Catching Up & Preparing for FY11

As a Fargo, ND based Microsoft employee, and after spending two out of the last three weeks in Seattle, I need some time to catch up on work and life. Many of you know that April, May and June are Microsoft's 4th Quater of the fiscal year, but it's also a huge planning period for the upcoming fiscal year. That being said many wheels are in motion, especially with the changes to the Microsoft Partner Network, and future product launches.

It's a good thing, I didn't sandwich a trip to Atlanta for Convergence in the middle. Talk about living out of a suitcase for a while!!!

Next week, in Fargo we host our annual internal Microsoft Fargo Campus Meeting. These are always great to get refreshed on our strategies as well as to recognize some of our best employees. Featured speakers include Stephen Elop, President, MBD and Lisa Brummel, Senior Vice President, HR.

I'll be back next week with plenty of Microsoft Dynamics news.

PS - Happy Mother's Day this weekend!!!


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