Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Academy Training: Fast TrAX

Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Academy: Fast TrAX

Upcoming Classes for FY14 calendar

These courses provide an end to end training program to focus not only on helping new individuals prepare for certification and providing them an opportunity to learn from Certified Trainers with real world experience, Microsoft Support Organization and insights from R&D!   

 Consultant Training:

Developer Training:

  • 6/9-6/27 | Fargo, ND       Register


Microsoft Dynamics AX:  Enterprise Academy Level 200 Industry Foundational Trainings for FY14

Step 2 in your Microsoft Dynamics AX ramp up this training provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the following industries: Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail and Services.  Attendees learn key features and processes necessary to provide your industry focused customers with a robust experience that is specific to their needs. This training is meant to be a successor to Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Academy/Fast TrAX Foundational attended class or the equivalent real world experience.

Public Sector Training:

  • 4/1-4/3 | Denver, CO          Register

Retail Training:

  • 4/8-4/11 | Atlanta, GA         Register

Services Training:

  • 4/22-4/25 | Fargo, ND       Register

Manufacturing Training:

  • 4/28-5/2 | Dallas, TX          Register


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