Take a Second Shot at Certification and Advance Your Career

Of the many training and certification programs that Microsoft introduces, I'd have to say that Second Shot always seems to be one of the most popular. Who can argue with receiving a free retake if you, unfortunately, don't pass an exam?

You must take both the first and (if necessary) the retake exam before June 30, 2010. This offer applies to all Microsoft Learning IT professional, developer, project management, and Microsoft Dynamics exams, including academic exams. Official announcement below...

Microsoft Learning is bringing back Second Shot as part of its new Career Initiative, which is designed to help customers and students to get trained and certified on Microsoft technologies.

Certification can help boost your career and Microsoft wants you to be successful when you take an exam. By adding Second Shot to the Career Initiative, you can now register for a free retake (should you need it), and take the exam with less anxiety and fear of not passing the exam. Second Shot is available for IT Pros, Developers and students, and you can use this special offer to pass exams that are directly related to the top IT jobs available in the industry today.

Job roles, learning paths and clear guidance on getting skilled for these jobs can be found on the Microsoft Student Career Portal and for professionals, the Microsoft Professional Career Portal.

Students, register here.

Professionals, register here.


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