Microsoft Partner Builds Web Presence with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Christian Lindberg, Solution Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics Partner Team.

After learning about the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, a website where partners can post their solutions for prospective customers, ZSL was quick to join. Says Manick Vel, Practice Head for Mid Market Solutions at ZSL, “The customer buying habit for add-ons was already to purchase over the web. In fact, 90 percent of our leads for add-on sales came through that channel. When Microsoft made the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace available, we saw that it could help us build the validity of our add-ons, provide a venue for showcasing them, and ultimately help us further grow our sales because it made it easier for customers to find the solutions they needed.”

In adopting the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, ZSL has taken an incremental approach, starting with its add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From this, the company has, with little effort, achieved 10 customer inquiries of which one led to a sale. Says Vel, “We’re still in the early stages of using the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, but we, Microsoft, and many other partners are working hard to promote it. In the future, customers won’t search the web for add-on solutions; instead, they will go straight to the marketplace—and that will be a huge value-add for us.”

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