Announcing The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “Cloud NOW!” Adoption Rebate Offer!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring '15 will help companies deliver differentiated and compelling customer experiences. Therefore, the United States Dynamics team is pleased to announce a special offer that is available to help your customers save money and get started fast if they choose to move forward with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for their business.  

Starting April 1, 2015 through May 29, 2015, Microsoft will send qualified US-based customers purchasing between 30 and 250 licenses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online eligible SKUs a rebate of USD $200 cash for each license purchased. The offer allows US-based customers who make a qualifying license purchase to earn a rebate. Your customer can use the rebate any way they like. For example, they can use it to accelerate their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with your partner services. Customers must commit to a one (1) year Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription license contract for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription license acquired under this offer.

Your Call To Actions

  • Familiarize yourself with the Offer details.

-    The customer facing web page with full terms and conditions can found here. A Partner FAQ is posted with this article as well.

-    This offer is available to new and existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers that purchase new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licenses.

-    This offer cannot be combined with any other offer except for the Sales Productivity Solution Promotion, the Customer Engagement 360 Promotion, and the Connected Customers Promotion,  provided that customers meet the requirements of both offers.

-    Microsoft provides this material for partners' convenience and informational purposes only. You may not change any of the claims made about Microsoft devices and services and must follow all Microsoft trademark guidelines. Consult with your own attorney to ensure you follow all applicable laws, including any anti-spam laws.

  • Alert your customers.  Download the customer-ready email template and PowerPoint summary from PartnerSource. The offer is available April 1, 2015, until May 29, 2015, unless terminated earlier in Microsoft’s sole discretion. This offer is only available while supplies last.


  • Encourage your customers to claim their rebate. All rebates must be claimed within 30 days of order and your customer must fill out the redemption form here.


Please direct questions around the offer claims process to We are confident the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “Cloud NOW!” Adoption Rebate will help you close out the quarter strong!

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