Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – One-stop Launch Portal for Partners

Before I give an update on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 resources for partners, I wanted to mention I'm writing this blog from the comfort of my couch as outside in Fargo it's blizzard-like conditions with wind gusts around 40 mph. Over the weekend, the Fargo area has seen rain, drizzle, sleet, frizzle, snow, slush and ice. The temperature was actually above freezing on Saturday, and one guy was even seen snowblowing with shorts on. Yes, you read that correct -- shorts!!! Hopefully, I can still can make my flight to Seattle later today. On to the Microsoft Dynamics GP news...

To help ensure that our partners have simple and timely access to the most relevant materials and tools to drive their Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch readiness and implementation, we have established a "One-stop" Partner Launch Portal on PartnerSource.

On this page you'll find...

  • Technical readiness & demos

  • Sales & marketing tools

  • Pricing & licensing updates

The page will be constantly updated as the launch date approaches.


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