Join us for a Microsoft Dynamics Growth Through Repeatability Clinic near you!

Next month we kick off a hands-on, intensive series of workshops centered on planning for and executing strategic change in your business operations.

Brought to you by your regional Microsoft field teams, the Growth through Repeatability Clinic will be offered in six cities across the U.S. in early 2013.

The workshop is specifically targeted at partners who want to drive more impactful results in their ERP and CRM volume businesses through the adoption of proven repeatability processes and strategies.

This hands-on workshop explores how rapidly changing buyer behavior is increasingly driving partners to develop volume solutions and repeatable business processes. The session will focus on the roadmap and practical tactics that other partners have implemented (globally) to build or improve their volume practices.

Primary topics of discussion will be:

· The financial and operational impacts of building a proactively volume practice

· Staffing consideration for a new model - Building your team of the future

· Milestones, Metrics and Action Plans for success

· Today’s Buying Psychology

· Accelerating the Sales Motion

· Creating Demand in a Volume World

· Differentiating in a Sea of “Like” Solutions

· Defining your unique volume solution set

· Reducing implementation risk

Participants will walk away with a pragmatic action plan designed specifically to increase customer adds, reduce cost of sale and lower implementation risk.

Who Should Attend: Representation from Leadership, Sales & Marketing is strongly recommended in order to effectively complete workshop exercises.

Extend Your Learning!

We are also offering several ‘add-on’ classroom courses around these events so you can take the plan you build in the clinic and immediately drive action around building repeatable demonstrations and accelerating your sales process.

For registration details and venue locations, please visit PartnerSource.


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