Walk, Run, and Sprint to the Finish Line with Microsoft Dynamics in FY11

24 hours from today I will have (hopefully) and successfully wrapped up another great run during the annual Fargo Marathon. The conversations associated with distance running can be quite interesting from multiple perspectives. Here are a couple I typically hear:

  • You are training for the marathon?!
    • We'll I'm "only" running in the 10k.
  • How far is a 10K?
    • 6.2 miles.
  • Jeepers, I can't even run 2 miles!

To put this into perspective as a partner, have you been working on some opportunities that feel like you are running a full marathon with no end in sight? Or are you building repeatable marketing and sales processes to turn the marathon into a 5k or 10k run? You need to determine the ideal pace to ensure success. Personally, I know I can have more success and wins building my skills around the shorter races rather than the extensive big one.

You also need to decide whether or not you have the capacity to win the shorter races, or should you focus on the longer race.

Wish me luck at the Fargo Marathon! And I especially wish you luck throughout the remainder of FY11 and beyond!


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