Starting 2012 Strong for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Volume

Special guest blogger, Kristi Hofer, Microsoft Dynamics US Channel Manager, provides this update on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP volume business focused on the small and medium-sized business market.

SMB Prospect Engagement:  Grow Your Business

On January 3, we brought in the New Year in the ERP Volume business by launching Phase 2 of our prospect-facing Grow Your Business site. To recap, the initial Grow Your Business launch in late September represented the first step in a multi-year strategy to drive US prospects to a business-value-centric online experience that ultimately gives them the opportunity to attend a relevant webinar, sign up for a Test Drive, or engage with a Chat representative. Phase 2 introduces engaging industry content that helps us not only demonstrate the industry capability for our Volume ERP products but does so in the context of a business conversation with real customers who have implemented solutions who are growing the business today as a result. We have seen great momentum in terms of traffic, prospects, and opportunities generated from the Grow Your Business site, with all opportunities going directly to our partners to drive SMB growth.

SMB Prospect Offer:  Give me 5

The increased awareness we’re gaining through initiatives like Grow Your Business combined with the aggressive Give me 5 offer that runs through the end of June 22, 2012 should help us continue to gain traction with the SMB customer segment. Since the Give me 5 offer launched on October 3, we’ve seen extremely high uptake and expect to see this continue/grow in the second half of the year. If you haven’t already integrated this offer into your marketing plan, check out the variety of materials available on the Give me 5 PartnerSource page and consider where they would best fit within your existing efforts.

SMB Partner Incentive:  Give me 5

To reward partners for driving SMB results, we also launched a substantial Partner Incentive that also ends on June 22, 2012. This partner incentive is available to all Microsoft Dynamics partners who drive 20+ qualifying customer adds from October 3, 2011 – June 22, 2012, with a payout of $25k – $60k paid in the form of a partner rebate based on performance. Many partners have made great traction towards this goal already, so we’re hoping we can reward this to many partners by the end of June!  We will be launching a partner-facing portal to track qualifying adds and your status against the incentive shortly, so stay tuned!

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