Referral Marketing System for Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners

This referral marketing resource includes a set of tools to help Microsoft Dynamics GP partners drive new customer adds with the help of satisfied customers and market influencers. The system includes a customer satisfaction survey template to facilitate referral requests on the heels of new installations, mail and email templates to solicit referrals, a referral generation reply card, a statement stuffer to reach deeper into customer organizations, referral generation web banners, even a referral request for your newsletter copy, and lines to include on business cards and in email signatures. A 12-page tutorial on how to weave referral marketing into existing customer marketing efforts is complemented by a 6-page tutorial on how to gain referrals using social media.

PS -  I survived the zero visibility conditions in Fargo, and my plane to Minneapolis took off a couple hours late. Thankfully, Delta already had myself and other team members booked on a new flight to Seattle. Incredibly, that's the first time on a flight that the only thing I could see outside was whiteness due to the snow and 45 mph winds!


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