Running, Running, and Even More Running is Fun, Fun, Fun!

Periodically, I’ll post a non-work related blog leaning toward more personal observations. I hope you still enjoy the read.

On your marks. Get set. Go!!

This week I started my annual training for the Fargo Marathon, but I decided to kick up the routine a notch. To clarify, I’m not training for the full 26.2 marathon; I’m gearing up for the 10k race. After running a half marathon a few years back, I’ve realized my glorious flat feet aren’t quite designed nor intended for the rigors of 13.1 miles. Nowadays I try to keep myself limited to races of six miles or less.

Being passionate about having a very active lifestyle, I regularly workout 6 days a week, so race training doesn’t mean I’m starting back to square one and working my way up. (BTW, I’m also very passionate about ice cream, cookies and other goodies, so working out helps offset the bad caloric intake from the sweets! I blame my British DNA for that vice.) Typically, I’ll run 3 times during the week. On non-running days I usually lift weights and add in the elliptical or some other non-running cardio exercise. This great variety definitely helps keep away the boredom of working out.

Now, back to this year’s training program. Thanks to the great Hal Higdon, I’ll be stepping up my running workload to 5 days a week. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve run 5 days a week for some 15 to 20 years, but I’m excited to mix in interval and sprint work into the training. Plus, with a quick eight week program, it’s well worth giving it a shot.

The Fargo Marathon is such a great event for the local community and my entire family participates through the variety of races for all ages.

I have the right training plan, and I’m ready to crank up Flo Rida, Chris Brown and other hip hop music to hit the running trail. And I’m aiming for a personal record.

Wish me luck on May 19, and enjoy your own race to the finish line in FY12!


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