Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reseller Guide

As you look at building out your Microsoft Dynamics practice, extending services to the cloud will be hot topic throughout FY11. Microsoft has identified a series of opportunities to dramatically amplify the value of software by extending it with specific online services.

The Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reseller Guide is designed to help Microsoft Dynamics partners navigate through the online services available to the end user customer in conjunction with a Microsoft Dynamics Service Plan.

Each section starts with an overview of what you can expect to find in each section, with the body of the section introducing and defining key concepts/policies and concluding with key takeaways. Throughout the document you will find links to additional information explaining the various terms/acronyms. The overall document is structured to provide an initial overview of what is common across all services and then drills into each service using the following structure:

  • Description of Service
  • Service Availability
  • Marketing Material
  • Technical Documentation
  • Key Take Aways


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