!!  

    This is my actually hardware configuration , I have 2 PC Desktop ,  that  I use for my job ;

    I use both two PC Desktop because I work with Graphic Professional 2d and 3d Applications , this is list of software that I use in my job:

    ( Adobe Suite__Maxon  Cinema 4d__Luxology  Modo__Newtek Lightwave 9.5__Rhinoceros 3d  4.0 ).

    Primary  PC

    1- Cpu : Intel Core 2 Quad Q 9450

    2-Graphic Card : Ati Radeon Hd 4870

    3-Ram : 8Gb ddr2    in 4 module of 2 GB everyone

    4-Hard-Disk : 2  Hitachi Dekstar  500 GB  in Raid 0  configuration

    Second  PC :

    1-Cpu : Intel Core i7  920

    2-Graphic card: Nvidia  Geforce 285 GTX

    3-Ram:  8gb ddr3  in 4 module of 2 GB everyone

    4-Hard-Disk : 2  Hitachi Dekstar  500 GB  in Raid 0  configuration

    On both two PC , I use Windows 7 64 bit  Beta 7000 and I now report you Bugs and imperfections that you must resolve AND FIX in windows 7  64 bit  Release Candidate  Build :

    Fix  these bugs and imperfections  , present in windows 7 64 bit  beta 7000 in various areas:

    Aero Interface:

    Do You must fix totally  Lag , latency and slow visualization  of preview of opened applications

    ( overall Video preview ) , that they do not visualize and follow in real time , the advances of opened same  applications on the screen !!!

    Fix  bug  of Aero Interface, that it often drive crazy ;  it is a bug much boring , that  ago windows7 operating system an instrument much difficult to manage in daily use ,  when the bug is present.

    ( I remember you that this bug is present also in windows vista operating system and that it is not also fixed in Windows 7  Beta 7000).

    I describe the bug :

    When I simple make only  one click of the mouse on top border of any open window , in order to move it, it become crazy  opening itself  to  max screen !!!

    While  , normally do you knowledge that  it’s necessary a double click on top  border of same window , for open it on max screen!!!!

    Same bad bug , it is present  when  I  Iconize window .

    When exactly I click with mouse for iconize window on Taskbar of windows 7 , the same window become crazy , returning opened on the screen automatically , without that I make nothing.

    Same bad bug , of drive crazy of aero interface, is present on icons desktop :

    Often , simple with only one click on the any icon’s desktop , wanting simply to move the icon on desktop, the same icon  become crazy ,  open it the relative one  application , on desktop , while you knowledge that  it is necessary a double click of the mouse on same icon , for open the one relative  application.

    ( This bug it present with all type of icon’s applications , that it can be for example, Mozilla Firefox , icons of web link of Mozilla Firefox  , icons of Office Word , icons of office Power point , icons of documents created with Word or Power Point or Excel , icons of file created with other 2d or 3d applications that I Use and in the end the same icons of any  applications , etc…..etc….etc……).

    Well , in other words, do you must find the cause of these bugs of Aero Interface Areas and  FIX THE CAUSE  OF ALL THESE BUGS and same bugs   ,  OF DRIVE CRAZY  AERO INTERFACE !!!!!

    IT’S  ALSO PRESENTS IN WINDOWS    7    BETA    7000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIX IT , FOR GOD  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!












  171. Urvabara says:

    I totally agree with ScorpioKing1990. I also like to play Descent. It’s a great game. Maybe still the best game ever made. 🙂

    It seems that they are not going to support 16-bit software. Not now, maybe never.

    ScorpioKing1990: Luckily, it is possible to run Descent in 64-bit Vista using a free program called DOSbox. I got it working. Even the sound effects work! I can also play Descent on Internet using DOSbox’s own IPX server! 🙂

    I haven’t tested Descent/DOSbox on Windows 7, but maybe it will work.

    Cons: I do not know how to enable full-screen in DOSbox. Maybe it’s not possible. 🙁

  172. faramond says:

    Excellent changes! Especially the New Folder button and Invert Selection.

    But to echo everybody else here, please:

    1. Add a keyboard shortcut for New Folder (maybe CTRL+N?)

    2. Restore the network activity lights

    3. Give us an option to make Backspace work like in XP and before (not to go backwards but up one directory level)

    4. Make CTRL+Backspace work throughout the OS uniformly (in random text boxes and applets, e.g. Notepad, it does not delete the preceding word but instead inserts square characters)

    5. Create a new common Color dialog that adds support for hex as well as decimal color entry (needed for web design!), an eyedrop color picker (would save us from opening graphics editors to get the same function), and and the ability to use system-wide themes like in the Office 2007 suite (great for consistent corporate design)

  173. faramond says:

    And one last wish — though I’m sure it goes beyond the W7 scope:

    6. enhanced text box support for all Windows applications, including spell-checking and a context menu that adds an Insert Symbol flyout menu (with a list of frequently used symbols as well as a link to a bound Character Map)

  174. Warel says:

    I fully agree with JaviAL.

    Vista and Seven are not for me (and lots of friends I talked to) because the lack of basic functionality.

    Windows explorer is a total MESS. I´m tired of changing my downloads folder to be LIST. All the time I open it, explorer "THINKS" its "BETTER" to show me details. Ok… I CAN THINK, thanks. Im asking, no, Im COMMANDING to MY explorer NEVER change the view mode of my folders. Oh! Sorry, I CAN´T do that. Because I don´t know whats is better for me, no… EXPLORER KNOWS! let EXPLORER decides for me. No, thanks, I still have a brain, and I can use it.

    I want to see my files the way I want it. Not the way explorer wants.

    I want to customize my explorer toolbar.

    I want to be able to choose wich pictures I want to import from my digital camera.

    I want to be able to use a quick launch.

    I want to expand my "All Programs"

    I want to "go up" a folder in explorer.

    I want to choose what to see in "Details Pane".

    But, even if this is all very basic things, I just can´t do any of this. And it happens to a lot of users. We feel stuck with a unfriendly interface, that we CAN´T change to be friendly. It is write in stone, because "Its better for you, belive, you don´t know what is good, WE KNOW." ok. But no, thanks.

  175. Mike Williams says:

    I want to be able to choose wich pictures I want to import from my digital camera.

    -> Use a different program, there are many free ones e.g. Picasa

    I want to be able to use a quick launch.

    -> You can, the details have been published

    I want to "go up" a folder in explorer.

    -> You can already

    I want to choose what to see in "Details Pane".

    -> Use one of the many Explorer replacements available as freeware or shareware. Takes about 5 seconds to find a list of them on the web.

  176. phito says:

    The Windows 7 is awesome but the thumbnail of WMP is wrong. The image appears flipped.

  177. Warel says:

    Nice, Mike… thanks a lot..

    Lets see…

    Image importer was fine in xp, broken in seven, and I need to just find a replacement? Ok.

    Explorer too, was fine in xp, and lack features in seven.. again, need to find a replacement?


    Lets see… maybe while searching for a lot of "replacements" I find a linux or mac to replace the entire "feature/customization lack system"?

    If I´m talking here about annoyances, is because I want the system to be better when released, not to find replacements.

    I know there are a lot around, I´m currently using ACDsee and Total Commander, but it really is not the point. When Windows 7 goes RTM, I want a system "mature" enought to be able to do such lets see.. "dificult" tasks, like file and picutures manager WITHOUT looking for other softwares.

  178. julianwood says:

    Please can you also consider changing the way Libraries work in Media Center.

    I would like to be able to have Media Center only use certain folders within my Library and changing the folders in Media Center shouldn’t change my Library.

    I have a Pictures Library that contains various folders, I have a folder that stores the originals of all my Photos (Original) and another folder that shows the edited versions (Fixed) and yet another folder which smaller copies of the photos I actually want people to view through Media Center (Show) which is certainly not all the photos I have taken.

    In Explorer I want to see the full library:





    In Media Center I only want to display photos from PicturesShow

    In Windows 7 if I go and change the Pictures folders in Media Center to PicturesShow it changes the Library to contain only PicturesShow.

    This is unintuitive and stops me using either using Media Center or the Library.  The folder selection lists should be separate or in Media Center you should be able to select a folder within a Library without changing the LIbrary itself.

  179. CRMMario says:




  180. Mike Williams says:

    @julianwood: Another annoying/scary feature of the Library/Media Player interaction is that you cannot divorce Media Player’s indexing and rearranging from what is in the Library.

    So if you just use Media Player for playing audio and video files, you CANNOT escape it indexing (and otherwise interfering with) all  image files that are linked to your Pictures Library. This is done redundantly in addition to the system indexer.

    There are also no user controls for what goes on with image files unlike for audio files.

    It’s also rather insane that some Video files get their own Library ie TV Shows, whereas you cannot separate out podcasts and other spoken word audio files into a separate Library from Music.

    Half-baked libraries combined with half-baked Media Player management only results in a feature set that is quarter-baked at best.

  181. pinko76 says:

    Dear windows 7 Team and dear Mister Sinofsky, so this is that I have to say you:

    Continue Yor good job on windows 7 64 bit , for RC , these are imperative :


    Windows 7 64 bit  RC   RTM , it will be a very very fast and very very stable operating system!!!!!




  182. graham.lv says:

    I have used several Registry cleaners? and some have pointed to 140+ problems (junk) in the Reg. and I just delete them each time.  Windows … (version) still works.  Vista leaves the most junk of all time buried in hidden ‘temp’ folders.  I’m using Win 7 (7057) at present – full time. Before that, Win 7 (7000).

    Also I have used on & off, Glary Utils thingy and the limited reg cleaner of CCleaner!  All together – rip out whatever they recommend.  IMAGINE IF I HAD NOT!!!!  My hard disk would be full of Microsoft Reg junk!

    SO, ARE REG CLEANERS ANY GOOD?  (Because MS programmers can’t clean up after themselves.)  Am I playing Russian Roulette?


    Next …

    Does MS defrag REALLY do any good?

    Next …

    Does Microsoft endorse READYBOOST 100% – or have you just got a guy there you really like – and don’t want to offend him?

    (I have always used ReadyBoost from day 1 release retail of Vista Home Premium.)

    So, there’s 3 things that to me are good/bad/clouded/clear and to recap …

    1.  Registry cleaners

    2.  Defrag

    3.  ReadyBoost

    Some do, some don’t …

  183. Esico says:

    a ‘delete’ button next to the ‘new folder’ would be a big plus and obvious because how do I explain to my parents that they have to release the mouse and find the delete button on the keyboard or use the contextmenu for it (clumsy)

  184. Autosoft says:

    On almost every one of these posts I see comments calling for the return of the Classic Star menu.  It’s all over the user forums… it’s been blogged about… but it all seems to be falling on deaf ears.  Seems this is one issue Microsoft intends to completely ignore its users on.  Very disappointing.

  185. DontRemember says:

    Is there will be a new Color Picker in Windows 7?

    Default system color picker is 10+ years old. It’s very hard to use. Can we have a new one in Windows 7?

  186. arya says:

    hm, which one is better? Beta or Rc?

  187. donor says:

    There is a serious usability flaw in W7 Beta. When I open multiple windows of the same program (Word, for instance), it takes me click + looking for the right window + mouse movement + click to switch back to the window I just worked with.

    So, if I have a typical 1280*1024 display and work with 2 documents – an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document – it take a lot of time and attention to switch between these two!

    How about changing the default icon behaviour: click to open the last used window, hover to see the list of open windows.

  188. Tyserman474 says:

    I haven’t installed my Windows 7 yet and have a couple of quetions is all. I have Vista Ultimate on my computer so I am depating what to do. I have the following programs, not installed yet, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V and Virtual PC 2007. I have been thinking about installing Windows 7 as a virtual PC on a seperate hard drive, usb.  I have 4 PC’s at home here that are networked. I just finished my BSIT/software engineering and am now going for my masters in information systems. My question is, which one of the above would be the best to use to accomplish this?

    Ideas please, thanks,


  189. foppe-jan says:

    8. Finding music by artist

    Could you please add id3v2 (and possibly also apev2) support to explorer?

  190. Dmeijden says:

    Microsoft should do something to make a NAS work better!

  191. cauleyflower says:


    Instead of holding Ctrl one idea would be to drag the window to the corner of the screen to get the Aero snap window to occupy that particular quarter (rather than half) of the screen.

  192. Dark_Sniper says:

    The best Microsoft OS Yet. All have their strengths and weaknesses. I like windows because of the cheaper, more powerful hardware and the compatibility, also it has a nice UI [Love the Taskbar], but it fails in being prone to viruses and sometimes instability. Mac OS X is an all around good OS, but i hate Apple because it breaks the EULA to put it on cheaper, more powerful windows computers, and not the expensive eye-candy macs. [Ubuntu] Linux, being free, powerful, and not prone to viruses, it is a great OS, the only downside is that the UI isn’t all that pretty. Overall OSX is my pick, but since I’ve grown up in a PC-House and all of my my computers are PC/Linux Hybrids [Aside from my old green iMac G3 333Mhz running OS X Tiger] As long as Microsoft doesn’t make Ultimate way too expensive like the worst OS ever, vista. Windows 7 has come a long way and I’m Really anticipating the RC!

  193. mAxius says:

    The one thing i still have not seen in windows 7 is the classic start menu option hopefully this will be included in the rc. or perhaps you guys can charge $5 for the option to have a classic start menu in windows 7. please for the love of god i do not want to have to reteach computer illiterate people new ways of doing things it was hard enough to get them to use the xp menu properly.

  194. jagadish.g says:

    Windows 7 is great. I’m a windows fan boy. Though, i work on Linux platforms also. If Windows 7 provides some way to mount ISO images without any third party tools, that would be GREAT !!! It is one of the lovable features in Linux too.

    This will definitely be useful to many people. So i request you to consider adding this feature to Windows 7

  195. rbrogdon says:

    I am anxiously awaiting the RC and noticed today that the RC with debugging symbols is available for download on the MSDN site. What exactly is the difference between versions with debugging symbols versus w/o symbols?

  196. cagecraft says:

    This new one look like has more features

  197. hedges says:

    this new one has great design and feature…

  198. Leo_Koester says:

    On RC (7100), Windows stopped using "folder.jpg" as a preview for folders. It was a great feature since Windows XP, which was improved in Vista with larger thumbnails. Please, guys, you have to fix it.

  199. Free online diploma says:

    powerful, and not prone to viruses, it is a great OS, the only downside is that the UI isn’t all that pretty. Overall OSX is my pick, but since I’ve grown up in a PC-House and all of my my computers are PC/Linux Hybrids [Aside from my old green iMac G3 333Mhz running OS X Tiger] As long as Microsoft doesn’t make Ultimate way too expensive like the worst OS ever, vista. Windows 7 has come a long way and I’m Really anticipating the RC!

  200. Online Ged Test says:

    Apple because it breaks the EULA to put it on cheaper, more powerful windows computers, and not the expensive eye-candy macs. [Ubuntu] Linux, being free, powerful, and not prone to viruses, it is a great OS, the only downside is that the UI isn’t all that pretty. Overall OSX is my pick, but since I’ve grown up in a PC-House and all of my my computers are PC/Linux Hybrids [Aside from my old green iMac G3 333Mhz running OS X Tiger] As long as Microsoft doesn’t make Ultimate way too expensive like the worst OS ever, vista. Windows 7 has come a long way and I’m Really anticipating the RC!

  201. GED Program says:

    I have the following programs, not installed yet, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V and Virtual PC 2007. I have been thinking about installing Windows 7 as a virtual PC on a seperate hard drive, usb.  I have 4 PC’s at home here that are networked. I just finished my BSIT/software engineering and am now going for my masters in information systems. My question is, which one of the above would be the best to use to accomplish this?

  202. HobbesPDX says:

    I’m using RC, and I just went to use Invert Selection, and it wasn’t there at all.  I hope it makes RTM… 🙂

  203. avasaralak says:

    I am not sure where to post this, please direct me to the appropriate forum if this is not the right one.

    The Autoplay feature is not working. I observed it with a SD card and a blank dvd. The Autoplay options for all devices are set to Ask me everytime.

    I am running Windows 7 RC 64 bit as the only OS on my system.

  204. online history degree says:

    If Windows 7 provides some way to mount ISO images without any third party tools, that would be GREAT !!! It is one of the lovable features in Linux too.

  205. economics degree says:

    but since I’ve grown up in a PC-House and all of my my computers are PC/Linux Hybrids [Aside from my old green iMac G3 333Mhz running OS X Tiger] As long as Microsoft doesn’t make Ultimate way too expensive like the worst OS ever, vista. Windows 7 has come a long way and I’m Really anticipating the RC!

  206. storecrowd says:

    Good to see things coming together, I’m just upgrading to the latest RC to test (I’ve been using the beta for month & it’s expired now).

    Looking forward to seeing the improvements so far & have already pre-ordered a release copy 😀

    Great to see windows bouncing back.

  207. luizeba says:

    All I can say is WOW…

    This OS is just steaming hot and responsive.

    Just Beautiful Work!

  208. mj_baig says:

    is the safely remove hardware bug fixed….

    coz i connected my nokia N73 to my pc via mass storage mode….and when i clicked on the eject button on the task bar…a message popped up saying the the hardware can now be removed…….but my phone displayed error message saying that "the device was not removed properly and data might have been lost"….

  209. Bolcasohbet says:

    Good to see things coming together, I’m just upgrading to the latest RC to test (I’ve been using the beta for month & it’s expired now).

    Looking forward to seeing the improvements so far & have already pre-ordered a release copy 😀

    Great to see windows bouncing back.

  210. MMOGamer says:

    Those that tried the Beta and weren’t impressed should check out the RC, it’s so much better. All the little bugs have been ironed out and it works great for my online games now 😛

  211. job sites says:

    I like the fact that you focus so much on the taskbar… we spend a lot of time there, so it should be a priority.

  212. chat says:

    I am running Windows 7 RC 64 bit as the only OS on my system

  213. Good to see things coming together, I’m just upgrading to the latest RC to test (I’ve been using the beta for month & it’s expired now).

    Looking forward to seeing the improvements so far & have already pre-ordered a release copy 😀 Great to see windows bouncing back.

  214. steroids buy says:

    Great changes! Great job, looking forward to RC and RTM!

  215. Adara says:

    I think you have a great OS on your hands!

    I have noticed that after I have visited a page these links show the site’s FavIcon, but if I visit it again sometime later the favicon has gone??

    I have a question, will we be able to update to the RC or will it be a clean install?

    <a href="http://www.helpprofitonline.com/">Profit Online</a>

  216. I also miss it and really want it back. Thanks!

  217. Earthy Warrior says:

    You just click on the text: "Mail Classic". You find the link just under your Yahoo ID (top left)

  218. Kara Büyü says:

    You just click on the text: "Mail Classic". You find the link just under your Yahoo ID (top left)

  219. siirt says:

    siirt haber siirtliler ve guncel konular

  220. sohbet says:

    Great changes! Great job, looking forward to RC and RTM!

  221. sohbet says:


    I am running Windows 7 RC 64 bit as the only OS on my system…

  222. fotomodel says:

    Windows 7 is great. I’m a windows fan boy. Though, i work on Linux platforms also.

  223. güvenli donanım hata …. sabit kaldırın

    coz i yığın depolama moduna …. ve ne zaman i görev çubuğunda çıkarma düğmesine tıklandığında … bir mesaj yoluyla benim nokia benim pc için N73 bağlı donanım şimdi …… kaldırılabilir söyleyerek attı . ama benim telefon hata mesajı "bu aygıt düzgün ve kaldırılmış değildi veri "…. kaybetmiş olabileceğini söyleyerek görüntülenir

  224. Çet says:

    I have the following programs, not installed yet, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V and Virtual PC 2007. I have been thinking about installing Windows 7 as a virtual PC on a seperate hard drive, usb.  I have 4 PC’s at home here that are networked. I just finished my BSIT/software engineering and am now going for my masters in information systems. My question is, which one of the above would be the best to use to accomplish this?

  225. s the safely remove hardware bug fixed….

    coz i connected my nokia N73 to my pc via mass storage mode….and when i clicked on the eject button on the task bar…a message popped up saying the the hardware can now be removed…….but my phone displayed error message saying that "the device was not removed properly and data might have been lost"….

  226. forum says:

    Thank you for this information about engineering Windows 7. I have learned very much from you thanks

  227. Instead, he and Sebastian were simply used as shapers for comments directed onto the BIG Celebrity, Neil. Not that the latter was a bad guest (except for the long, E-r-r-rms, which plainly signalled, "I have nothing to say on this, but as a Celebrity you must wait for me to finish"), it’s just that this hagiographic format and Dvorak seem at opposite ends of the spectrum. Or so I once believed

  228. Adam says:

    So I have bought Windows7 home premium 64 bit.

    I have over 6Tb of hard drives and am doing a major data sort.

    I do a search for folder names, find say 3 or 4 copies.

    I right click on the folder names it finds and open in a new window.

    I go to each window and it shows me the path that I came from – a search.

    I need to open the parent folder, which cannot be done from the search. Is the only way to do this to navigate to the locatioon of each search result manually?

    This is the only frustration I have had with Windows7 so far.

    Please, tell me how to navigate to the parent folder ofa folder that is found from a search. Please??

  229. izdelava spletnih strani says:

    After reading this post, i guess it might be time to switch to Windows 7, but i’m so satisfied with Vista, no blue screens like in XP, that i just might stay on it. Also a customer asked me yesterday for a HP printer drivers, which aren’t supported in W7. This may sill be the problem, i guess?

  230. büyü bozma says:

    After reading this post, i guess it might be time to switch to Windows 7, but i’m so satisfied with Vista, no blue screens like in XP, that i just might stay on it. Also a customer asked me yesterday for a HP printer drivers, which aren’t supported in W7. This may sill be the problem, i guess?

  231. Dennis says:

    Well, those of use that were used to the "safely remove" context menu in vista are disappointed that is has been removed from win7 for external hard drives.  Instead of going to my computer, right click on the external drive and click safely remove I now have to go to the task bar eject icon.  Much more time consuming and more hassle than it was in vista….

  232. travesti says:


    Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.

  233. user1 says:

    try some Win 7 with new notebook – but windows still sucks, so I regret to Linux

  234. Earl says:

    Like to know how to boot to "safe mode" in Win7?

  235. Doug says:

    Please make it possible to CTRL-click on the breadcrumb bar to open a folder in a new window. There is no way to do this in Win 7 w/o the keyboard since the up button was removed. Also, put back the up button so people can navigate one level above C:UsersUsername, which is currently impossible without the keyboard.

  236. Spinner3001 says:

    I agree you guys have done a great job. However, one small item (that, based on the forums, was important to many) remains overlooked…

    This is the removal of the up button for Explorer. I read through the above document and note that, while the author appears confident all bases are covered in with this change, there remains an oversight.

    You can not now open a parent directory in a ‘New Window’ unless you have the navigation pane showing. While [sic] “And the keyboard shortcut is also available”, there is no shortcut I can find for the previous Ctrl-Up (i.e. open parent in new window).

    The only way to do this now is to have the Navigation Pane open. The problem with that is (a) the navigation pane consumes desktop real estate, (b) is now more cluttered than is was (thereby has become less navigable) and [hence] (c) is only useful if you are unfamiliar with the folder structure being explored (which is not true for most people, most of the time).

    The Up button allowed one to open the parent in a new window (with Ctrl+ click Up) and then one could navigate to wherever very quickly. This is very useful if you don’t want to loose the view of where you started.

    The best of both worlds would be to add Ctrl-click in the address bar to ‘Open in New Window’ or (at the very least) a right-click in the address bar that offers the same options as are available in the navigation pane.

  237. (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/bb757005.aspx says:


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