Microsoft Dynamics ERP Accelerated Sales Process Web Seminar Series for Partners

The United States partner training & readiness team has recently built out this great on demand web seminar series to help Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners put together a more consistent and accelerated sales process. According to their PartnerSource article…

Changing prospect buying behaviors, competitive sales tactics and increasing SaaS adoption are all driving a need to accelerate sales cycles and lower sales costs. This series identifies the differences between a traditional strategic five-phase sales process and an accelerated three step process, and then explores strategies, tactics and the underlying sales artifacts that support a partner’s ability to predictably close a higher volume of profitable opportunities.

To execute an accelerated sales strategy, partners must:

  • Define qualification criteria that clearly identifies accelerated sales process opportunities
  • Develop and implement sales cycle control documentation
  • Establish selection process and criteria alignment with the buyer
  • Standardize and automate repeatable sales cycle activities
  • Improve sales professional "soft skills" questioning/listening, objection handling and closing skills

For a deeper exploration of the characteristics and mechanics of an accelerated sales process and methodology please attend the follow-on Accelerated Sales Process training sessions (Phase 1: Qualification; Phase 2: Proof; Phase 3: Close).

To access the complete series of sessions visit PartnerSource.


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