Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing Web Seminar Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Our Microsoft Dynamics partner readiness and marketing teams are set to launch today this new series of web seminars targeted at marketing professionals within your organization. They’ve graciously put together this update to explain the value of attending the events.

The definition of Inbound Marketing is: A marketing strategy where businesses implement tactics to "get found" by customers.

Inbound marketing includes social media, SEO, your website and more. With such a diverse set of tactics and strategies where do you start?

There’s certainly no lack of information:

  • A Bing search on "the basics of b2b social media" brings up 49 million hits!
  • There are over 14 million hits for in-bound marketing
  • There are 128,000 presentations on b2b social media alone on SlideShare.Net
  • Amazon sells over 15,000 books on the topics of social media and in-bound marketing

With so much information and so many approaches, how do you know where to start and how do you know you’re doing the right things for your business? The Marketing Fundamentals series will guide you through the basics of the components of any good inbound plan including your website, blogs, SEO/SEM and social media.

We’ll cover the key considerations you’ll need to determine which strategies you should implement including the REAL costs of these strategies. Each training will leave you with some key actions you can implement today.

Already have an inbound plan? Join us to see how your budgets, plans and resources line up and to pick up some extra tips and tricks you can apply.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • December 5 at 10:00AM Pacific: An Overview of Inbound Marketing
  • December 6 at 10:00AM Pacific: Building a Social Plan and Community
  • December 13 at 10:00AM Pacific: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • December 20 at 10:00AM Pacific: Websites and Landing Pages for an Inbound World

Register for all of the web seminars on the Partner Learning Center.


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