Continue Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Momentum To Drive a Strong Fiscal 2012 Year End!

Special guest blog contributed by Jamie Tozzi, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, US Microsoft Dynamics.

Jamie Tozzi headshot 05152012Like many of you, I spend a lot of time on the road delivering on what’s required in a business that has tremendous momentum. I just reached the highest membership level in my airline of choice’s awards program and I wasn’t sure that I felt like the congratulations they sent me was in order! After all, sometime (I must admit!), I’m a bit tired out! There is one thing, though, that I can always count on to reenergize me like nothing else. The one thing that feels like an immediate charge of my internal battery (much like when I’m searching for an outlet at the airport to charge my computer!), and that’s to hear from a customer just how excited they are about a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that Microsoft and one of our partners helped deliver that has made a material impact on their business.

Recently when I needed it most, I heard such a story from one of our customers in the Northeast who was able to significantly improve their sales productivity by deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in their B2B solution business. The customer told me that their “secret sauce” was their implementation partner who took the time to deeply understand their business and rapidly deploy just the right solution. Now they are expanding their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to the B2C side of their business and will increase their usage by more than 10X. Why? They were impressed by the flexibility and ease of use of their existing solution and they trusted that their implementation partner could make them successful in their B2C business as well. This story (and hundreds like it!) is a great reminder to me that we are winning in this CRM market due to the strength of the solutions we are delivering in the market and because of the strength of our partner community. So for that, I want to write today to say “Thank You!”. You are so incredibly important to the success of our business and I value your partnership today and in the future.

We are driving toward an amazing close to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM fiscal year. Here are some key opportunities for you to be aware of as we head into June:

Catch the CRM Fever!  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 CY2012 Service Update Training Blitz
We are excited to share with you as part of the energy around our 6-month release cycle we will be hosting our TRAINING BLITZ in May for Sales & Pre-Sales roles to ramp on the newest additions to the product and how they can showcase to our prospects and customers! The TRAINING BLITZ allows you to not only to learn via web sessions but ask interactive questions through the “chat” feature to Microsoft Subject Matter Experts! Register here.

The Big Easy Offer is Back! Accelerate Your New and True Up Deals
Customers who make a qualifying purchase between March 5, 2012 – June 30, 2012 will earn a partner subsidy check that can be used for implementation of their Microsoft software and associated services with their choice of an Authorized Selling partner. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, they can earn 15% of the annual subscription fee; for Microsoft Dynamics CRM purchased via Open or Open Value, they can earn 10% of license and 20% of annuity. Visit the partner website to learn more!

ESS CAL Offer Extended To June 30th! Grow New Deals and Expand Existing Accounts Today
At 10% the cost of a full CAL, the Employee Self Service (ESS) CAL enables an enterprise to expand the footprint of CRM to every user within the organization. That means you can not only grow the deal size for new customer opportunities, but also go back and expand within existing accounts. If you aren’t leveraging this license option – and the 5 for 4 ESS Cal offer – today, please revisit PartnerSource for a training refresher.

Maximize the 40% CSA Promotional Fee by Closing Deals in Q4 Prior to the June 2012 Expiration!
Back on August 1, 2010, we announced a limited-time CSA promotion where all partners who are eligible for the CSA program and selling new subscriptions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will earn 40% on their CSA fees – up from 18% previously. This has been an incredible opportunity, and there is no better time for partners to introduce their customers to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online than now with this promotion! This promotion went into effect August 1, 2010 in North America and will continue to run through June 2012. Please be aware of the expiration date and drive FY12 Q4 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deals to maximize their benefit! Read the FAQ on PartnerSource for all the details.

Thanks again for everything you do to drive our mutual Microsoft Dynamics CRM success! What you do keeps me “charged up” while I’m on the go. Best wishes for a strong year-end close!

Jamie Tozzi
General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
US Microsoft Dynamics

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