Kati Unplugged: How SaaSplaza & Tensoft Helped a Small Company Go Big Time—for Lower Cost—with Cloud-Based Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

Kati color 2004Successful businesses understand the power of partnerships, and strong business relationships are especially important in delivering effective cloud-based solutions. We are finding that most partners are convinced that the cloud transition is the way to move forward, but few have the resources and infrastructure to handle all of the necessary elements of a solid solution that fits the unique needs of their prospects. In this week’s blog, Matt Casper, Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft cloud partner SaaSplaza, tells the story of how partnering with Microsoft Dynamics partner Tensoft created a win-win-win situation: for the partners, the customer--and the cloud.


For SaaSplaza, it’s always about the partners, and the solution we put together for Syndiant is a prime example of the power and effectiveness of the right partnerships. Our partner Tensoft had the vertical solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP—Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management—and we had the capability to put it all in the cloud. Working together, with each company playing to its strengths, we were able to help a small company go big time through the power of cloud-based ERP.

Syndiant had what most companies would call a “good problem.” A producer of light-modulating panels for high-res projectors, it had the right product and market to grow from $1 million in annual revenues to more than $20 million.

But it was a small company with neither the IT team nor the technology to manage the myriad sourcing channels, complex distribution channels, and more robust accounting needs that come with this kind of growth. They knew they needed a full-fledged ERP system, but they could not make a capital expenditure on either the staff or the hardware to support it.

After reviewing the options, Syndiant chose Microsoft Dynamics GP enhanced with Tensoft FSM, a web-based product for technology companies with outsourced manufacturing operations. The cloud delivery model was a no-brainer given the resource constraints. The partners and Syndiant selected SaaSplaza for our ability to provide a secure, reliable, high availability platform that is also flexible enough to enable proper customization on cloud-based solutions. According to VP of Operations Tupper Patnode, having the solution in the cloud with SaaSplaza is integral to its overall success. “By going with a cloud-based solution, we were able to implement and maintain a full ERP system without needing IT staff or having to invest in server hardware.”

Syndiant is now able to easily support its ongoing growth, says Controller Cory Johnson: “It’s a scalable solution that we will probably take forever to outgrow.” He adds, “Because we can now focus on our yields, we have been able to reduce manufacturing costs.”

SaaSplaza was named the 2011 Microsoft US ERP Hosting Partner of the Year. For more information on how your business can partner with SaaSplaza and its cloud platform to deliver reliable, scalable, and secure Microsoft Dynamics solutions, visit www.saasplaza.com.

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