Designed to Pay You for Leads – Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program

The Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral program helps you earn a fee when you submit opportunities that result in Microsoft Dynamics transactions.

If your expertise does not extend to selling Microsoft Dynamics solutions—or solutions in a particular Microsoft Dynamics expertise area, industry, or geography—you can pass leads for those opportunities to Microsoft. If the lead referral becomes an opportunity that results in a transaction, you earn a referral fee of five percent of the amount Microsoft invoices—and show your customers that you are looking after their best interests.

After receiving your leads, Microsoft distributes those leads to Microsoft Dynamics partners with the appropriate expertise based on their profiles.

Visit the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral page on the Microsoft Partner Network portal to:

  • Sign up for the program.
  • Learn how to submit and track the status of your Microsoft Dynamics lead referrals.
  • View a presentation outlining the program, along with step-by-step screen shots of the lead referral submission process.

You’ll also find complete terms & conditions as well as frequently asked questions on the MPN portal.


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