Announcing the Microsoft Dynamics "Presales Profits"

Our non-technical partner readiness team is back at it again. First the Sales Slugger program, then Marketing Monarchs, and now Presales Profits! The partner readiness team passes along this information to explain the benefits of participating.

We all want reliable sales forecasts. Account Executives need the ability to clearly see the needs of customers and prospects. Everyone wants higher close rates, shorter sales cycles and predictable results.

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics Presales Profits – a unique community offering for Microsoft Dynamics partners in the United States. Led by Microsoft Dynamics presales and sales experts, Presales Profits provides valuable tips, tools and information to help partners sell more competitively.


Through monthly web seminars, you will have the opportunity to hear from Microsoft presales experts on tips, tools and techniques that can help partners increase close ratios, improve credibility with prospects and assist with your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) sales and presale accreditation.


Join Presales Profits via Linked In for real-time connection with your peers and the Microsoft PTA community as a resource for best practice sharing, strategic connections and real time coaching tips. You’ll have a chance to interact with other sales people in discussions, gather tips and tricks, as well as post some of your own challenges to the other members to learn how they addressed the issues you may be facing.


Our goal is to provide resources you can immediately use regardless of presales background or level of sales expertise. The guidance and concepts shared in our Presales Profits sessions is based on the sales practices of successful partner organizations and deep presales knowledge of our Microsoft Presales Technical community.

Visit PartnerSource to join the Microsoft Dynamics Presales Profits!


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