Practical Q4 Closing Strategies – A Yeoman’s Approach to Winning More Deals – Web Seminar

Microsoft Fiscal Year 2011 Q4 is in full swing, and we want to arm you with the skills to close opportunities more efficiently. Take the time to register for this upcoming web seminar taking place on May 10 at 11:00am Pacific.

While there is no one closing statement that magically converts deliberating prospects into committed customers there are proven closing strategies that will significantly increase your likelihood of winning more deals.

Attend this extended 90 minute session to maximize the effectiveness of your Q4 efforts by learning practical closing strategies that ensure forecast clarity, reinforces strategies that win deals and combat fixed bids, and dispel competitive FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

By attending this session, sales professionals should learn to:

  • Methodically and maniacally vet their forecast to ensure they are focusing almost exclusively on opportunities that are QUALIFIED to close.
  • Execute proven sales strategies that flush out at-risk opportunities and objections.
  • Proactively execute competitive strategies that strengthen the Microsoft and Partner value proposition.
  • Help prospects understand how fixed bid contracts undermine the realization of business benefits, and increase project risk.
  • Have a model and strategy for effectively handling objections.
  • Create compelling events when prospect business priorities change.

To increase the probability of achieving your Q4 sales objectives through proven, pragmatic closing strategies, make time to attend this session.

Register for this event on the Partner Learning Center.


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