Demo2Win! and Discovery2Win! FY14 Workshops for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

If you are looking to enhance your presales demonstration capabilities, our US Microsoft Dynamics partner readiness team has now published a listing of upcoming Demo2Win!® and Discovery2Win!® courses.

These courses offer a systematic approach to build a partner’s sales competency as a part of the solution selling process and are recommended curriculum for the Presales Accreditation exam that is available as part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

To make efficient use of your time, valuable methodology, techniques, examples and best practice tips are shared in an online pre-learning class, which each attendee should view prior to class. Specific tools (examples, templates) are provided in the classroom and utilized in a practical exercise. Applying new best practices in this way helps ensure you are more effective in your very next presentation!

Demo2Win! Workshop

So how do you get that 2% advantage? Come to Demo2Win to learn the tactics and receive the tools you need to give you the edge and improve your close rate. Learn how the 80/20 rule applies to your presentations and move from Good to Great in the eyes of your prospects.

What about losing to no decision? One way to lower this percentage is avoiding the mistake of confusing features and benefits. Examples and classroom exercises focus on articulating the benefits in your presentations.

Review the current Demo2Win! schedule on the Partner Learning Center.

Discovery2Win! Workshop

How do you uncover everything you need during the discovery phase of an opportunity? Come to Discovery2Win and get the tools you need to improve your sales process. Start getting buying signals in Discovery. Walk into the presentation knowing you will present the value the prospect is looking for you to deliver.

Students leave prepared to immediately use the tools and processes learned in Discovery2Win. The most common comment heard is, “I wish I had this class a year ago. I could have won more deals!”

Review the current Discovery2Win! schedule on the Partner Learning Center.


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