Industry CRM VPCs and Scripts Now Available

For those partners that are driving sales of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into specific verticals, I have some great news for you. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is pleased to announce the availability of four new industry VPC images for Microsoft Dynamics 4.0, and corresponding demo scripts.

The new VPC images provide baseline demo capabilities for partners selling into the public sector, financial services, manufacturing and professional services industries. The images and scripts address very specific scenarios. Partners are strongly encouraged to use these resources as starting points in the creation of their demos.

Detailed scripts provide relevant talking points for individuals with limited to no knowledge of the specific industry scenarios illustrated.

A Quick Reference document for each demo provides a pithy overview of the key information required to log on, describes the featured Accelerators, calls out populated dashboards and reports, and includes comments on topics such as integration and degree of customization.

The VPC images and scripts are new deliverables, and are not updates to the industry CRM VPCs and scripts that were developed on CRM version 3.0.

For additional details and to access the downloads, visit PartnerSource.


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