Master VAR Program Offers Opportunity for Partner to Stay Small, Think Big

Over the course of Microsoft FY13, we’ll share a variety of partner evidence highlighting the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR program. Since its inception last year, more than 40 organizations have affiliated with the three US Master VARs: SBS Group, Socius, and Tribridge. As the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has evolved, Master VAR introduced an option for partners to collaborate to drive growth.

Cardamel Consulting wanted to retain the benefits of running a small consulting practice, but knew they needed to change to remain competitive and profitable.

“We were looking at our options,” said Carolyn Chasteen, Cardamel’s founder. “We knew the certification requirements were changing, but we wanted to remain a very small organization. We knew if we wanted to keep our margins up, we were going to have to increase revenue.”

Chasteen reached out to SBS Group, which at that time was building a network of service providers. In 2010, Cardamel Consulting officially became part of the SBS Group, and rebranded as SBS Group Denver. They are the national partner for SBS Group’s homebuilding practice.

Being part of a nationwide organization with competencies across the broad range of Microsoft technologies and services has given SBS Group Denver a tremendous advantage over their previous situation.

“We now have the ability to sell all Microsoft, the entire stack, so whether the customer solution requires Microsoft SharePoint, custom programming, infrastructure, cloud services, we can represent those services to the customer and know that SBS can back us up. We don’t have to hire and maintain all those capabilities on our staff.”

Access the complete partner case study on the Microsoft Case Studies website to learn more.


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