Changes to Partner Service Plans Support Response Times

Microsoft is continually improving how we deliver and address our customer and partner support. Beginning May 22nd, 2010, customers and partners who engage Microsoft technical support for Microsoft Dynamics products will experience improvements in how we handle support for our customers and partners.

Customer and partner satisfaction is our number one priority within Microsoft. We prepare this document to address any questions and concerns Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners may have.

What exactly is changing?

Microsoft is deploying a new global next-generation incident management system to replace our old system. This will enable true global business processes and provide breakthroughs in Engineering Productivity and enable us to reach higher levels of customer and partner satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is at the heart of this system.

Obviously with any system change you will expect to see some changes, but we have endeavored to keep this to a minimum.

Beginning May 22nd, 2010, we will introduce two minor changes to our Microsoft Dynamics product support to customers and partners:

  1. Service Request: The new service request tracking number will be longer, instead of 7 characters in the past.

  2. Response Time Definition: The response time definition will only apply to the first touch of the Service Request. Starting May 22nd, 2010, Microsoft support for Dynamics will attempt to meet the response time goal on the initial touch of the Service Request only. This change will enable us to align with support response time definitions with the broader Microsoft support policy to provide a better support experience based on the different severity of each Service Request.

Visit PartnerSource for complete details regarding this announcement including some FAQ’s.


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