Microsoft Dynamics Social Media Partner Playbook Now Available – Download Today!

Earlier this year we asked US Microsoft Dynamics to complete a quick survey regarding their use of social media as a business tool throughout the marketing and sales process. As an incentive for completing the survey, we provided partners with the compiled survey results from their peers as well as a copy of the Microsoft Dynamics Social Media Partner Playbook.

Since the survey timeframe has now lapsed, we've opened acces to the playbook to all partners. Visit PartnerSource to download.

As our marketing team explains, in business today, social media is changing the way we do business and helping us move from transactional relationships to sustained relationships that are ‘always on’.

When carefully planned and executed with an integrated digital strategy, social media can be a very powerful tool that could help you extend your reach, increase demand, and find your "raving fans." To help you get started we have gathered some of our best practices, and guidance from Microsoft teams that have engaged and established a strong social media presence. We'll provide you with foundational workflow through a self-service guide so you can take advantage of some of the things we’ve learned and make decisions that are appropriate for your role as a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Additionally, on PartnerSource, you’ll find information on:

Throughout FY12, we also plan to provide training regarding the effective use of social media in your marketing plans.


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