Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Service Bureau Special Offer – Nurture Butterfly Trial

The US Microsoft Dynamics marketing team is excited to announce another great offer for partners from one of the Marketing Services Bureau vendors.

The Nurture Butterfly Platform has Expanded!

Try our latest features and content FREE for 15 days

Nurture Butterfly is a complete social media and email marketing solution specifically for Microsoft partners. You can be up and running in under an hour. Ready made Tweets and Facebook status updates let you sustain an effective social + email marketing program in under 30 minutes per week! Includes training and support.

NEW! Email Social Digests

If you are like most businesses on the web today, the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers you have pales in comparison to the number of email addresses you have. Social Digests meld email with your social marketing efforts. A digest is a collection of the most recent messages that you have posted to social media sites. This collection is assembled into an email message and sent every week to your email list. By contacting people with email, it reminds them of the social conversation and directs them back to that conversation for further engagement. Think of it as an alternative or in addition to your email newsletter!

NEW! Obtain Leads with Social Promotions

Finally - a way to use social media for lead capture. With Butterfly Publisher you can provide special, time and quantity limited, group deals and high value content that captures emails automatically. Social Promotions let you provide incentives that generate social referrals and the growth of your networks!

Please access PartnerSource for complete offer details and pricing information.


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