Keep the Momentum Going – December still counts!!

If you may have missed the special edition Insights newsletter sent on Monday, November 29, please make sure you review the following announcement that was addressed.

You still have the opportunity to impact your growth incentive discount for the 2 year license growth yet this December. The measurement time period is backed up one month so the year will be December – November. That means we have shifted the growth incentive periods with the new incentive structure to go from December – May and June – November.

This December could count twice for your organization as a onetime option/exception:

  • If your organization won’t meet the 2 year license growth at the end of November, keep charging ahead with customer adds and license as December will still count this year as a onetime exception.
  • All partners who would have qualified for the 2 year license growth incentive using the original plan will be grandfathered in. This means that anyone who would have qualified for their 2 YR L growth incentive using Calendar 2010 over Calendar 2009 will be grandfathered in.

We want your organization to reach the highest discount possible with the new incentive structure so keep charging forward.

Please also take the time to review the updated Partner License Discount and BREP Discount video found on PartnerSource.


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