Microsoft Fargo Executive Briefing Center – Increase Sales and Shorten the Sales Cycle

Welcome to March! As we inch toward the close of Microsoft FY12 Q3, it is an ideal time to think about tapping into some of the key resources Microsoft has to offer to aid our partners during the sales cycle. And being a Microsoft Fargo campus based employee, I feel compelled to share information about one of our very own benefits to partners. The great team behind the Executive Briefing Center in Fargo shared this information with me.

Use the EBC with your customers

The Executive Briefing program is one of Microsoft’s most influential sales tools in helping land sales and foster strategic relationships with customers and partners. The program provides you with the facility, the team and the content needed to optimize your sales opportunity and grow the business. Hosting a customer at Fargo’s Executive Briefing Center, or any of Microsoft’s 11 Briefing Centers worldwide, puts them a high-tech boardroom environment specifically designed to spark discussions around how Microsoft can address their business problems and position Microsoft as an industry leader and a trusted advisor. Here, leaders and executives can build strong professional relations with Microsoft representatives and get hands-on information about how innovative technology can change the way they operate.

Who is the target audience for EBC?

Partners with prospective customers, partners with existing customers looking to upgrade, partners looking to refresh team knowledge, and prospective partners who are looking for one to one interaction with their partner and Microsoft together.

What are the benefits to the partner?

Sales cycles are shortened by an average of three months and new opportunities are discovered during each briefing. You will get your customer or prospect in front of Microsoft employees who are subject matter experts. The Fargo EBC scored 8.27 on a scale of 9 in customer satisfaction. The Fargo EBC has over 165 topics and typically customizes each EBC to fit your needs. All of this at no cost to you!

The Fargo EBC can also provide Multipurpose rooms for you to host a user group or customer event for up to 200. Because of our expertise on campus in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office, SharePoint, SQL Support, Premier Field Engineering, Windows Mobile, Silverlight, Lync, IT and Connector, your event can be a great mix of partner and Microsoft knowledge to pass onto your customer to help them meet their business needs.

We find that insight into each other’s realities is mutually beneficial. Therefore, part of the process involves us telling you who we are and why a strong relationship with us can change the way you do business. The result is a joint understanding of how Microsoft technology and services can help you communicate, share information and release potential.

To book an EBC, email or visit the Executive Briefing Center website for more information. I’ll be happy to give you a big hello when you travel to Fargo!


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