Kati Unplugged: WatServ Finds Opportunity in Cloud-Based “Seasonal ERP”

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A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

Kati color 2004Scalability is one of the key benefits prospective customers respond to when considering the cloud delivery model. But for many industries, scalability is not just about planning for future growth: It’s about adjusting for busy and slow seasons, year after year. In this week’s blog, Tom Doerner, president of Microsoft Dynamics partner WatServ, outlines how partners can uncover new opportunities by addressing the challenges of seasonal fluctuations through a cloud-based ERP solution.


WatServ has always helped Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers understand how the cloud can economically address concerns most businesses have around infrastructure, software, data center and IT skills. But 18 months ago we acted on a pattern we were seeing in specific industry niches that have unique challenges around the need to ramp their systems up or down seasonally. It started with a tax preparation company that had more than a thousand users on ERP for 3 or 4 months, followed by 9 months when only 60 employees used ERP. Agricultural and educational businesses had similar issues.

Until recently, companies in these kinds of industries have had to purchase infrastructure and software to support the high user counts and transaction volumes of their busy season, even though they have an excess of computing resources during the majority of the year. These companies also needed to provide an appropriate computer room and adequate IT staffing. This high cost of doing business is very inefficient.

By implementing cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, seasonal companies can address these challenges economically.

  • Customers get a choice of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL sold as a service (per user, per month) and configured to their needs by a Microsoft Value Added Reseller.
  • Software needs can be scaled up for the busy season and then scaled back for the slow season.
  • ERP infrastructure can be sized for reliability and performance in the busy season and then adjusted back for the slower season to reduce cost.
  • The system can be professionally maintained by third party, experienced ERP engineers that extend the customer’s IT team.
  • By targeting the specific niche of seasonal industries through a Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud delivery model, partners can uncover new market opportunities through providing practical, cost effective solutions to companies challenged by workforce fluctuations.

WatServ is one of the largest, most experienced providers of hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP in North America. Click here to learn about how you can partner with WatServ to provide cloud services to your customers.

To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to www.microsoft.com/dynamics/growyourbusiness for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions can benefit their businesses.

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