How Microsoft Partner, The TM Group, Uses Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers to Increase Sales

The clock is quickly ticking toward June 30th, and the end of Microsoft Fiscal Year 2011. This means several great prospective and existing customer offers will soon expire. Continuing our feature articles highlighting various Microsoft Dynamics partners demonstrating success by incorporating Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers into their marketing and sales efforts, today’s post focuses on a Microsoft partner based in Farmington Hills, MI.

Microsoft partner, The TM Group, Inc., has embraced the social media wave to build connected end-to-end marketing campaigns while also incorporating mainstays like telemarketing and direct mail into the mix. They are also funneling and monitoring these activities through their in-house Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

As Andree Dolan, Marketing Manager, explains:

At The TM Group, a Microsoft partner holding dual Gold ERP and CRM competencies based in Michigan, we’ve had great success running comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns. Our multi-touch marketing plan includes both traditional approaches like telemarketing and direct mail with new media tactics, such as e-marketing, blogs, and social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. At the heart of our integrated marketing campaigns is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which we use to track and proactively manage all our campaigns, our new lead development, nurture activities, opportunity pipelines and closed deals. As both a reseller and long-time user, we know first-hand how powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM is for accurate data management, automated workflow, consistent follow-up and intelligent reporting.

Here are just some of the ways we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to integrate traditional and new media marketing campaigns:

SalesFUSION for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides rich e-marketing automation for e-mail marketing, website activity, online forms, event registration and surveys

Custom CRM Workflows for automatically creating Campaign Responses for any lead who "raises a hand" : including email alerts from ERP and CRM Software blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter or visitors to our website – with just a few clicks we can create a campaign response, send an e-mail and assign a sales follow up to the right person

Custom iFrames for LinkedIn to see the LinkedIn information for leads and contacts: this helps our marketing team in their research for target companies, and target titles like CFO, Controller, VP of Sales/Marketing, or CIO

Custom SharePoint integration for team collaboration and document management for leads, accounts, and contacts: we create a pre-sales and marketing project site for our marketing, sales & consulting team to upload and manage key documents related to the specific opportunity and client, automatic alerts can be set up so that the team is notified when important changes or activities take place

Sales Success

Here are two recent examples of new clients who had been carefully set up and tracked in our CRM leads database for nurture campaigns; they both responded to our call outs and e-marketing for Microsoft Dynamics ERP "Buy 1, Get 3" and took advantage of the opportunity to save thousands of dollars:

A key distributor of home improvement products and remodeling services had been contemplating an upgrade from QuickBooks, which had been holding them back for years. After learning about Microsoft’s "Buy 1, Get 3" offer, they were compelled to make the move to Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials. We are now helping them implement the Dynamics GP Financial Suite and will be developing a custom integration to their industry-specific business application which they were not able to do with QuickBooks.

A construction company had originally found us through a web search for construction software to replace their legacy Timberline system which was outdated and expensive to maintain. We engaged with them in a long, consultative sales cycle that started almost 2 years ago and recommended Microsoft Dynamics SL. The delayed their buying decision due to the downturn in the economy and its hard hit on the construction industry. After receiving our e-marketing about the Microsoft Dynamics ERP promotion for "Buy 1, Get 3," they called us and re-engaged in a sales process. Quickly, they made the decision to move forward and purchased Microsoft Dynamics SL Advanced Management for financials, project management, inventory control, and more.

Learn More about Offers

There a variety of promotions and offers available for a limited time between now and June 2011 for United States based existing customers and prospective customers. Visit PartnerSource to access the FY11 Offer Summary Sheets for complete details.

For more information regarding the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Buy 1, Get 3 Offer navigate to the offer homepage on


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