Top 5 Business Reasons to Go to Convergence 2013


Convergence 2013 is coming to New Orleans, LA—THE birthplace of jazz—March 18-21, 2013. Location alone is a pretty good reason to attend. The architecture, the music, the French Quarter. A cool Sazerac and some hot gumbo.

We know you’re looking for solid value out of every dollar spent, though. (The fun is just the sugar on the beignet.) Here are the five top business reasons you should plan to attend.

1. Create new revenue opportunities.
This is really what’s it’s all about. At Convergence, you can drive and close business, grow customer relationships, demonstrate customer appreciation, and build credibility. This conference is a proven revenue generator for partners.

2. Bond with your customers.
Sharing the experience of Convergence with your customers builds strong relationships—the kind that can take years to grow back home. Here, you have a chance to discuss strategy and big-picture issues and make those personal connections. And that creates more customer loyalty and more long-term business success.

3. Connect with other partners.
Thousands of partners who live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics will be there. Swapping business cards, talking shop—connecting with other partners whose service offerings compliment their own. It’s a world of opportunity, just waiting for partners to find each other and find ways to work together—like vertical and cloud-based solutions.

4. Share ideas with key Microsoft people.
We’re talking about real face-time here, with Microsoft’s best and brightest including technical specialists, product managers, program managers, support team leaders, and senior development, marketing, and sales executives. These are people who are passionate about your business success and truly want to hear your feedback, as well as provide “deep dive” technical information.

5. Learn about Microsoft strategy and future plans for Microsoft Dynamics.
With major 2013 product releases across the Microsoft Dynamics line, the launch of Windows 8, and new technology announcements like Microsoft Surface, Convergence 2012 is not to be missed. Your business success depends on a clear vision of where Microsoft Dynamics is heading, so you can help your customers choose the right path.

Now that you are sufficiently jazzed, it’s time to start getting ready.

We’ve got the tools you need to start making the most of Convergence 2013, right now. The new Convergence 2012 Partner Guide is filled with partner tools, tips, and checklists. Just go to PartnerSource to download the guide, plus a customer-ready messaging framework, email signature, customizable email templates, and more.

Then you can start getting your customers jazzed about Convergence 2013, too!



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