Our Next Engineering Milestone

Many posts start with a thank you and I want to start this post with an extra special thank you on behalf of the entire Windows team for all the installs and usage we are seeing of the Windows 7 Beta. We’ve had millions of installations of Windows 7 from which we are receiving telemetry, which…


Showcasing Windows 7 Platform with Applets

About every decade we make the big decision to update what we refer to as the applets (note we’ll use applet, application, program, and tool all interchangeably as we write about these) in Windows—historically Calc (Calculator), Paint (or MS Paint, Paint Brush) and WordPad (or Write), and also the new Sticky Notes applet in Windows 7….


Disk Defragmentation – Background and Engineering the Windows 7 Improvements

One of the features that you’ve been pretty clear about (I’ve received over 100 emails on this topic!) is the desire to improve the disk defrag utility in Windows 7. We did. And from blogs we saw a few of you noticed, which is great. This is not as straight forward as it may appear….


Follow-up: Accessibility in Windows 7

We’ve seen some comments recently posted on a previous post on accessibility and a member of the User Interface Platform team wanted to offer some thoughts on the topic.  Brett is a senior test lead who leads our efforts testing the Accessibility of Windows 7.  –Steven   Hi, my name is Brett and I am…


Engineering the Windows 7 “Windows Experience Index”

We’re busy going through tons of telemetry from the many people that have downloaded and installed the Windows 7 beta around the world. We’re super excited to see the excitement around kicking the tires. Since most folks on the beta are well-versed in the hardware they use and very tuned into the choices they make,…


User Account Control (UAC) – quick update

There’s been a ton of interest in how we have improved user account control (UAC) and so we thought we’d offer a quick update for folks. We know most of you have discovered this and picked a setting that works for you, and we’re happy with the feedback we’ve seen.  This just goes into the…


Primer on Device Support and Testing for Windows 7

As most folks (finally) get the beta and start to set aside some time to install and try out Windows 7, we thought it would be a good idea to start to talk about how we support devices through testing and work across the PC ecosystem. This is a big undertaking and one that we…


Windows 7 Energy Efficiency

Happy New Year!  The following post continues our discussion of fundamentals with a focus on power management.  Power Management (or energy efficiency) is something that every contributor to the PC Ecosystem must always address—the energy efficiency of a running PC is limited by the weakest component.  In engineering Windows 7 we had an explicit focus…