Microsoft Dynamics FY13 Q4 Sales Closing Web Seminar Series: Overcoming Common Challenges

Make the most of your sales efforts as Microsoft enters its fourth fiscal quarter by participating in these three 60-minute webcasts! Click here to register now for the full series.

Why Attend?

A measurable change in prospect buying behavior, compounded by five years of economic uncertainty, has led to a decline in forecast accuracy and a significant increase in “no decisions” and delayed decisions. These outcomes are the direct result of a cautious/fearful buying community that is prioritizing risk reduction (fear) over growth (gain).

The Q4 Closing webcast series focuses on three topics to help address these challenges:

  • Prioritizing Q4 opportunities and activities – Determining what is real!
  • Getting to Yes! – Proven tactics and techniques for meeting your forecast!
  • Reversing a “No Decision” – Reminding prospects of their pain!

Each session will explore or introduce tactical activities and tools and that can be immediately applied to active opportunities. Together, these sessions provide a repeatable framework for Q4 success.

Q4 Closing Webcast Series Session I – Prioritizing Q4 Opportunities
April 1 – 9:00AM PT

To make the most of Q4, Microsoft Dynamics partners must focus their efforts on opportunities that have the highest probability of closing. To achieve this, sales professionals must methodically and maniacally vet their forecast to ensure they are focusing almost exclusively on opportunities that are both TRULY qualified, and where Microsoft is legitimately being considered.

Q4 Closing Webcast Series Session II - Reversing the “No Decision”
April 8 – 9:00AM PT

The Microsoft Dynamics partner community is experiencing an increasing number of “no decisions”. Prospects are effectively saying they would prefer to preserve their scarce capital rather than invest it in new ERP systems, or they would prefer to fund other business projects with more compelling business cases.

Q4 Closing Webcast Series Session III – Getting to Yes!
April 15 – 9:00AM PT

While there is no single closing statement that magically converts cautious prospects into committed buyers, there are proven closing activities that can significantly increase win rates and reduce the risk of negative surprises at the end of sales pursuits.

Additionally, with recent changes in buyer behavior come new obstacles that will require a different approach to the closing sequence.

Find complete descriptions regarding these upcoming events on PartnerSource.


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