Important Steps to Prepare Customers to Upgrade to the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Please be aware of this important Microsoft Dynamics CRM release communication shared by the product management group as you prepare your customers for the upgrade.

Microsoft is nearing the release of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This release will provide the long anticipated cross browser capability feature.

However, internal changes to application pages that enable cross browser compatibility have the potential to cause unsupported JavaScript customizations to break. If you or your customers have implemented JavaScript customizations using unsupported methods there is a significant risk that those customizations will stop working after the organization is upgraded. In order to allow for the best experience with this next release partners should work with their customers to identify any unsupported customizations and test whether they will continue to work.

Suggested fixes for many of the unsupported issues identified within your solution can be found in the blog article by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team entitled, "Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading to the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM."

For additional guidance, please visit PartnerSource.


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