Phoenix Partner Gains National Presence through Master VAR Affiliation

Over the next several months on this blog, you’ll see a variety of partner evidence highlighting the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR program. Since its inception almost one year ago, more than 30 organizations have affiliated with the three US Master VARs: SBS Group, Socius, and Tribridge. As the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has evolved, Master VAR introduced an option for partners to collaborate to drive growth.

Silverware had a strong regional presence in the Phoenix area, but found it difficult to compete consistently in other regions.

“As a 12-person shop, we would gain a bit here, then lose a little there. We needed to do something different to gain that national presence,” said Sara Silver, General Manager, SBS Group Desert Mountain. “We didn’t want to look like a small office out of Phoenix.”

In March 2012, Silverware joined forces with SBS Group through the Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR program, increasing their reach and aligning them with a marketing and organizational powerhouse.

The most immediate benefit to Silver and her group has been the increased access to new markets outside her region, as well as the ability to compete with larger partner organizations.

Silver states joining forces with a Master VAR is helping her win new business, giving her group access to a powerful marketing engine, lead-sharing, and national presence. “We recently won a deal where the competitor tried to position us as a ‘small shop’ out of Phoenix. But, because of our affiliation with the SBS Group, we were able to show that we were much bigger.”

Access the complete partner case study on the Microsoft Case Studies website to learn more.


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