Marketing Materials and Resources for New FY12 Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers

Mosey a gander over to PartnerSource and you’ll find a plethora of fantastic resources to utilize within your marketing and sales efforts when promoting the new FY12 offers for new & existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers.

For the SMB ERP Sales Offer – "Give Me 5" (new business), we have provided:

  • Ten tips for maximizing Microsoft offers guidance
  • Customer facing slide
  • Email messaging templates for demand generation
  • Flyer – leave with prospects
  • Online banners & images
  • Copy blocks for email and social media

And, for the License Model Transition (LMT) Offer (existing customers), we have introduced:

  • Web seminars
  • Publically accessible website explaining customer benefits
  • Product capability guidance
  • LMT Policy
  • To Customer – Partner Templates

Don’t forget to review all current offers in market by accessing the Offer Summary Sheet on PartnerSource.

Good luck selling!


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