Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community 2011 Milestones and Achievements

Yesterday, the Microsoft Fargo Campus celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Microsoft acquisition of Great Plains Software. Today, I'm extremely happy to celebrate my 2nd year of blogging on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community blog. It has definitely been a great ride so far. I also surpassed my 13th year combined at GPS/MS on Friday, April 1, but enough about me! 🙂

The Numbers

My rough estimate puts me somewhere close to 500 total posts since launching two years ago. For those of you crunching numbers, I try to blog once a day every weekday, but I still have to fit in some vacation time here and there. In March, the blog received over 10,000 combined views/visitors/visits ranking it in the top 10% of blogs hosted on the MSDN blog platform. A huge thank you to all of the regular blog followers!

Participate in the Community

As much as it would be great to just simply plug the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community blog today, there are also a lot of great Microsoft employees and Microsoft partners managing blogs on a daily or weekly basis. One of the great ways to stay connected to these numerous blogs is by visiting the Microsoft Dynamics Community. The Community website hosts and syndicates 150+ bloggers across the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Many of whom have been blogging much, much longer than me. Most of the blogs openly reside on the website, and are therefore accessible to the general public. We also have a few partner specific blogs found within the private partner community on the Community website.

Learn more today by visiting the Microsoft Dynamics Community!


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