RAMP Your Volume Business with Repeatability: Monthly Call Series for ERP Partners Who Focus on SMB Customers


headshotAs Microsoft enters one of its biggest launch years ever, we are excited about the momentum this brings and the opportunities presented for our Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners! In FY12 we started partners down a path to a ‘road of repeatability’. This year we are excited to continue that journey with you as you RAMP your volume business by embracing the best practices, proven tactics and the wealth of knowledge and training available to assist you in transforming your business to support customers in the way they want to buy.

If you are a partner who focuses on customers in the small to mid-sized market customer segment (SMB), you need to be part of this monthly call series designed just for you. Over the course of the next year, we will share best practices from partners who have seen double digit customer add growth and faster time to close with their opportunities as part of our ongoing ‘road to repeatability’ efforts. We will start the series in September with insight to Microsoft’s FY13 ERP Volume strategy and priorities and highlight the key resources available to partners, including the new Sales Tool Bench, the Repeatability Roadmap and Step by Step playbook. Then, in future months we’ll take a deeper dive into sales , marketing, and technology best practices and tools, tips for thinking about industry and more.

The end objective for the call series is to help partners obtain increased market share, specifically in a chosen SMB customer market segment through continuous simplification of business models, lowered costs, and improved bottom line profitability.

Register for the full series of calls today and then join us for the kick-off session on September 26 to get things started!

Kristi Hofer
Microsoft Dynamics US Channel Manager

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