Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program – Earn up to $20,000 per Opportunity Resulting in a Transaction

The Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral fee program helps you earn supplemental revenue, when you submit opportunities that result in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics POS and Microsoft Dynamics RMS transactions. Learn how you can help your customers across a variety of industries connect with the Microsoft Dynamics partners who can deliver specialized solutions that can address their unique challenges.

Enroll in the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program

About the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program

The Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral program does more than help you earn revenue—it helps you ensure your role as a trusted advisor to your customers. If your expertise does not extend to selling Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can pass leads for those opportunities to Microsoft. Microsoft distributes those leads to Microsoft Dynamics partners with the appropriate expertise based on their profiles. And if the opportunity results in a transaction, you earn a referral fee of 5 percent of the amount Microsoft invoices—and show your customers that you are looking after their best interests.

How to Become Eligible for Referral Fees

Joining the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral program is easy. To be eligible for fees, your organization must meet the following conditions:

  • Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Sign the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral agreement.
  • Submit relevant, high-quality, new lead information (before a transaction takes place).
  • The opportunity must be new and not known to Microsoft when you submit it.
  • If more than one submission is received for the same opportunity, the first eligible submission gets priority for the referral fee.


  • You cannot receive fees from the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral program and earn Solution Provider Agreement (SPA) discounts or Software Advisor fees for the same opportunity.
  • Opportunities in the public sector are not eligible for Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral fees.

How to Submit Your Leads

To submit your lead to Microsoft:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral website.
  2. Enter the requested information about the prospective customer and the Microsoft Dynamics opportunity. Some of the fields are mandatory; others are optional. The higher the quality of the information submitted, the more likely it is that a Microsoft Dynamics solution selling partner will pursue the opportunity, and that your organization will earn the referral fee.
  3. After you have submitted the requested information through the online tool, you will receive a confirmation and a referral ID, which enables you to track the status of your submission at any time.
  4. If a transaction occurs within 12 months of the submission date, Microsoft will notify you after the fee payment has been submitted to your bank account.

Additional Resources

Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Maximize your opportunity as a Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral partner. Find valuable, step-by-step guidance about processes and how to claim fees, along with answers to other frequently asked questions. Read the FAQ.

Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Agreement

Prior to beginning the sign-up process, you can review a reference-only version of the Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral agreement. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the agreement in several different languages.)


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