Why Attend Convergence? Connect with Microsoft People—and More!


Special guest post by Microsoft Dynamics partner: Matthew Woodward, SMBSuite

There are many reasons to attend Convergence. But as David Letterman puts it, here are the top 10 reasons:

10) Hear product and roadmap updates directly from the Microsoft product team. See the roadmaps in action and begin to plan for the technology.

9) Meet with Microsoft executives and those you have talked with on the phone but never met.

8) Receive information on last half offers before anyone else.

7) Education! You know you are multi-tasking, only half paying attention to the online learning you have participated in. It will be worth your time to attend Convergence for the learning opportunity alone.

6) Visit the expo and see the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace in action. Meet the companies behind the products. You will be surprised what you learn.

5) Get your head in the clouds! There are many benefits to the cloud. Do you really know how much time and money transitioning to the cloud can save your organization? Do you even know what solutions are available?

4) Networking. Meet other companies like yours and learn from them.

3) Evaluating the possibility of purchasing Microsoft Dynamics solutions? There is no better place than Convergence to conduct your evaluation. Shh… but there are always good purchasing offers for prospects who attend.

2) New Orleans! Great food! Great golf! Great weather! Great time!

1) It would take you 12 months to accomplish what you can accomplish in 4 days at Convergence!


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