Participate in Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Interactive MicroSessions

Last fiscal year we introduced an innovative approach to communicating a variety of new initiatives and programs for Microsoft Dynamics partners to learn about and implement within their organizations. Because of the collaborative format of these web seminars / conference calls, and the positive partner feedback we have chosen to continue these sessions throughout FY12.

Join and participate in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Interactive MicroSessions.

What is an IMS?

Primarily targeted toward United States based Community Managed Partners (unmanaged partners, tele-managed partners, and new partners), IMS is an interactive, one to few MicroSession dedicated to enabling partners to grow their business. Live sessions are hosted monthly.

What can you expect in an IMS?

You will get the latest business insights, Microsoft news, offer updates, sales and marketing updates, readiness, tools and resources, Existing Customer updates, Microsoft Partner Network updates along with the irreplaceable insights from your fellow partners. Within the hour-long web seminar, we dedicate the opening 30 to 45 minutes to an interactive presentation, and the remaining 15 to 20 minutes to freeform Q&A and discussion driven by you, the partner.

Interactive MicroSessions are built around three pillars


  • Partner to partner connections, build your network
  • "Interactive" one to few MicroSessions
  • Keep Microsoft aware of your business, let Microsoft know what you need


  • Streamlined communications, let us net it out
  • Work how you work, more avenues to reach out to Microsoft
  • Web sessions geared at topics you care about


  • Marketing guidance
  • Sales guidance
  • Community forums

Visit PartnerSource to learn how to sign up for upcoming sessions and download the FY12 calendar of sessions.


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