How Microsoft Partner, InterDyn Socius, Uses Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers to Increase Sales

Last month I kicked off a project to highlight various marketing and sales efforts partners are making to drive more business throughout the remainder of FY11 by leveraging current Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers. Today’s blog post is the latest partner feature.

Microsoft partner, InterDyn Socius, has established a strong social media and blogging presence, and enhances their marketing through both nurture marketing and referrals.

As Julie Stankey, Marketing Communications Specialist, explains:

"Since 2009, InterDyn Socius has been integrating social media into our marketing and sales strategies in order to garner recognition as a thought-leader in the industry, generate leads, and strengthen relationships with prospects throughout the sales process. We are active on Twitter, Facebook [profile, fan page] , and LinkedIn, contribute to four collaborative blogs, submit articles to the Software Think Tank website, blog on behalf of the Advanced Distribution Partners, and maintain our own blog.

We have integrated our online efforts with our more traditional outbound marketing tactics to demonstrate to prospects that we are a trusted advisor and can be their "go-to" partner not only through the implementation process, but throughout the entire relationship.

In mid-2009, Socius received a CRM lead from a vendor that was not Microsoft. We soon learned that the company was actively using Microsoft Dynamics GP, but were aligned with a different partner. After a few months of working the lead, the opportunity went cold. However, because such a strong relationship that had been forged between Socius and this prospect through nurture marketing, social media, and one-on-one interaction, as soon as the prospect had a pressing need, they contacted Socius. In early 2011, this company reached out to Socius and engaged us to complete a move of their Microsoft Dynamics GP server. A week before they had even changed VARs and signed the Engagement Letter to begin their own project with Socius, this company had already referred another new lead to Socius. On March 14, 2011, this new prospect contacted Socius in search of an ERP solution. They had been using an industry specific solution that was creating challenges for their payroll, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable processing. The individual responsible for making the software selection was familiar with Microsoft Dynamics GP from using it in a previous role. She knew that they could trust Microsoft Dynamics GP to avoid payroll processing errors, provide enhanced reporting across their finance and operations, set-up and manage multiple companies, extend their data history, have direct import/export capabilities with Excel, search for and find data and invoices more easily, and more.

After one demo, they were convinced that Microsoft Dynamics GP was the right solution for their organization. On April 21, 2011, the customer partnered with Socius to purchase a 10 user Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials system leveraging the Buy 1 Get 3 promotion.

What makes this deal even sweeter is that the customer that referred the new prospect has renewed their interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well and Socius expects to close that deal before June 30th."


InterDyn Socius is a Microsoft Gold ERP and Gold CRM competency partner located in Ohio. They have been selling and implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions since 1984.

Learn More about Offers

There a variety of promotions and offers available for a limited time between now and June 2011 for United States based existing customers and prospective customers. Visit PartnerSource to access the FY11 Offer Summary Sheets for complete details.

For more information regarding the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Buy 1, Get 3 Offer navigate to the offer homepage on


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