Catch Up on the Latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM News and Resources with Virtual Partner Concierge

Yes, I know, I can already hear the reactions from the partner community…

  • "Hey, wait a minute, didn’t you already list a ton of Microsoft Dynamics CRM resources within this blog on Monday, March 7?"
  • "I like this this blog because you rarely repeat content over and over again. You provide insight into the latest information and connect me to great resources. What gives?"
  • "You are a marketing genius." Okay, that’s a stretch. 🙂

Maybe the best response is…

  • "Thanks for the list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM resources the other day, but where can find these in an organized, yet customizable fashion?"

Well, no need to ask, we have it covered.

I’m excited to announce Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now officially part of the Virtual Partner Concierge!

Built in Silverlight, and running on Windows Azure and SQL Azure, Virtual Partner Concierge helps partners solve their pains with finding content across multiple websites by providing U.S. partners with an easy-to-use, consistent online interface that offers recommendations for the best content available from any Microsoft site, aligned to a specific partner audience, community, or area of interest.

To get started with Virtual Partner Concierge, click the Sign In button on the Concierge website and use your Windows Live ID account associated to your MPN membership.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM content will be listed under the right-hand navigation viewing options.

Also, since this is a new resource for partners, I welcome any feedback for improvements.


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