New FY12 Offers Available for New & Existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP Customers

Over the last two years, we’ve worked closely with many of you to launch game changing offers that have proven to aggressively increase our presence in the market place and revenue with great results for both Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics partners.

Based on extensive partner feedback, we are now pleased to announce two new game-changing offers that seek to aggressively reinvigorate ERP new business growth (Give me 5 Offer) and enable partners to drive additional license revenue by unlocking the power of Business Ready Licensing (BRL) to their Module Based Licensing (MBL) existing customers (LMT Offer). Additionally, Microsoft is also launching a substantial partner incentive to ensure we are rewarding partners for driving results. 

Please refer to PartnerSource links below for full details and the complete terms and conditions for each of the offers, however, below are a few quick details and actions you can take right away.

New Customer Volume ERP FY12 SMB Offer – ‘Give Me 5’

What’s the Offer?

  • Five Users for $3000 (Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL; Advanced Management or Business Essentials)
  • Available October 3, 2011 – June 22, 2012
  • Standard 1-yr BREP required (at 5-user list price)
  • For new customers not having previously licensed a Microsoft Dynamics ERP product
  • Once per customer
  • Additional details on this offer may be found on PartnerSource

What’s New with this Offer?

  • Available for 9 months, which will enable partners to leverage the offer in marketing activities
  • Substantial partner incentive available to reward partners for driving volume in SMB

Why this Offer?

  • Reinvigorate ERP new business growth and drive partner productivity
  • 3for$1 and Buy 1 Get 3 proved aggressive offers drive market share
  • Partner feedback themes:
    • Consistency across products
    • Offer Simplicity
    • Help partners compete in every deal and close deals quickly
    • Make offers available longer to give partners a chance to integrate them into their activities

What’s the Partner Incentive?

  • Substantial incentive for partners to drive SMB Volume results
  • Available based on qualifying customer adds first licensed October 3, 2011 – June 22, 2012
  • Paid by end of August 2012 in form of a rebate check based on qualifying SMB customer adds:
    • 20-29 Adds: $25K
    • 30-39 Adds: $35K
    • 40-49 Adds: $45K
    • 50+ Adds: $60K
  • To help us drive results in time for midyear, there is also a FY12 Q2 Kicker Rebate: $5K for partners who drive 10+ qualifying customer adds with the offer during FY12 Q2 (December 2011) as long as those partners also get to 20+ qualifying customer adds by the end of the campaign term.

Please see the full details for the offer and the partner incentive on PartnerSource.

Existing Customer Volume ERP FY12 Offer – ‘LMT Offer’

What’s the Offer

  • MBL transition to BRL for discounted License Model Transition (LMT) fees (Microsoft Dynamics GP,  Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV):
    • $500 per user (no minimum) 
    • $25K maximum  <200 users
    • >200 users - contact your Partner Account Manager (PAM)
  • Valid October 1, 2011 – December 22, 2011
  • Some limitations apply; please see the full offer details on PartnerSource.

Why this Offer?

  • Will greatly increase % of customers on Business Ready Licensing
  • Remove the LMT $10k minimum barrier for smaller customers & cost for customers with high user counts
  • Invigorate ERP existing customer license growth, drive partner and customer engagement

Partner Benefits

  • Existing customer (EC) license growth will count towards all up Microsoft Partner Network license targets
  • Services revenue
  • Customers who do an LMT tend to spend more in subsequent years following leading to stickier and more satisfied customers

Top Things Partners Can Do Right Away:

  1. Learn more about the offers by reviewing the PartnerSource links and by checking out the Give Me 5 and Grow Your Business customer sites (Note: Customer sites updated by 10/7/2011); Additional communications around the LMT offer from the EC Partner Update will be sent commencing October 3 with details on EC webcasts, customer communications and collateral.
  2. Connect with stalled prospects. Proactively reach out to your list of prospects who have put off buying decisions.  Offers this significant may be the compelling event that gets them over the edge.
  3. Include the offers in your marketing activities and consider new marketing activities. Be sure to integrate the offers into all of your communication mediums to help stir up excitement, including your social media channels. A Partner Offer Marketing Guide will be available in PartnerSource by October 12.
  4. Attend the October Road to Repeatability Rally Group, which will focus on offers & marketing.
  5. Attend Interactive MicroSessions (IMS) being held in October.

NOTE: When placing orders made under these offers, be sure to include the appropriate Promo Code in the Notes field for tracking:

  • For the FY12 ERP SMB Offer – ‘Give Me 5’, use Promo Code 1577
  • For the LMT Offer, user Promo Code 1575

To Promote the Offers We’re Also Doing The Following:

  • Creating a customer-facing offer launch portal (for Give Me 5)
  • Incorporating the offers into our social media channels
  • Driving aggressive to-customer/to-prospect demand gen
  • Ensure offers appear at every point of connection with relevant and prospects & customers
  • Working to ensure launch of offers Worldwide to build even more momentum

We’re extremely excited about our opportunity here and want to help you take full advantage of these promotions to increase profitability and deliver value to your customers. 

As always, if there is anything we can do to assist you, or should have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Your Microsoft representatives will be following up with you in the next day or two to discuss in more detail and how you can best leverage the offer to grow your business.

Thank you!

Kristi Hofer
National Microsoft Dynamics ERP Channel Manager
U.S. Microsoft Dynamics

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