Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Professional Community Call: Nurture Butterfly

Continuing on the theme of our FY12 Partner Business Excellence kick off series of web seminars, today I’m highlighting another partner deep dive FY12 Study Hall Session.

Please register to attend next week’s Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Professional Community Call focused on Nurture Butterfly. The web seminar is scheduled for August 9, 2011 at 11:00 AM PT.

Session Overview

Did you know that according to a recent Forrester report, 77% of B2B technology decision makers are active on a social media site? If you’re not yet reaching prospects and customers through social media – you’re missing out.  In a recent survey of Microsoft Dynamics partners, time and content were the most cited reasons preventing partners from taking advantage of this powerful way to connect with your prospects and customers.

Last year the Microsoft Dynamics marketing team had 34 partners participate in a piloted a program to deliver rich, relevant social media content to prospects through a platform called Nurture Butterfly.  Due to the impressive results and rave reviews from participating partners, we’re making big investments in providing customer centric social media content (over 10,000 "snippets" for the year across all products and priority Industries) and offering the program out to all Microsoft Dynamics partners in FY12.

This solution will give you the content you need to be relevant and informative, in a time investment of 30 minutes a week.  Nurture Butterfly is for ALL Microsoft Dynamics partners – regardless of your current experience with social media.  For partners with no social presence – it helps you get a program off the ground quickly. For experienced partners, you’ll be able to integrate rich content as well as features such as quick polls and lead generation into your existing programs.                

Register for this Study Hall session today through the Partner Learning Center.


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